ComiXology launches new HTML5 based Store

ComiXology is one of the most beloved comic book stores and has deep roots in the tablet world. Many people are rediscovering their love of comics because of the ease of access to purchase new issues. Marvel, DC and Darkhorse are all publishing their digital editions on the same day as the tangible ones are. This is creating a resurgence in comics and ComiXology is on the cutting edge again by launching the beta version of its new store. This new gateway to all things awesome is able to be accessed on any web browser and most tablet computers.

Currently the best way to get new comics from ComiXology is via their applications on iOS or Android. Speaking of iOS, their app is 11th highest grossing download of 2011.

Currently the company before this update is behind on the times for their web presence. Their current store is based on Adobe Flash and the company is gravitating away from it. Why? Well Adobe themselves famously threw in their hat on Flash and will not be relevant in a year or two. Now don’t despair the company is not going to be ditching Flash entirely in the near future. One of the elements holding them back is their Guided View technology that simply does not work without Flash.

So what has changed in the new store? It is designed better and does not show the blistering amount of comics that was displayed on the old format.  One of the ways the process of finding new content is by carousels that allow you to tap on arrow keys to scroll left and right. Another boon is the fact it looks really good on widescreen monitors, the old format was very small and centered.There is also a new ability to purchase an entire series of comics without having to buy each one individually or add them to your shopping cart, one by one.

The one thing ComiXology does well is deals and discounts. Until December 28th the company is giving special rates on Batman 201, Marvel Major Players and a bunch of titles from indy publishers.  I suggest you heck out the new store by clicking HERE.

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