• Ryno Bones

    I would give up my HTC One X for that. That is freaking awesome on so many levels.

  • Eric

    I really hope this phone will be available for the Japanese market too….

  • I totally agree! Need this.

  • Totally, i hope it has wide availability!

  • Michael

    That’s amazing. I really like this kind of user experience. Does it available in China?

  • asdf

    why is it DAMN Small??? LOLs

  • אהרן גולדברג

    Where can I buy it?

  • Gustav

    I suffer from LCD eye-strain, so this e-paper phone is my last hope. Now the big question for customers is the type of the frontlight. Do you know if it has a constant flow of light? This is the case if it is solely driven by DC, Direct Current. Most LED front and back lights as of today use PWM, Pulse Width Modulation, which introduces flicker at a more or less high frequency. Some users, including me, get eye-strain and headaches because of that flicker.

    It would be so horrible if this phone is going to use PWM as well. Please no!
    I fear there is nothing I can do to influence the manufacturing, however maybe someone else who reads this…

    @Onyx: imagine you can advertise your product as especially eye-friendly because the frontlight is “free of flicker”!
    Win-win for both customers and company…

  • J

    I hope the front light can be turned off completely, but the mention of the power button also triggering the front light doesn’t encourage me… I’m even considering buying one and physically disable the front light if I have to.

  • Luifa

    Can’t wait until colored eInk Smartphones!

  • Interesting

  • mallen

    Im interested if it can live up to the hype on battery life. One thing I think could kill it though. If it does not have a replaceable battery. In other words,a much larger percentage,perhaps even MOST buyers,will want an extended batter. The thing is,any user willing to give up a color screen for battery life,is going to want as much as he can get,and will be very interested in the thicker extended battery.

    I agree about the worry about the front light. Its a power thing in my mind. If they dont have a light sensor that only turns it on when you need it,its a problem.It would actually be nice to have the same sort of light the kindle touch comes with.

  • Avalanc

    No WIFI, archaic android, 512 RAM? No thanks. But interesting thou.

  • Alexander

    Brilliant! I am waiting for such phone since monochrome Samsung R225. Will be good if it will be able to read fb2 files as e-reader, and no bluetooth please. I do not want additional fry for my brains. E-Ink does not have any flicker, so it is good for my eyes.

  • db

    I’ve been wanting something along these lines ever since phones went to colour LCD screens that you can’t see in sunlight.

  • Gus Smith

    I will defintely buy this. Battery life for me is Number One priority. And I mostly only use twitter, kindle reader and email

  • Gus Smith

    This is probably for sale end of 2013.

  • EEE

    The specs indicate, it will not support the 850 MHz band that is needed for the USA.

  • accorn

    Unfortunately it looks like they have abandoned it after the issues with the first release. I really wanted this phone.

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