• Igor Engelen

    It’s funny how they phrase it; “Sync issues causing high battery drainage seem to be fixed”
    They’re not saying it is fixed, just looks like it is fixed but who knows…

  • Lukedriftwood

    Users on Mobileread are reporting that the battery drain issue still persists on this new firmware: http://www.mobileread.com/forums/showthread.php?t=279321&page=4

  • Waytocutandpaste

    What’s even funnier is that Kobo never said that OR released that list. The list above was shamelessly copied from a post by a user on Mobileread

  • Emily

    I have a Kobo Aura One… I have done the update, it still has the battery drain issue. Pity, this eReader looked so promising.

  • Igor Engelen

    Yep, I really liked the orange glow to read in the dark but if the battery drain prob doesn’t get fixed soon I guess my next eReader will be a Kindle again.

  • It didn’t get fixed, I have it happen still and often,

    Also, the QC on this ereader is terrible. My first one, the lighting was great but the frame was messed and it had a lot of the pin pricks. Second one, huge green blob and rainbow colours.

    I went through kobo, and I’ve just received an Edition 2 back, they messed up…Am SO frustrated. I said many times it was an Aura one.. and they didnt get it right.

  • Lutz

    On my 3rd device, all had battery issues and then some more. Current unit looks OK but drains over night. 2 factory resets, battery calibration, WiFi off, sync off – no joy.
    I reached out to support but looks like refund and back to my old ereader which I have luckily not sold yet.
    If anyone thinks about buying a Aura One, I strongly advise against it – wait until they sorted out this mess or, better, until another manufacturer comes out with something similar. So far, for £189, I have an overpriced piece of junk.

  • die

    too bad. Is there any time limits to ask for warranty substitution?

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  • Attila Horváth


    My wife has an Aura One also. It was a present form me on last year the end of 2016 but it was not a good deal. All performance are excellent except the mentioned battery drain issue.

    She sometimes read a lot with it and sometimes not when she reads normal books. I was surprising at the begining when the battery was running low after 5-6-7 days.(!) (She olny reads during nights arround half an our – an our at night something like this.) I recommended her not to use the automatic light settings to save the battery but she realy likes that feature so we did not try to use e.g. a fix between orange-yellow settings with some percent of light which would be acceptable both day and ningt as an “old looks like book.” 🙂

    Another experience: some monts ago she did not read ebooks and I made a fully charge on the device and after arround 3 weeks later I checked again the level of the battery and it was 56 percent.. How a hell can a batery running low in case of sleeping mode?
    By the way I have a Kindle PW and it say a warning in case of low level… Unfrtunately the Kobo not send any warning message. Two times my wife wanted to read at night and she even could not start the Aura One altough a day before she turned the device into the sleeping mode after she was done. UUUGGH, it is awful.

    If I were a responsible engineer of the Kobo Aura One software I would install a message like this:
    20% of Battery remaining , please charge your device quite soon.

    10% of Battery remaining , please charge your device as soon as possible.

    Do you know where is the corresponding website to send this request? THX


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