Seniors in Japan More Likely to Adopt eBooks


A survey to ascertain the pattern of ebook usage in Japan has demonstrated some startling results. What has come to light is that it is the older generation of readers and not the younger ones who has been found to be more comfortable adopting to the digital version the books.

The survey was conducted by the e-book section of Toppan Printing Co. and covered 826 individuals from all age groups who had been to the Tokyo International Book Fair. What the survey has revealed is that a whooping 70 percent of the respondents in their 20s have said they prefer reading off the traditional printed books than the corresponding digital version. However, what is surprising is that it is more than 50 percent of those advanced past their 70s said they rather prefer ebooks.

As for reasons, 52.5 percent cited lower costs for ebooks to explain their preference for the digital format, while those who have already been hooked on ebooks, a sizable 70.4 percent, said they look forward to more titles to be made into digital versions.

The above defies the global trend where it is the younger generation that has been quick to adopt new emerging technology, though it could just be a matter of time before they, too, begin to appreciate the many virtues that ebooks have to offer.

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