• Jason

    “The original Kindle Paperwhite for its time blew away the Kobo Glo with its front-lit display”

    What, seriously?

  • the paperwhite was better then the glo, kobo did not get their act together until the Aura.

  • Jason

    I’ll just presume your Paperwhite didn’t have any uneven lighting or blotchiness that has been widely reported by others.

  • PeachAdamson

    I’m seriously considering on getting this Kindle but I’ll try to wait if i can get this with a discount at http://dealonblackfriday.hubpages.com/hub/Kindle-Paperwhite-Review

  • khalid

    does kindle paperwhite 2 have the ability to completely turn off the light? thanks at all

  • rr

    it’s – not its
    than – not then
    I had trouble reading this article.
    Learn some grammar.

  • rod

    No it doesn’t. And don’t even think about it if you’re into reading pdfs.

  • KMajor

    this may seem like a dumb question. I was looking on amazon for the kindle paperwhite 2, but nothing really showed up. So I assume its still just called the kindle paperwhite, but its been updated. If so, how do I know if I am ordering the first generation or the second generation?

  • Rusty Longwood

    Ridiculous this hasn’t been corrected since 5 month ago.

  • Danny Starwars

    I agree re: the grammar. Come on, it’s not rocket surgery.

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