Kobo Elipsa User Guide

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Get started

Set up over Wi Fi
Set up with your computer

Kobo eReader basics

Turn your Kobo eReader on and off
Charge your Kobo eReader
Use gestures on the touch screen
Kobo eReader Home screen
Reading eBooks
Adjust the screen brightness (select models only)
Adjust the screen colour temperature (select models only)
Waterproof your Kobo eReader (select models only)
Lock the screen orientation (select models only)

Use Kobo Stylus to write notes

Note: Kobo Stylus is only compatible with Kobo Elipsa.

About your Kobo Stylus
Check your Kobo Stylus battery status
Replace your Kobo Stylus battery
Change your Kobo Stylus tip
Troubleshoot your Kobo Stylus

Use gestures to edit handwriting
Use Kobo Elipsa as a notebook
Write notes in your book with Kobo Stylus
Highlight text with your Kobo Stylus

About Dark mode (Kobo Elipsa only)
Use your SleepCover with Kobo Elipsa

Use Wi Fi on your Kobo eReader

Add a Wi Fi network
Kobo eReader Wi Fi status
Turn off Wi Fi (Airplane mode)
Wi Fi set up tips

Sync your Kobo eReader

Sync your Kobo eReader over Wi Fi
Sync your Kobo eReader with Kobo Desktop

Buy eBooks on your Kobo eReader

Buy eBooks on your Kobo eReader
Add eBooks to your Wishlist
View your Wishlist
Remove eBooks from your Wishlist

Find eBooks on your Kobo eReader

See all the books that are on your Kobo eReader
Search for a book on your Kobo eReader

Download and delete eBooks

Download all your books onto your Kobo eReader
Delete a book from your Kobo eReader
Delete all your books from your Kobo eReader

Read on your Kobo eReader

Turn pages
About the Reading Menu
Adjust the font size and style
Skip chapters and pages
View the table of contents
Bookmark a page
Highlight text
View highlights
Remove highlights
Add notes to your book
Define words with the dictionary
Add new dictionaries to your Kobo eReader
Translate a word
Mark a book as ‘Finished’

Borrow eBooks

Borrow eBooks from the public library


About the Kobo Desktop app

Security and privacy

Lock your eReader’s screen


Use Large Print Mode
Use the OpenDyslexic font

Troubleshoot your Kobo eReader

Troubleshoot your Kobo eReader
Fix common Kobo eReader problems
Reset your Kobo eReader