• Great! Been waiting for it. Have to work it into the budget somehow.

  • Alastairmba

    For when the colour e readers, man? I’m I the only one addressing the elephant in the room? Fujitsu had the flepia years ago, the ectaco jetbook is really expensive and I don’t know what happened to mirasol. To be honest I think a great amount of people would be interested in a colour e ink reader, for many, many, many reasons. I’ll give you one uncommon one, I like to go outdoors and have a wild plant book to identify the plants I collect, of course the photos need to be in colour. I’ll give you a few other common ones too, COMIC BOOKS, OTHER STUDY BOOKS, ART BOOKS (many people use these as a reference for copying out of and practising they’re drawing skills), COOK BOOKS, CRAFT BOOKS, MAGAZINES, PHOTOS, ETC… The list is endless as you see, and the need for colour e ink is more real than it might appear.
    Something in the area of 8 inches with a colour e ink screen, with the humble specs of a classic kindle (even non-touch like the one I have) would suffice to be honest, but for christ sake if the option to show the full colour spectrum is/has been available for a long time now, make use of it!
    NOTE: I’m not directing this at you Michael, I’m just making an observation (part observation/small part rant, OK) on this issue which is holding back a great area of development, whichever angle you see it from.

  • E-Ink Triton 1 and 2 have been resounding failure in the market. They can only show a little over 1,000 colors. Many e-reader companies have told me off the record that when they showed prototypes to focus groups they asked why the colors looked so washed out compared to their smartphones and tablets.

  • Michael Aguilar Galarza

    I hope this is true

  • Albert

    A new Paperwhite? Just to add extra storage space? A 5 month generation cycle is just weird.

  • Well, in following Amazon e-readers for the last 7 years, here is what they normally do. In the last 3 years they keep quietly enhancing one of their devices earlier in the year. Most of the times they just double the amount of internal memory. They did this 2 years ago with the Paperwhite, and earlier this year they enhanced the paperwhite with the same type of screen as the Voyage, in terms of resolution.

    They did the screen update this year, primarily because Kobo released the Glo HD, which had the same screen as the Voyage at almost half the price of the Voyage. Amazon HAD to counter Kobo and release a comparable device so people on the fence between Kobo and Amazon had a reason to go with the Kindle.

  • Albert

    Don’t get me wrong, i think the new Paperwhite is brilliant, and the high-resolution screen was the deciding factor for me to finally buy my first Kindle, and I just love it. I agree they were reacting to the Kobo, and think it probably ended up cannibalizing the Voyage sales a bit more than they had wished. Still, the idea of a new model less than 6 months later with just an increase in storage… seems so incredibly lame.

    In any case, we’ll see. The Voyage 2 is the sure announcement and it will be interesting to see what it truly brings to the table.

  • EReader61 .

    Cool Beans! Thanks for the update, Michael.


  • dcch

    From your article in July: “Customers bought the Voyage in such high numbers that this is prompting Amazon to develop a successor that will be released this November.”

    From your article today: “The lack of wide spread availability likely contributed to the the (sic) first generation Voyage’s lackluster sales.”
    Full marks for forecasting. Zero points for consistency.

  • Isaac Gomez

    a.k.a. Dont let reality spoil a good post

  • Steve H,

    4th generation Paperwhite if it is released…

  • jmnsnow

    I have committed to your Ultimate E-Reader but like that new processor how much does that affect price? I am more and more becoming adverse towards continuous exchange cycles.

  • Basem Adi

    I don’t think we will have an upgrade for either the Paperwhite or Kindle Touch. Amazon just released the white version of the Kindle Touch and bumping up the resolution might not be possible if Amazon intend to keep the low price. The Paperwhite, on the other hand, was updated just 5 months ago and it makes little sense to bump up the storage to 8 GB, when 4 GB is adequate and no one else offers that amount of storage (the Voyage doesn’t come in 8 GB). I do think, eventually, the entry Kindle will come at around 225ppi.

  • Basem Adi

    Also Kobo just released their entry device at the same resolution as the Kindle Touch, so that might be another reason why Amazon will not be upgrading their entry device (plus they have an inventory of previous generation Paperwhite device at 225ppi that they might want to sell for now).

  • Keoki Stevenson

    I wonder if in two weeks we’ll have to wait until December to receive it. 8 GB of space sounds good for something I was going to buy anyway. I hope it has a lot more cool features. I’m a bit hesitant about the solar panel. How good is solar these days? It would certainly be nice if it works.

