• ScalaPhoto Ntino

    It not only the resolution with the screen, something is just off. Maybe its the combination of the lighting layer with the eink – kind of like when sony put front light on the prs-600 and the screen felt blury (they never put front light in any of their ereaders since then, probably they can’t get the by tech right). I guess Illumina couldn’t get the front light either to work right, but they released anyway since it was in the promised specs (got mine from kickstarter). On the other hand look at Kindle Voyages lighted screen – it is like paper they got it right on – Kindle is small though. The Illumina form factor is perfect, weight and design is great. The Onyx Boox 8″ for example (had this one too) has amazing screen, but the device is like a brick.

  • kanis

    PPI 160

  • ZanetheWise

    No bluetooth. =/ I’m still looking for that epaper device with decent screen size that I can hook up to a bt keyboard for writing. 8″ is probably too small anyway, but I thought, given the relatively low price of the device, it might be worth giving a shot. Oh well.

    Bluetooth is much more useful than a 3..5mm jack in my eyes because it can do audio and accessories, not that we should have to choose.

  • Yeah, the poor resolution is one of the worst aspects of this device.

  • In the next few weeks, we are going to do a giveaway for this e-reader, stay tuned!

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