• antiplex

    sooo – besides subtle improvements the specs seem pretty much the same to the old kobo aura hd or did i miss something? a quick comparison would be nice 😉

  • Kobo gave us a retail copy and on Thrusday we will be doing an unboxing, review and comparison against the Glo, Aura, Paperwhite and Nook.

  • Booxilla

    Could not find any information on whether it fully supports epub3 or not

  • Jason

    I’m curious if it’s as slippery as the Aura HD is. Supposedly the new grip on the back of this new device should be an improvement.

  • vegas68

    Thank you for the review. I read on their website that their use of the latest e ink technology avoids the flashes and the annoying refreshing of the pages, and somewhere else I read that the flashes only appear every chapter, 100 pages or so (as opposed to 6 pages of the kindle). I found this improvement the most exiting thing about this new kobo, but you don’t even mention it in your review. Since you had the device on your hands, do you notice any major improvement when turning pages? Thank you

  • Jonathan

    Are we taking bets on which manufacturer will be bringing out an ereader with a Pearl 2 screen? Amazon has the cash but can E-Ink produce them in the numbers required? I’m waiting for higher resolution screens before I buy my next ereader.

    Someone mentioned there is a kind of crosshatch pattern on the Kobo Aura screen, hope that isn’t the capacitive layer messing things up too much.

  • rkmr

    i wanted to know that will the kobo aura HD get the new features like low flash screen technology(page refresh after every 100 pages) and pinch to zoom with a software update or is it just for kobo aura.pls reply

  • I don’t think so, most of this is hardware driven with the new screen they are using. The aura has different type of multitouch.

  • ibass

    Wonder if I could make a tiny, tiny, request… I have a lot of books/collections (~2500 books and about 200 collections) and so far only Sony has been able to handle that without trouble. On my kobo Glo, it takes nearly two full minutes to open the shelves list, each and every time. For comparison, Sony’s (PRS 500 – T1) opened it in seconds. Could you see if they’ve in any way improved that on the Aura? I just can’t go back to a non-lit reader.

    I know I’m a bit of an outlier in this, but I’ve been reading and buying ebooks since the old palm pilot days, with peanut reader, and things just tend to build up.

  • Jonathan

    So now an ereader with pinch to zoom is better than one with PDF reflow. Are you sure?

  • TheJeebus

    Glossy screen? Doesn’t that remove one of the reasons for using eInk, which is great sunlit reading?

  • Claus

    Is the screen glass or is it the same plastic as the kobo glo or aura HD which can be subject to damage which creates a “bright spot where light leaks out?

  • Agelos

    Hello, does anybody know if Kobo Aura supports Greek characters?

    Thank you

  • Patrick Hills

    When saving highlights where do they go? I know on Kindle they sync to the web and are stored as a text file on the device, is it the same for the Kobo ereaders? Can I save highlights to Pocket?

  • 12frames

    you can see some more pictures of the kobo aura over here, including a major bug and the not so even frontlight.


  • baramburum

    Kobo is a really strange company. In one hand they try to lead the e-reader market, but in other hand they do it so stupid. In Aura HD they made the nice screen, but a very poor quality frame. Aura is the same. it is an amazing idea of flat screen (Bravo!), but the size of the screen is too small. Even they decelerated the same size as Glo has, it is not true. Reading space on Aura looks much more smaller. Still the same cheap plastic frame deforming then you put this device in your hands. New interface are very complicated, that you makes a lot a lot of navigation mistakes. Still there are no any physical buttons, that makes it is really hard to use it in the winter time. Nice try, but why not just focus and make one, but perfect e-reading device with large screen, durable frame and some comfort navigation with buttons?

  • cyrus

    Hi, does kobo aura have landscape mode like the sony PRS-T3???

  • Rachel

    Unfortunately the highlights stay on the device

  • Rachel

    The Kobo Glo is a lot slower than the newer Aura, which I like better than the HD.
    I skipped out on contacting Kobo for support anymore though. I just talk to John h. or Elisa S. They solve my problem everytime I have one. I also go to kobocare.com instead of Kobo that often.

  • Rachel

    It is better than the HD.

  • Rachel

    WAYYY better with page refreshes (the flashes). I just turned 55 pages and didn’t see one flash, and didn’t see letter ghosting either.

  • Rachel

    Some of the first few aura’s had a crosshatch when the light was turned on and you looked at the device at a very odd angle. Other wise, you cannot see it.

  • anagnostis

    Yes it does .

  • anagnostis

    But unfortunately there is no English-Greek dictionary available.

  • Hugo Fittipaldi

    Hi Michael, I know that the kobo aura has a beta web browser, so… can I access kindle cloud reader on it?

  • Danni

    I’ve recently bought one of these and the pattern – its like the layer above the eInk in the screen has scratches in it – is visible ALL the time. It makes it hard (for me at least) to read the first four sentences of any page. It doesn’t matter what angle you hold the device they are still there. I’m returning mine because of this, it very annoying!

  • gatobarbieri

    I do not recomend anybody to buy this Kobo Aurora. I bought one last year on December and this year in August the screen was frozen, I tried to fix the problem by all methods but did not work. I called the company and they answer me that I did not buy books from Kobo my unit lost the guarantee, then no replacement. If you want to waste your money buy this Kobo Aurora 6″.

  • Alex Turianskyj

    I’m a bit late but I can get the Kobo Aura for 60$ CAD with free
    shipping; would you suggest getting this or a Glo HD/Aura H2O? Is the
    smaller screen and lower resolution (compared to the H2O) noticeable (does the removing header and footer work on the Aura)? Also, if the Aura HD comes back in stock for 100$, would you suggest

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