How to Load eBooks on the Amazon Kindle Touch

Welcome to another Good e-Reader Video Tutorial! Today we show you how to copy ebooks into your brand new Amazon Kindle Touch!

The Kindle Touch uses Amazons own proprietary formats such as AZW, PRC, MOBI, KF8, and so on. The main format we are going to work with is MOBI, which is the main format you will find if you are downloading books from websites or using conversion software.

The first program we teach you how to use is Calibre. This is a free open source ebook management program that allows you a greater flexibility in editing ebooks. We show you how to import books into the program and edit them in your main library. In many cases you might download EPUB books from the internet and we show you how to convert these books to a Kindle Ready format. Then, we show you how to change the title and author names in case books you downloaded may be misspelled or have the wrong cover art, or no cover art at all. Lastly, we show you how to copy the books to your Amazon Kindle Touch.

Next, we show you the main directory structure of your Kindle via Windows Explorer. Sometimes directory structures can be a daunting experience for new users, so we show you the essential ones you want to be concerned about.  Not only do we show you how to copy books, but also how to do music too.

This is a great tutorial video for people who have little to no experience copying books to their e-reader and want to learn how to do it. This can also be applicable to users interested in using Calibre for the first time.

Markus Reily (117 Posts)

Markus lives in San Francisco, California and is the video game and audio expert on Good e-Reader! He has a huge interest in new e-readers and tablets, and gaming.

  • Sini Saja

     Amazon is shipping Kindle Touch internationally:

  • szhjcn

    I have copied over a lot of .Mobi files using Calibre. But they are not all listed on the Kindle. I can see them from WIndows under the documents directory. If I filter by ‘All Items’ nothing is displayed, if I filter by Docs, I see some of the items (16 of over 50 books).

    The kindle has NOT been registered, so not sure if this is causing the issue. Some books were added from one PC others from another PC.

  • szhjcn

     I reset the device (deleting all content). Download and checked the meta data files for all books. Then reloaded the books from one PC. Seems to have done the trick.

  • Tuckerpeter1

    Do I have to use Windows Explorer or can I open using Mozilla Firefox when I connect my Kindle to my PC and / or use my PC to download books via Calibre?
    Please keep simple I am a new user

  • Richard Tietjens

    Firefox is a Web browser. Windows explorer is a file manager. They are unrelated. I should imagine you could use DOS but it would be rather complex. Open Windows explorer by holding down the “windows” key 
    on your keyboard  (looks like a square flag waving in the breeze) and tapping the letter “e.”  To add to your confusion, Microsoft calls their Web browser “Internet explorer,” but it has nothing to do with Windows explorer (think of it as the difference between a deep-ocean explorer such as Jacques Cousteau, and a Ford Explorer; they don’t do the same thing at all).

  • Gavin Chester

    Thank you so much Markus that was so helpful. You are a really nice guy to go to all that trouble.