Kobo Abandons Windows 8 Reading App


Kobo has pulled their Windows 8 e-Reading app from the Microsoft App Store a few weeks ago. This move will now prevent owners of the Microsoft Surface or anyone on a Windows 8 PC from downloading or reading eBooks.

The Windows 8 Reading App by Kobo was originally developed before Windows 8 officially launched.  The Canadian based company had the app all ready for the first wave of Beta testers way back in February 2012.  Before the app was pulled, thousands of readers were  using the app every day to buy eBooks and other digital content and then read it.

We have reached out to Kobo many times during the last few weeks to get an official comment. I had originally thought that they pulled the app to allow for the integration of their new magazine and kids book services, but it seems they have totally abandoned it.  It seems basically that the entire app was not up to Kobo’s standards and many users have moaned that it was barely functional.

In the meantime, you can use the internet browser on any Windows 8 or Windows RT tablet by visiting the Kobo Instant Reader. This is an HTML5 reading app that was originally developed to give Apple iPad users the ability to buy eBooks using the Safari web-browser. It was basically a clandestine effort to bypass the mandatory 30% commission Apple takes from in-app purchases.

Michael Kozlowski (5328 Posts)

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  • mizkitty

    The regular Kobo desktop app works just fine in Windows 8.x.

    There’s absolutely nothing preventing “anyone on a Windows 8 PC from downloading or reading eBooks”.

  • Michael Kozlowski

    Well it certainly does not work if you have a RT tablet.

  • jmurphy

    and a “Windows 8 PC” is NOT an RT device. If you had simply said “RT device” we would have agreed with you. As it stands, your lede is more than incorrect.

  • Mitchell Leitman

    I own a Surface RT and a ThinkPad Tablet 2. I don’t want to have to resort to a desktop version of the software, as it’s not suited to a tablet form factor. Their app for Playbook was orphaned long ago. And now this. I’ve installed the Kindle app and have started buying books on it. This was a reluctant move, but Rakuten made it necessary.