• Dylan

    This is huge. Relegates the phone argument to a matter of OS preference and security. The former doesn’t play to BBRY advantage since most people will stay where they are comfortable (android), but the latter issue is to BBRY advantage.

  • Pjews

    Blackberry keeps on increasing the versatility of their smartphones.

  • BenguluruHuduga

    This is massive. I ll be interested in performance of these apps as against those on Androids particularly Samsung. I am assuming that BBRY is going live with this after a performance comparison which they believe is better on BBRY handsets.

  • The way we see it, is the Android Emulator has been a huge success for the more tech savvy, but doesn’t mean a thing to your average customer. Your average customer was what Blackberry targetted with the Z10/z30. Blackberry tried and failed to win over major companies to make Blackberry ports of their apps. Doing a 360 and saying, ok, just send us your android apps then, is more compelling, does not require really any work.

  • I agree, if anything, installing APK files directly to your phone will appeal to a wider demographic.

  • We all agree here.

  • Ninetto

    BlackBerry should have had this available from day one when BB10 phones were launched without having to side load them. I personally think its a great idea and hopefully BlackBerry can promote this properly to let consumers know that Android apps can run on the phones.

    The BlackBerry World while browsing from the web IMO need a major overhaul also. App photos are way to small. BB10 and OS7 are all bundled together also which make it difficult to distinguish apps per OS.

  • Sam Sham

    “Dirge” is a slow, sad or melancholy musical number. The word should have been “dearth”. For someone who writes an e-reader column, and therefore supposedly reads more then the average person, this is a sad, sad mistake.

  • Dylan

    Ya this is the question for me. Can BBRY write and correct code fast enough to evolve alongside (or faster than) Apple or Google. It seems that they just can’t patch and build fast enough to satisfy users right now. However, the restructuring may mean increased resources and increased focus on software. Maybe then they can evolve quickly and find a major revenue source (likely MDM).

    I also think they could win consumers if they positioned themselves as the “anti-google” and promised no big brother watching and mining of search data. This would close the window on add revenues but would win support from a weary public, post-Snowden leaks. They would need a top notch browser and search engine though.

  • Magyk

    This could be great, assuming that you could sideload APKs, you could install the Play store and get access to all of the apps Android has to offer, because I guarantee you BB world will not have alot of apps people will want.

  • Michael Kozlowski

    Google Play does not work, as the framework and services package is incompatible. You can install our app store though and 1 click install anything.

  • Tim

    Thank you! That got to me as well.

  • JC

    Or not. The world of analogy is vast! 🙂

  • Federico Ristori


  • Michael Kozlowski

    No sorry, the Playbook runs QNX with an Android Emulator. This change to the app store will only be for BB10 phones.

  • That’s right. BlackBerry’s app store is its waterloo, so if it gets to employ diversity to it, it could turn the tides.

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