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Frequently asked questions

To start well with the ebook

What is Nolimbook?

Nolimbook is a device specially designed for reading electronic books using the screen technology called “electronic ink”, which allows to obtain a performance close to that of the paper book with a very low battery consumption.

Nolimbook has many advantages:
– Downloading electronic books in a matter of seconds 24 hours a day at the Nolimstore online bookstore
– The ability to customize the size and font of the text
– An internal memory capacity of 4 Go that allows thousands of books to be stored

What is a DRM (Digital Rights Management)?

In English, DRM (Digital Rights Management), or digital rights management in Spanish, are electronic locks that the publisher puts in the archives. They are intended to control the use made of electronic works, as well as prevent the copying of a file or its printing.

The presence of a DRM in the electronic books sold in our bookstore is indicated in the article file, as well as in your shopping cart.

There are 2 types of DRM:
The watermark or watermarking : the client’s personal data, such as his name and electronic address, appear on the pages of the electronic book so that they are not annoying for reading. There is no limitation on the number of media.
Adobe DRM : electronic lock managed by Adobe, which implies the creation of an Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) account and limits the copy of a work to 6 different reading devices (computer, electronic book, smartphone, tablet).

Why have an account in Adobe Digital Editions? (download and installation of ADE)

To open and read works with Adobe DRM, you must have an Adobe account and Adobe Digital Editions software.

Your Adobe account in your digital book:
When you create your Nolimstore account, an Adobe ID account is automatically created (with the same identifier and password used to create your Nolimstore account).

The Adobe account and the Adobe Digital Editions program on your computer:
You must download Adobe Digital Editions for free on your computer:
– Go to the following page: .
– Click on “Download now” on the right of the page and follow the installation process.
– At the end of the installation, a window opens and asks you to register your computer with your Adobe ID account.
To do this, you must select “eBookPass” as an e-book provider, then enter the electronic address and password used in the Nolimstore library.
Note: Do not check the “I wish to authorize my computer without ID” box under any circumstances, as this would limit the reading of protected electronic books to only your computer and you would receive the error message “CE_COPY_NOT_ALLOWED” when transferring them to your Nolimbook or any device Compatible other than your computer.
Once these steps have been completed, you can download electronic books from your computer and transfer them to your digital reader.

What is an .acsm format?

An .acsm file is a file format used by Adobe to manage electronic rights.

To read an ebook:
– Download Adobe Digital Editions beforehand (see the question “Why have an account in Adobe Digital Editions?”).
– Open the .acsm file in Adobe Digital Editions, which will check the electronic rights. The download will be done in PDF or ePub.
You can then download your e-book to read it or transfer it to a reader or other reading medium.

Can I read an audiobook?

An audiobook is in MP3 format. This format is indicated in the book file, next to the price.

Nolimbook readers are not compatible with this format. However, you can listen to an audiobook from a tablet or a computer.

How to transfer an electronic book purchased from a computer to the reader?

If your e-book reader is connected to Wi-Fi, you can find purchases made from another device (computer, tablet, smartphone) in your reader’s library thanks to synchronization.

If your reader is not connected to the wifi:
– Connect your reader to the computer with the USB cable.
– The reader appears as “Nolimbook” in the list of external peripherals of your desktop (and behaves like a USB stick).
– Drag the work you want to transfer to the “Nolimbook” icon.
– You can disconnect the reader and find the transferred work in your reader’s library.

Frequently asked questions

Where to find the history of my orders?

Identify yourself in the online bookstore, click on “My account” and then on “My electronic books”. You will find a summary of the total of your purchases classified in chronological order of purchase.

In addition, if you delete a work purchased from the library from your reader, you can download it again at any time from this space (attention, the durability of the download link may vary).

Where can I find the instructions for using my Nolimbook?

– In the box of your Nolimbook you will find a quick start guide.
– In the library of your Nolimbook you will find the user manual that explains in detail the different functionalities of your Nolimbook.

I have lost my Nolimstore account password, how can I recover it?

To recover your password in the Nolimstore library:

– Click on “Identify yourself or create an account”.
– Click on “Forgot password”.
– Enter your email address in the corresponding field and then click on “Reset my password”.
You will then receive the necessary instructions to reset your password in your email inbox.

Who to contact in case of problems?

You can contact Customer Service using the contact form found at the bottom of the Nolimstore online bookstore, by clicking on “Contact”.

In case your device does not work (the reader does not activate, screen frozen …), make sure the battery is well charged. If the problem persists, go to the after-sales service of your nearest Carrefour establishment with the defective device and the purchase invoice.