• Miles Bader

    I like the smaller size.

    It’s a shame that Kobo is focusing on the “budget” angle for the Mini and using generally inferior tech compared to the Glo.  Oh well.

  • Doews anyone know the number of pixels and pixel density of the Mini?

  • @newcelona

    Great, new formats for eReading, thanks for innovating Kobo
    As a publisher we should innovate too with our content, but ii is hard to keep this rythm!

  • Squambay

    I’m contemplating buying these for my nephews and neices. But I can’t find out if the dictionary will work with side-loaded books, or if it will only work with books purchased through Kobo.

    I find the dictionary on my Sony 650 is essential, and it would be even moreso for the kids. But they would be using library e-books for the most part, so Kobo excusivity would defeat the purpose.

    Thanks in advance. 

  • Nards Barley

     Good question, but I am curious why you think the dictionary wouldn’t work with sideloaded books?

  • Justinterested

    Hey, sorry if this is a stupid question but would I be able to use this in lectures as a note keeping tool as well?

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