How to Take Screenshots on the Kindle Paperwhite


The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite has the unique ability to take screenshots directly on the e-reader. Many devices do not have this feature and our video demonstrates everything you need to do to get started.

Taking screenshots is fairly easy. You need to hold down on on the top left and button right, or the top right and bottom left. It normally takes a few seconds and then you will see a full page refresh. When this occurs, a screenshot has now taken place. The pictures are stored in the root folder of your Kindle Paperwhite. You can plug your e-reader into your PC via the USB cable and get access to any of the pictures you took.

Michael Kozlowski (5137 Posts)

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  • Mike E.

    Oops, you wrote ” hold down on both the top left and top right hand corner”, but meant to write “bottom” in place of one of those “top”s!

  • Mike E.

    Michael K: Are you going to fix your text just above the video, so that it corresponds with what you describe in the video? Again, here’s what you’ve written: “Taking screenshots is fairly easy. You need to hold down on both the top left and top right hand corner, or vice versa. When you take screenshots, they appear in the root folder when your plug your Kindle via USB into your PC.”

  • carlos javier

    very nice!. I hope other e-readers include this.

  • Martin Cohen

    Also, each screendump has an associated file with name “wininfo_screenshot_…txt” where the “…” is the name of the .png file. Unfortunately, the text on the screen does not seem to be in this file.

    Here is one of these files:

    xwininfo: Window id: 0x51 (the root window) (has no name)

    Root window id: 0x51 (the root window) (has no name)

    Parent window id: 0x0 (none)

    22 children:

    0x40001b “L:SS_N:screenSaver_FH:F_ID:blanket-screensaver_FS:F_O:U”: () 758×1024+0+0 +0+0 MapState=IsUnMapped

    0xe00047 “L:C_N:searchBar_ID:system_SBTH:88_SBPH:88_TAP:search-bar_CMS~E:ss,cr”: (“pillowd” “Pillowd”) 758×88+0+37 +0+37 MapState=IsViewable

    1 child:

    0xe00048 (has no name): () 1×1+-1+-1 +-1+36 MapState=IsViewable

    0xe0005c “L:C_N:titleBar_ID:system”: (“pillowd” “Pillowd”) 758×37+0+0 +0+0 MapState=IsViewable

    1 child:

    0xe0005d (has no name): () 1×1+-1+-1 +-1+-1 MapState=IsViewable

    0x120004c “L:A_N:application_ID:com.lab126.booklet.settings_M:false_PC:TS_RC:true_O:U”: () 758×899+0+125 +0+125 MapState=IsViewable

    0x120001a “L:A_N:application_ID:com.lab126.booklet.home_M:false_PC:TS_RC:true_O:U”: () 758×899+0+125 +0+125 MapState=IsUnMapped

    0xe00003 “L:A_N:application_ID:blankBackground_WS:true”: (“pillowd” “Pillowd”) 758×1024+0+0 +0+0 MapState=IsViewable

    1 child:

    0xe00004 (has no name): () 1×1+-1+-1 +-1+-1 MapState=IsViewable

    0xe0004d “L:D_N:systemMenu_ID:system_PILLOW:system-menu_BW:0_M:dismissible_CD:true_TAC:search-bar_TAB:menu_HIDE:background”: (“pillowd” “Pillowd”) 44×45+288+122 +288+122 MapState=IsViewable

    1 child:

    0xe0004e (has no name): () 1×1+-1+-1 +287+121 MapState=IsViewable

    0xc0003c “webreader”: (“webreader” “Webreader”) 1024×1024+0+0 +0+0 MapState=IsViewable

    1 child:

    0xc0003d (has no name): () 1×1+-1+-1 +-1+-1 MapState=IsViewable

    0xc00021 “webreader”: (“webreader” “Webreader”) 200×200+0+0 +0+0 MapState=IsViewable

    1 child:

    0xc00022 (has no name): () 1×1+-1+-1 +-1+-1 MapState=IsViewable

    0x1000003 “L:KB_N:keyboard_DMINSETRIGHT:5_DM:KB_DMINSETLEFT:5_KBS:H_DMINSETTOP:54_LanH:352_PorH:352_DMINSETBOTTOM:5″: (“kb” “Kb”) 758×352+0+672 +0+672 MapState=IsViewable

    1 child:

    0x1000004 (has no name): () 1×1+-1+-1 +-1+671 MapState=IsViewable

    0xe0004a “L:D_N:pillowAlert_ID:system_PILLOW:simple-alert_M:true_BW:4_HIDE:background”: (“pillowd” “Pillowd”) 569×200+90+468 +90+468 MapState=IsViewable

    1 child:

    0xe0004b (has no name): () 1×1+-1+-1 +93+471 MapState=IsViewable

    0xe00044 “L:D_N:lightDialog_ID:system_PILLOW:light-dialog_M:dismissible_CD:true_HIDE:background_TAC:search-bar_TAB:light”: (“pillowd” “Pillowd”) 473×632+0+0 +0+0 MapState=IsViewable

    1 child:

    0xe00045 (has no name): () 1×1+-1+-1 +-1+-1 MapState=IsViewable

    0xe00038 “L:D_N:searchResults_ID:system_PILLOW:search-results_RC:custom_RCTL:0_RCTR:0_RCBL:16_RCBR:16_BW:2_FH:S_FS:S_CD:true_HIDE:background”: (“pillowd” “Pillowd”) 200×493+0+0 +0+0 MapState=IsViewable

    1 child:

    0xe00039 (has no name): () 1×1+-1+-1 +1+1 MapState=IsViewable

    0xc00004 “webreader”: (“webreader” “Webreader”) 200×200+0+0 +0+0 MapState=IsUnMapped

    1 child:

    0xc00005 (has no name): () 1×1+-1+-1 +-1+-1 MapState=IsUnviewable

    0xc00001 “webreader”: (“webreader” “Webreader”) 10×10+10+10 +10+10 MapState=IsUnMapped

    1 child:

    0xc00002 (has no name): () 1×1+-1+-1 +9+9 MapState=IsUnviewable

    0x120002f “L:A_N:application_ID:com.lab126.booklet.reader_M:false_PC:N_RC:true_O:URL_DM:N_S:-2″: () 758×1024+0+0 +0+0 MapState=IsUnMapped

    0x1200172 “L:A_N:application_ID:com.lab126.booklet.periodicals_M:false_PC:N_RC:true_O:U_DM:N_S:-2″: () 758×1024+0+0 +0+0 MapState=IsUnMapped

    0xe00016 “pillowd”: (“pillowd” “Pillowd”) 200×200+0+0 +0+0 MapState=IsUnMapped

    1 child:

    0xe00017 (has no name): () 1×1+-1+-1 +-1+-1 MapState=IsUnviewable

    0x1000001 “kb”: (“kb” “Kb”) 10×10+10+10 +10+10 MapState=IsUnMapped

    1 child:

    0x1000002 (has no name): () 1×1+-1+-1 +9+9 MapState=IsUnviewable

    0xe00001 “pillowd”: (“pillowd” “Pillowd”) 10×10+10+10 +10+10 MapState=IsUnMapped

    1 child:

    0xe00002 (has no name): () 1×1+-1+-1 +9+9 MapState=IsUnviewable

    0x600001 (has no name): () 1×1+-1+-1 +-1+-1 MapState=IsUnMapped

    0x600000 (has no name): () 1×1+-1+-1 +-1+-1 MapState=IsUnMapped

  • uh

    Are you able to screenshot on the Kobo touch?

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