• JV

    Not sure how viable a Call/Text only phone is for an adult in today’s world. If you could make it work…that would be awesome. I would definitely be tempted to try it out.
    It would, however, be great for an older child (depending on price).

  • I think there is a market for this. I for one would shelf my iPhone for a couple of weeks and use this exclusively.

  • JV

    I can’t wait to see how this develops…if it does at all.

  • Well its a design firm that made it, likely they won’t market it themselves. This is a proof of concept, it will take a company willing to take to risk to bring the product to the market. This post is really just letting the industry know that something like this exists and that they should buy it into it. I can see a company like Kobo bundling it with an e-reader or something.

  • Frederic Vandaele


  • André

    It’s a great idea if by cheap phone they intend to retail it under $50-$60. I would buy it and use it mainly for emergencies (when my phone’s battery, which only lasts 1 day, is over). I think the major market would be the older people, which want something quick and easy, that doesn’t gives much trouble (like always having to put it on charge). Thumbs up!

  • Just uploaded a video with a ton of screenshots and renderings.

  • Vance Vance

    I’m old, retired and don’t travel often or far, but would rather carry something smaller and lighter than my present cellular phone. Until I can slap at my shoulder and proceed to speak as in Star Trek: The Next Generation, this high-contrast display, discernible in bright sunlight would be perfect.

  • Blake

    yes! someone finally developed my idea 🙂 I’ve wanted an e-ink phone that will fit in my wallet for years.

  • Hope it will be good 🙂

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