• otnte

    If they are going to sell e-Paper modules with driving boards and with Touch panel it is not far from DIY reader.
    Anybody wants to share the knowledge?
    The only I need is to read PDFs. Device needs to have:
    Touch, e-ink display, Bluetooth

  • I think these panels are still sold on an individual basis for the purpose of development. I am fairly certain that this DIY market might make some interesting stuff, but e-paper in general is far too expensive right now.

  • I looked at this some time ago for BikeBillboards.com and wanted to be able to make changeable billboards that attached to bikes. May yet happen…problem (for now) is available https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/ad50fff3186f0353bc48c6e95cb5a46553fb0eddb08c840abfd6a2f709aca1eb.jpg screen sizes too small.

  • otnte

    E Ink intrigued 13.3inch display in 2011. Sony, Onyx, Netronix od PocketBook they all failed to create reader with touch and Bluetooth. Apple products are too expensive compared to the Mobius display.

  • s.o.

    It’s very good that they open an retail channel, prices still high though.

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