Kobo Mini e-Readers Offered to ABA Partners for $49

Indie bookstores that participate with the American Booksellers Association are in for a real treat November 23rd and 24th. Kobo is offering a $30 rebate to all Mini e-readers that are sold, bringing the total price to a paltry $49.00. This is a solid discount, considering the street value right now is $79.99.

To qualify for the Black Friday/Small Business Saturday promotion, stores will need to report their November 23rd and 24th Kobo Mini sales, including unit serial numbers, via a web form available here. The reporting deadline is December 7, 2012 at 8:00 p.m. EST.

The primary benefit behind this, is that if the stores don’t sell the units they buy to gear up for the sales, they can return them! This allows indie bookstores to really take advantage of all the promotional material that is available to them to push more sales. For each unit sold, the bookstores actually get a cut of each digital purchase customers make. The end users really benefit from this deal, because you get to save a ton of money from the normal price.

Michael Kozlowski (5211 Posts)

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