Lenovo and Acer to launch Tegra 3 Tablets with Ice Cream Sandwich

tegra 3

The Asus Transformer Prime was the first tablet to use the new Nvidia Tegra 3 Quad-Core CPU processor and is poised for great success during the critical holiday season. Not to be outdone Acer and Lenovo are planning on launching their own tablets using Tegra 3 in the first quarter of 2012 using Google Ice Cream Sandwich.

Digitimes sources close to the matter in Taiwan where most of these companies are located and where the devices are actually manufactured has some interesting things to say. They mentioned that the competition over the quad-core tablet PCs will be difficult as these quad-core devices will only see improvements over their performance and design, but will still feature the same concept as their dual-core predecessors. It is not like these devices will be ground breaking as they will use the Stock Android experience which has been synonymous with most tablets to the present date. Although the compatibilities will be there for video beyond 1080p there is simply not enough content available or games to take advantage of the copious amount of GPU available.

It is said that Acer and Lenovo will try and hit the market offering their tablets from $459 to $599 because they know most customers will not pay over 600 for a tablet unless its an iPad. Since these new devices will be out soon stay tuned for Good e-Readers on-location coverage of CES 2012.

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