  • Basem Adi

    Amazon, of course, have good reason to upgrade the Voyage. After upping the ppi of the Paperwhite, they need to add further features to the Voyage to justify the premium price; in my opinion, the Voyage just isn’t a good buy and the Paperwhite offers all the necessary features you want from an e-reader i.e. great resolution and firmware. If Kobo didn’t introduce the Kobo Glo HD, then things might have been different.

  • jpdrg

    Thanks for the news. The two features I would praise in a new Voyage and for which I could update mine: 1/ larger and almost 7 inches screen, 2/ ultra light model with a weight below 150 grams. Aside from this, color being postponed for now, I just feel that very little would justify spending 200 dollars into an e-reader. I may be wrong but it is my personal view on the matter that the general opinion will be the following: why bother about carrying an extra device on top of a (the increasingly popular) 5.5 inches smartphone? As an illustration, the french national railways company has just introduced free e-reading without ever mentioning e-readers… Size plus weight are essential if e-readers are to a have a future.

  • Chip Kerchner

    I agree. I purchased the Paperwhite 2015 and I find it a bit disturbing that a new Paperwhite is coming out this month. I’ve only had mine 3 months. What are they planning on referring to it as – 2015b? I think the 2015 is uncommonly called the 7th generation.

    BTW, the Paperwhite 2015 doesn’t have the Freescale I.MX 7, as far as I know, and I do NOT see the annoying inverted page refresh that the original Paperwhite had. I really don’t need the 4GB extra of storage.

  • suz

    Amazon has an announcment on their website for Prime Members that the Paperwhite and Voyage are discounted $30 for a limited time.

  • Steve H.

    Inventory clear out? Paperwhite at 89.99 Voyage at 169.99 for prime members.

  • Javi

    Two years ago, when Amazon bought Liavista, people said “kindle liquavista on sale in 2015, fall”…
    We’ll never see a ereader color… I’m afraid

  • David Wilson

    Why does it disturb you. If you are happy with your unit, who cares what amazon is doing. If you’re not for some reason, then shouldn’t you be happy that amazon is perhaps fixing whatever your gripe is?

    If you’re concern is, that you always need to own the current model, just so say you own the current model, and feel so strongly about this that it makes you upset a new model is coming too soon, then all I have to say is, you need to get over that neurosis.

  • Any idea what kind of touchscreen the new e-readers will have ? capacitive or infrared?

  • I use a wireless solar keyboard for my computer and love it. While coworkers are always changing out batteries, mine just always works. Florescent lights in the office are enough to charge it. This totally makes sense to me and would be a welcome addition to the Kindle. No cords at all!

  • Randman

    Can we expect any big features for this new one, or just faster performance and stuff? Better PPI and resolution? Will size still be 6″?

  • Keoki Stevenson

    Thanks for the feedback!

  • James

    This would be very out of character for Amazon as they typically “do not comment on unannounced products”

    Additionally I have chatted with a few Amazon service representatives and they “have not issued any announcement regarding the Kindle voyage”

    I even referenced this article and they denied that an Amazon employee would be allowed to reference a future product. I would buy that a couple “rouge” employees have been discussing the Voyage 2 in an informal way.. but “Hundreds of Amazon customer service representatives, all over the world, have been confirming the existence of the Kindle Voyage 2 and that it will be released this November.” seems very unlikely

  • Alastairmba

    I understand the washed out effect, but still better than nothing, don’t you think? Also at an affordable price I’m sure many would certainly buy. Also, what Javi said. Thanks for taking the time to answer and share that information though, I can better understand their side of the picture now.

  • it seems as though US reps are held to a stricter standard on what they can say and cannot say. Most of the reps that have been cited are in Canada, UK, Indie and other European markets.

  • no idea yet. I would guess that it will be 6 inches because e-ink carta cannot be used in e-readers above 7 inches.

  • Voyage will have capacitive, paperwhite and basic will likely have IR

  • Michael Aguilar Galarza

    Well, I asked yesterday to an agent (in amazon.com), and after giving him this article link he confirm me that the voyage 2 is coming in november without an specific date yet.

  • James

    Great news!! I’m excited about it!

  • James

    Great!!! Sounds like it the US agents who won’t give up the details!

  • Randman

    I would definitely take the 7 inches if they can do that. I would sacrifice some mobility for more words on the screen at once while still keeping text at a good size for reading

  • Habib Sheikh

    I am in market for a good ereader, and I am in wait and watch mode on ‘incremental’ updates kindle will get.
    From a consumer perspective a ereader that can integrate with ‘audible’, and have bluetooth to connect to car will be an invaluable addition. A ‘smart’ reader would know which portions were ‘heard’ and which portions were read.

