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    I have both and, personally, I find the white version less distracting. I was surprised by that.

    Given a choice in future devices, I’ll choose white.

  • I am a big fan of white devices too, got a white iPhone, white Samsung, white iPad Pro! Also liberated this device from the studio to use it for awhile.

  • zomgwtflmao

    “propitiatory format” 🙂

  • glad your big takeaway from our review was pointing out a spelling mistake. It has been fixed.

  • zomgwtflmao


    I read the article and had no comments since “tech specs are basically the same as the 2015 edition, except this model is available in white” and well…

    I will add this for a comment though since I have been triggered. This is now the beginning of the end of innovation for eReaders from Amazon and given they are by far the largest purchaser of e-ink screen displays, the resulting technology advancement curve will slow down.

    Seriously, an entire year, and the only substantive change is the color of “white”… No competitors, so this is the natural result.

    While you are making an effort for innovation, it ultimately comes down to the display and I do not see the competitive drive for color e-ink displays which would truly enable the next generation.

    If B&N had of managed the Nook business properly, we the consumer, would already have the first generation e-ink color devices(Magazines, Manga, Visual Novels, Text Books…).

    In my prior comment of a few weeks ago for a Board presentation, add that to the list for a Vision that can drive employees and investors to believe in the Nook again.

    Innovation will never come from suppliers, it comes from the purchasers setting a vision with objectives and negotiating joint investments to achieve those goals.

    Without Nook as a counter-weight to Amazon, E Ink Corp is not going to do it on their own. Just no reason.

    Visual novels, high growth, perfect for the new color e-ink displays.

    Bold vision, audacity of hope(nevermind that one) that energizes an organization is what is needed here. Practical moonshots as it were.

  • poiboy

    the ember font is not available on voyage devices.


  • Tj Hariharan

    There *is* no paperwhite 2016, at least not for most people. In 2016 there WERE kindle devices released but they were the Oasis and regular Kindle (the cheap one with no lights). There was a paperwhite that was “put out” during this period, but it wasn’t a “release” like the other two. During this period amazon re-released the 2015 kindle pw with some special features to a few countries. Most notably the “kindle paperwhite Manga edition” in japan that has 32GB of storage. These are literally the 2015 edition but they were put with some extra storage and released in japan as an exclusive. (Since Manufacturing of the kindle pw is still ongoing if you order one you’ll likely always get a pw manufactured sometime this year).

    Tl;dr: 8th gen releases were Oasis and Kindle only. The PW did not see a release during 8th gen, but rather saw a repackaged “special edition” in a few places (the actual device inside was still the basic 2015 edition).

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