Wexler Flex One e-Reader Video Review

wexler flex one

In this exclusive Video Review we check out the latest e-Reader to use LG’s flexible e-paper. The Wexler Flex One features six inch display with a resolution of 1024×768! The resolution and the weight are two of the main billing factors behind this! Make sure to check out our full written hands on review.

Michael Kozlowski (5151 Posts)

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  • Hrafn


    1) Main selling points for me isn’t the flexibility, its (i) that it’s very very light (ii) that its high resolution, (iii) doesn’t have a whole lot of eBookstore features to navigate past to get to the eReader & (iv) that it allows customised formatting of epubs.

    2) I honestly don’t give a damn about the lack of WiFi or accelerometer (I never use the latter on my PB 360, simply use it portrait when standing/sitting, inverse portrait when lying down, two button clicks to get from one to other). Lack of a touchscreen is more of an issue, but hardly a deal-killer.

    3) Given that I usually hold my reader along the long edges, between thumb and fingers, I suspect that the ‘hump’ won’t really matter to me.

    4) The price is somewhat steep, but not *too* much so for an independent eReader-as-the-product, rather than an EReader-as-a-gateway-for-our-eBookstore.

    In conclusion, I’m still looking closely at this as my next eReader.

    One question I would ask, is how much of a problem are the “Feel a Bit Flimsy” D-Pad buttons? I have had the exact opposite problem with the buttons on my PB 360 (all buttons too stiff, page-turn buttons to the point of being very inconvenient, D-Pad, which I actually use for page turning, sufficiently stiff that I’ve worn a grove in one side with my thumbnail page-forwarding, and that side now ‘squelches’ rather than clicks on that side).

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