Kobo Aura vs Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

amazon kindle paperwhite and kobo aura

The new six inch Kobo Aura was recently unveiled at a New York launch party and Good e-Reader was live on the scene. We managed to score the Aura ahead of the late September release and today we are happy to compare it against the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite.

Over the course of this video review we look at the key hardware and software differences. Beyond the Book and X-Ray have a bit in common and we show you how both companies approach people, places and things in entirely new ways. We also compare the e-Reading experience in both traditional books and PDF editions.

Michael Kozlowski (5137 Posts)

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  • Paul Taylor

    Thanks for the comparison – but you might have waited a week or two given that the Kindle Paperwhite is about to be updated at any time now!

  • Honkie_McGee

    Is the new Aura any shinier with screen and bezel being flush behind the same piece of glass? Are there any glare or reflection issues?

  • rkmr

    is there landscape mode for pdf’s in kobo auralike aura hd?i couldnt find it in any studio video as you mentioned?pls reply