Google Nexus 7 2 vs iPad Mini


The Google Nexus 7 2nd generation tablet has just hit the streets and we had to visit 14 different stores because we can buy one. This is obviously an indication that most people are attracted to the quad-core processor and amazing resolution. How exactly does it compare against the iPad Mini, which tends to be one of the most popular tablets overall? In this comparison we check out comics, eBooks, magazines, newspapers, video and audio.

The Google Nexus 7 second generation features a 7 inch full color touchscreen with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. This blows away most other tablets on the market, including the Kindle Fire HD 7 (1280 x 800 pixels) or the iPad Mini (1024 x 768 pixels.) If you watch HD videos or play really good games, you will notice an increase in screen quality. You get a solid boost in audio performance, with a speaker at the top of the bezel and one on the bottom. If the tablet is laying on a solid surface, you will still get great audio quality.

In our comparison video, we see exactly how the hardware specs handle real world conditions. We put both devices side by side, showing you the exactly same content on each page.

Michael Kozlowski (5209 Posts)

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  • David Foggia

    Don’t even joke, Nexus 7 is better than the iPad mini. The mini is an overpriced price of aluminum. The N7 feels loads more sturdy and in my opinion, is faster than the mini. Also, the form factor of the mini just sucks. Unless you have giant hands, the mini won’t fit in your hand comfortably. Also, when it comes to OS (I have iOS 7 on my iPhone) android beats iOS by a slim margin BUT iOS 7 almost FLAT OUT copies the features of Android. Anybody who uses android and iOS 7 will no doubt agree with me. The cameras are really bad on the nexus but honestly, youre a loser if you take pictures with your tablet. Sorry but is the truth. The nexus 7 has its f attachments flaws like typing but overall it stomps the iPad mini. But we have to waitfor the second gen don’t we….

  • MatthewBHowell

    Please stop with the tired, stale “my dad can beat up your dad” rhetoric of which device is better – it’s really getting old….

  • David Foggia

    No I agree but because I own a mini and nexus 7, I can honestly say that, at least internally, the N7 is better. And my dad could be up beat up your dad if he wasn’t in his 60’s 😉

  • MatthewBHowell

    As my dad is almost 90, I’ll hold off on any comparison. 😉

  • Battman

    I have both the new N7 and the iPad Mini. They are both tremendous pieces of technology. Yes, the N7 screen is great, but despite all the criticism the mini screen is good too and the lower resolution has never been a problem.

    I like the form factor of both but the aspect ratio of the mini is better for some things (web browsing mainly). I would have liked the option of a Nexus 8 inch screen. The build of both is good but the mini has more of the “Wow” factor – but that’s why you pay the higher price.

    I use the N7 more as I can just do more with it. I can sideboard apps from the UK and watch sports via UK tv sports channels (an important bonus for me living in the USA) . I can play with the appearance and personalize as much as I want. And let’s face it, at this price it’s no big deal if I drop it.

    The mini is very simple to use but is also constraining. If you aren’t creative or adventurous it really is the perfect tablet for you.

    The app universe is very similar these days, and with Android now heavily dominating world tablet and smartphone sales, the balance will swing in Android favour.

    But seriously folks, both of these tablets are worth having. It just comes down to personal preferences.