• Christine Luken

    If this happens, my wallet will definitely have a hangover!

  • JayAre100

    Good to know, but beer + wine =/= liquor.

  • Jimbo Palmer

    But you get such a license from the New York Liquor Authority https://www.sla.ny.gov/definition-of-license-classes

  • Patrick Pine

    Have adult coloring books in the bar area and they will be on to something…

  • Eleanor Almaraz

    Smart move for B&N

  • Jessica2248

    Well, I guess we will have to take our kids to Books A Million.

  • IMHO

    Why? Do your children have an alcohol problem?

  • Guess Hadesty

    So these idiots get to drink while reading, and then get into their car and possibly kill somebody, but I cant smoke a bong? Boycott Barnes and Noble.

  • Jennifer Schillig

    You’ve got THAT right. I have a second part-time job in a B & N and have lost count of the coloring books I’ve rung up.

  • Dani

    Honestly, I highly doubt people are going to drink large amounts in a book store. And no is going to boycott Barnes and Noble so you can smoke. Just throwing that out there.

  • pat

    Ya mean those idiots can have a perfectly legal drink under an establishment that has a license but i cant stick a heroin needle in my eye??…what has the world come to.

  • JFoodgeek

    Because you can’t make good parenting decisions around alcohol? Im kidding.

    Seriously, what I’m really asking is what taking your kids to buy a children’s book has to do with someone buying a beer in the cafe elsewhere in the store? Around here, wholefoods sells Beer in the cafe…so your kids can’t buy juice boxes downstairs in the market?

    You’d rather B&N goes the way of the big bookstores and closes its doors? I’m cool with you going to books a million and making many purchases…if that helps BAM keep their doors open too.

    I’m watching bookstores die left and right and want it to stop, even if it means they add other markets like beer.

  • Jessica Lea Puckett

    I think this is a great idea. I’d get to snuggle in a comfy chair and read while sipping a glass of whine. Maybe meet someone there who is reading the same thing and have a lively book discussion. Nothing sounds better. On a side note for those of you saying people would drink and drive after being there I really don’t think it would happen. If you want to go drink you go to a bar. Book lovers would go there to relax and read. You can’t read and concentrate while drunk. Book readers are intellectuals who love discussing varying topics and sharing their love for the written word not a bunch of drunks looking for a party.

  • Testify! Reading a great book while sipping a single glass of wine is fairly standard.

  • Kt Lafferty

    Idiots get to drink while at a bar and then get into their car and possibly kill somebody. And at ball games. And at their friends houses. And at restaurants. And at auction houses. Etc. Boycott life?

  • Guess Hadesty

    Whoa, you really got me there, because #Cannabis has anything to do with heroin, right? Get an education before commenting.

  • Guess Hadesty

    No, its called a cultural shift… But everybody is too addicted to alcohol for that, right?

  • Jessica2248

    If you don’t mind your kids sitting in the cafe while others are drinking, more power to you. You do what you want when it comes to yours, and let my husband and I parent the way we choose. Does our decision offend you, or harm you in some way? It’s amazing huh? According to your logic, we have to do what everyone else thinks is okay to be good parents. And you weren’t kidding with your insult. So save it.

  • Sit down

    I believe you missed jfoodgeeks point. Try reading it again. She was questioning your logic, not insulting you. The bookstore is struggling to stay open, so they are trying something new. I think it’s a brilliant idea.

  • Yeah…. “I read that entire beer while drinking a book.”

  • Kt Lafferty

    Your “boycott” has nothing to do with what you’re upset about. Not going to B&N because they are serving alcohol gets you not one step closer to being able to smoke a bong.

  • Jessica2248

    You must have glossed over the first sentence, or not be a parent if you think that wasn’t an insult. As a parent, as long as I am not harming my children, I don’t need to explain my logic to anybody. If I needed to do that, then I am not ready to be a parent. That’s your choice to think it’s a brilliant idea, and I won’t question why you think that is okay, that’s your business.

  • Sit down

    Well if you don’t want people to respond to your “logic,” you may want to stay off a public forum where your comments are open season for exposition.
    Also, if you don’t like the idea of beer and wine at B&N, you and your family better steer clear of all those fancy and not so much restaurants that include..wait for it…a full bar! :0)

  • Jessica2248

    I don’t care about people responding to my posts, but don’t tell me I’m wrong, just because you don’t agree, and there was really no need to be insulting. Do you see me calling you a bad parent because of however you choose to parent? I’m not telling you what to do, I’d just appreciate that same extension of courtesy.

  • Scecilia Hampton-Tyler

    Why do you think your logic is somehow superior because you’re a parent? Starbucks also sells beer and wine, and yeah, whole foods also serves beer. Would you not like to teach your kids that people can have alcohol without being belligerent idiots, or is that all you want them to know, producing more binge drinking escapists in America by the age of 21? We’re the highest rate of DUI’s and alcohol related deaths and violent arrests in the world compared to other countries who have their drinking age at 18 or none at all. It’s about time America started getting with the program.

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