E-Ink Unveils 32 Inch Color e-Paper Screen


Color e-Paper was first unveiled in 2010 and the intention was to have a series of e-readers to hit the market to implement the technology. Not many companies bought into it, and it was quickly relegated to being an extremely expensive novelty. E Ink has been experiencing declining revenue for the last four quarters, losing millions of dollars. This has prompted them to diversify their portfolio and focus on digital signage. It is in this spirit that they have announced a new 32 inch digital screen, employing e-Ink Triton.

There are two modes to the screen, one can display the traditional e-Ink grayscale experience with a resolution 2560X1440, while the screen in full color will give you 720P. The technology was co-developed by e-Ink and Global Display Solutions who developed the enclosure technology, which facilitates deployment in outdoor conditions with very low power consumption.

E-Ink hopes to leverage this technology for public spaces that have lots of natural sunlight. The boon of this type of screen is that it is immune to glare, unlike traditional LCD screens. The company also hopes to expand their relationship with the United Nations, who currently has the largest e-paper sign at their headquarters in New York. The e-Wall has 231 tiled 7.4″ displays arranged in a grid of 33 displays across by 7 displays high. The new 32 inch screen would add full color, use less screens and has more upside than the old method.

Michael Kozlowski (5139 Posts)

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