    8Gb of ram is useful for customers interested in comics – but then a color ereader would be ‘better’ substitution for graphics.

    An ereader with ‘translate’ functionality will be ever more useful to pickup a book in different language and read it’s translation on fly.

  • John Smith

    The POINT is that — presumably — Amazon will be offering *something* new with the PapwerWhite 4 and had PaperWhite 3 customers waited just a bit, they might be enjoying the newer device.

    What is so difficult to understand about that?? Neurosis, indeed, my friend.

  • Daws

    My Paperwhite is spazzing out on me. Think I may jump on the Voyage 2.

  • Penny Lucas

    Will any have audio? This is the only thing stopping me from upgrading from my old Kindle

  • Julia Todd

    It’s November 5.. still no word…. and i’m beginning to think it’s all bogus. I lost my voyager and have been waiting for the upgrade to replace…. so sad…

  • ls23

    I was about to buy a Kindle Paperwhite but I’ll wait to see what the Voyage 2 has to offer. The current Voyage doesn’t seem to live up to its price tbh.

    I’d love to have a 7″ screen

  • Eric Machmer

    After the announcement Best Buy will have a few even before they are shipping from Amazon if that helps

  • Fango Wolf

    Look at the Onyx i86 hd plus

  • Rana Benno

    When is the release date? I am tired of waiting:(

  • Sarah

    Nov 8 starts to get disappointing

  • Skwarciak

    Solar panel for charging? Sorry, this is totaly unbelivable. But at least it’s funny.

  • FreedomPete

    Hand held calculators have had solar charging for decades. I believe it would work and I want it.

  • FreedomPete

    Amazon has basic and paperwhite kindles on sale again today. Another sign the new ereaders are coming.
    My wish list for the Voyage 2 is: No multi-colored screen when the light is on; basic buttons for page turns, solar charging, 7 inch screen, faster processor with functional browser, power button on top right, and some darker fonts.

  • Informant

    We’re almost in the middle of November. I have been waiting for Voayge 2, but now it should be safe to assume that, there is no Voyage 2 coming any soon. Black friday sales are already started. If the product was ready, Amazon should have put it in the market for such a lucrative market now. That would be stupid to put it on sale for the dead season after black market.

  • Randman

    I really want an ereader for the winter but I am afraid to buy a Voyage now if a new one is coming out shortly for the same price point. I am hoping these reports for a November release are correct.

  • JH

    Let’s hope they release a decent, genuine natural leather, book style cover as well, rather than the Origami thing.

  • Jana

    Just bought the Barnes and Nobles Nook because there’s NO WORD for the voyage two still.
    Ice to say the Nook is awesome. It’s cheaper and incredible battery life! So for everyone who doesn’t want to wait anymore this one is definitely a great decision. 🙂

  • Jacob Pressures

    I’m really getting tired of waiting.

  • I have a solar power calculator that’s been working for over 8 years with just sunlight. Can’t believe that it just won’t die.
    The Kindle would demand more power, but a solar panel could extend the time between charging. As long as it doesn’t add too much weight.

  • southtrini1


  • Jacob Pressures

    Haven’t they released a Kindle in January before? I’m just wondering… if they are waiting on the new processor, then what happens if there is an anomaly in the hardware or software? Plus they have to place them in numerous devices. After the 23rd, I’m pretty much giving up. If they don’t announce it next week then it would seem they aren’t in a rush. I guess December is still possible but it only a few of us who are on the edge of our seats. They are making just as much money off the older versions.

  • Charles Riley

    Yes, I agree. Could be a deal breaker for me if they do not.

  • David Wilson

    John, you do realize that what you said is true no matter when they released this, and indeed is true of every commercial product ever produced by every manufacturer in the history of our world? There will always be someone who buys a prior, less featured product right before an improved device comes out.
    Yes, complaining about something that is inevitable, inescapable consequence of logic — like the fact that rain, while necessary to sustain life, still sucks because it makes you wet — is indeed a neurosis.

  • Daws

    I’ve been teetering between an iPad mini 4 or a Voyage 2. Amazon needs to hurry up! I’m getting antsy/impatient.

  • Johan Krüger Haglert

    I want them to release one with color already.

  • Sarah

    Message from Amazon :


    I’m sorry; currently, we’ve made no announcement about the future availability of the Kindle Voyage 2. I’m truly sorry for the disappointment in this case.

  • Erwin Hermann

    Was that November of 2015 or 2016? Because this November is almost over…

  • Philsan

    Amazon you blew it, going to have to buy something else for Christmas!

  • Mangap

    I guess we need to wait until December.
    I hope the software is better, and faster including the Restart time.

