How to install Google Play Store on Hisense Phones

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Did you just get a Hisense E INK phone? Google Play does not come on this line of smartphones out of the box. You have to install a software packaging called Gapps. You can download the software from the opengapps website. Select your version of Android. The Hisense A7 needs Arm64, most of the other phones, need ARM. Do not select X86.

You just need to download this APK to your computer. Plugin your Hisense phone to your number with the USB, cable. Drag the APK to your phone with Windows Explorer. Unplug the phone from the USB cable, and use the file manager to find the APK and run it, it will install Google apps on your phone. You might have to goto the settings menu, and under security, enable app installs from unknown sources.

There is a detailed instruction guide for Hisense Phones HERE.