Next Kindle Might Include Front Lit E-Ink Display

How about a Kindle e-reader glowing in full e-ink glory? Well, that seems to be the way the next Kindle might function. The new Kindle using front lite glow might strike a blow to all of the screen lights and aftermarket book lights. It is thought to have a blue white glow that the front lit displays that will be easy on the eyes and be a firm departure from LCD which burn your eyes. Further, there will also be the feature to control brightness to adjust the glow as per individual user preference. That said, the light will still be way softer even in full blast than the same from a back lit LCD screen.

Right now, Amazon offers the Kindle Fire with a vibrant full color LCD screen though battery life is still mentioned in hours or at best days. That’s a far cry from the weeks or even months of backup time that e-ink based displays boasts of and a new Kindle with a front-lit e-ink display can work wonders in the dedicated e-book reader market.

However, let’s be reminded all of it is still very much in developmental stages and there is no way to state definitely if such a Kindle will indeed make it to the market. But then again, all of it is the result of Amazon acquiring the Seattle based company ‘Oy Modilis’ that prides itself as a world leader in light-guide technology. The acquisition was completed in the latter half of 2011 and was done with none getting an inkling of it. However, it would be a waste if such technology is not to be included in future Kindles which again keep the hopes alive of such a Kindle coming our way sometime in the future.

via techcrunch

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  • Joy Cagil

    I hope they include text-to-speech. I was disappointed in Kindle Fire after getting used to that in my first Kindle.