Amazon Introduces Popular 70% Royalty Option for India

Kindle Direct Publishing Select by Amazon lets you exclusively publish your ebooks with the online company. You can then make some solid income by allowing your books to be borrowed for free through the Amazon Prime eBook Lending program. When you book is borrowed, you get paid by a growing pool of money Amazon sets aside, and the amount continues to grow. Today the company introduced the 70% royalty option, which is now available to customers in India for titles enrolled in KDP Select. This royalty option is available for books sold from the new India Kindle Store, Kindle devices, and Kindle apps. Some new features available include the ability to set prices specific for India, receive royalty payments in INR, and now earn up to 70% royalties when enrolled in KDP Select.

Amazon only introduced self-publishing options in India on August 22nd, 2012 and has opened up one of the largest book markets in the world. One of the main benefits of KDP Select is the ability to still sell your book while letting it be loaned out for free. Many authors find that giving the first book away in a series gets more purchases for the subsequent books. The main drawback is you are signing an exclusivity agreement to not have your book published in any other stores that sell digital books. You can take a look at the royalty requirements HERE and the exact terms and conditions HERE.

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