Breaking: Kobo Makes Organizational Changes in Toronto


Kobo is based in Toronto Canada and the company today axed over 60 jobs. They also reshuffled existing employees into different departments in a bid to refocus on e-readers and their line of apps. Currently Kobo employees over 500 people worldwide, from executives to agents.

In a statement today to Good e-Reader, Kobo said “To focus resources on innovation, partners, and readers, the leadership team has realigned the organization’s structure, which has also meant some staff reductions. As part of this change, teams have been restructured and optimized; redeploying employees to best use their skills to support the company’s core goal of providing the best global eReading experience. All our offices will continue to operate as usual, with a mandate to grow the business in each of our territories.

While these decisions are never easy, we believe that we have the structure that puts us in the best position possible to aggressively compete in an ever-challenging global marketplace. By ensuring the Kobo team is lean and agile, we will be able to strengthen our business position and continue our trajectory of global growth.

Kobo’s mission remains to lead the global transformation in reading by inspiring people to read more and more often – anytime, on any device, anywhere around the world.”

The Canadian based e-Reader company did not mention whether these dismissals were on the executive level, junior or both. Many industry experts are surmising that this is partly due to the new President Michael Tamblyn and new CEO Takahito Aiki. Likely some of the old guard has been let go and the two executives are trying to surround themselves with people who have the same vision as they do.

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  • Jonah Emery

    Kobo is making me nervous lately what with this and the impending legal action on eBook pricing. I invested in their ecosystem.

  • Skid Roe

    um, does that mean you bought a Kobo?

  • Advantus

    They should have moved the 60 employees to customer service. Kobo still needs to get their act together in that area.

  • Jonah Emery

    Yes, I have an Aura HD and many many purchased books. I’m still using them taking solace that if they crash and burn someone will purchase them and the service lives on.

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