  • Jacob Pressures

    They aren’t even on discount anymore. I’m thinking perhaps they are keeping them at the same price so they don’t run out and have to manufacture more. I’m not sure I’ll keep waiting for it. I’m trying to decide what to buy in the meantime.

  • Jacob Pressures


  • James

    When they do announce stuff what time do they usually do it? Does it just show up on the website at midnight or at a specific time during the day?

  • Maxine

    They have the current Voyage on sale until January 31… I’m guessing no new Voyage this year. Maybe after Jan 31, but who knows when.

  • dz11

    If you need audio just use a tablet.

  • Fernando

    November is about to end…. so, nothing yet.

  • Jarek Chmiel

    I’ve chatted with the Amazon support earlier this week. He has told me, that Voyage 2 will be available in the next month.

  • JCVD

    Well, it was supposed to be presented in October, then supposed to be released in November. Now, supposed to be available in December? Because of the return policy I don’t think that there will be a Voyage 2 before February.

  • David Ho-jeen Park

    lmao they’ve got plenty of other things xD

  • John Smith

    If you people believe Kozlowski the cunt face then your a moron. He made up the story. It the last day of November where is the voyage 2?
    Michael Kozlowski Is a fraud. Editor and chief of bull shit Michael Kozlowski

  • James

    So… Can can you follow up with your “source”?

  • miphe

    The origami cover is actually genuine leather, though it opens vertically instead of as a book.


  • USA Rocks

    I would not the current E-ink technology affected for the sake of having color. I would suggest that most people who buy eReaders don’t buy them to read comic books or even magazines. They have tablets for that.

    That said, I would like to have my Kindle Book covers in color but have the E-ink as it is now, but I am living with B+W covers.

  • miphe

    I agree, colors in the Kindle isn’t a priority or a show-stopper for me. Though I would like my Kindle to completely replace my bookshelf which also contains some really interesting graphics-heavy books. For instance history books with art pieces which are pivotal to the content etc.

  • USA Rocks

    I think the problem with using a kindle for viewing graphics-heavy books is the download process. Much larger files that I am not sure the current kindles can handle well. Text is much smaller.

    But, I also like the idea of having all books in my hands and not taking up space. No need to dust eBooks 🙂

  • Alastairmba

    Holy cow, a belated response indeed! ‘Twas a lengthy post and not at all on point, but my feeling with e-ink is it is much friendlier on the eyes than any other kind of screen, not causing my eyes to get tired or sore and headache free (not to mention the radiation). Is your experience not the same with e-ink?

  • James

    So thats a no….?

  • James

    What country chat support did you contact?

  • James

    Man I really hope that this Fire HD 8, thing they announced today isn’t the direction they are taking e-readers. I really don’t want a “real” display. I just want e-ink

  • miphe

    I don’t think they will be abandoning e-ink any time soon.

  • James

    I am sure e-ink will be around for while still, but I am just worried they will focus their engineering efforts on the Fire HD line and just do standard refreshes on the Kindle line. I was excited when the Voyage was announced because it was different. (Light sensor, flush glass display etc.) I just hope they announce another Kindle I can get excited about.

  • James


  • James

    Michael can you check with your source if the Fire HD readers edition is what they where referring to. Or if there is still a imminent Voyage update.

  • 笑彦

    sorry,i dont belive this web any more.

  • miphe

    I hear ya!

  • Tommy B

    In the past I’ve always referred to Good e-Reader as a source for e-reader news. However, since their announcement that the Kindle voyage 2 was to take place in November 2015 among other releases and the fact that it never came to fruition – I’m sorry – but their publishing of erroneous information has caused me to distrust any future announcements posted on their website. It’s sad that some people publicize reliable and inaccurate information just to boost their ratings on the web.

  • James

    Yea, its not just that the information posted was wrong, because Amazons plans could have changed after the publishing of this article. My frustrations, and the reason I wont be frequenting or trusting this site in the future is that he has refused to follow up or answer questions since then.

    I was giving the benefit of the doubt, but at this point I just assume that he made a logical guess for the release date, made up the rest and was wrong.

  • Rich

    November came and went, and no Voyage 2…

  • Daniel Picard

    This guy is clown-shoes terrible! I can create my own fake images and releases in Microsoft Paint and publish them online too….that’s what this guy appears to be doing. What a joke.

  • qwertyuiop

    stupid asshole!

  • bar10dr

    Aaaaand it never happened

  • BELATAR Mohammed Ousama

    You idiots! It’s gonna be November 2016.

  • Michael Sterling
  • janemaurice2

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