Sony 13.3 Inch e-Reader Begins Trials in Japan


The new Sony PRS-T3 e-Reader may be a bit underwhelming but the one device that everyone wants, is not commercially available. The Sony 13.3 e-Reader was unveiled at the SID Display Week conference in Vancouver, BC and we had comprehensive hands on with the next generation e-Reader. There has been zero news regarding this device for the last four months but we now have confirmation that it is being tested at three Japanese Universities.

The Three Universities are Waseda, Ritsumeikan, Housei and are scheduled to start pilot tests for the commercialization of the product. These schools will all be getting free devices direct from Sony to beta test the devices and to see if they will be the right fit for academia.

The 13.3 inch screen is beguiling to behold and you would figure from looking at it that it would weigh significantly more than the Kindle DX. In truth it weighs only 12.6 oz, compared to the Kindle DX, which weighs a hefty 18.9 oz.
The screen itself is quite respectable in terms of resolution and pixel density. The resolution on the display is 1200×1600 with 150 PPI. It is dubbed Mobius by E Ink and the company is actively shopping it around to the who’s who list of the e-reader world.

The main attraction is using the active digitizer and interacting with complex PDF documents. You can edit documents by jotting down your own handwritten notes, or even highlight passages to go back to later. The large screen display will simply give you the best PDF experience you have ever had on an e-reader.

I have personally reviewed over 83 different e-readers since launching Good e-Reader in 2009, and this was the first one to give me a quality PDF experience. I have received emails from airline pilots, heads of research divisions, and publishers about what device they should buy to read their PDF Files. I would implore everyone to buy this Sony one when it comes out; it changes the game. I don’t normally gush about things like this, but when it comes to school, work, newspapers, gaming guides, and technical PDF documents, this is solid.

Michael Kozlowski (5135 Posts)

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  • ben

    Guys, since you steal your content from allover the internet, do you never run into copyright issues?

  • antiplex

    so well, finally readers with bigger screens (plus a decent resolution) are finally being seen as the next step after having noticed that smaller formats might not work for everyone.

    personally i’m looking forward to test/experience this reader if i ever get the chance but recently came to the conclusion that 13.3″ seems to be almost too large for my uses and the sweet spot would be somwhere around 9-11″, a section where the market offers very little to none devices with adequate hardware…

    another big question that remains in terms of the sony device is the target price point.

    while i expect this reader to be priced way over 200$ i doubt it could be seriously successful when approaching the 400-500$ price-range…

  • HardwareLust

    Has Sony made any indication if this will be made available outside of Japan?

  • André

    Finally! I had my doubts about if it was going to be tested or not. Seems that Sony is going trough with the best device they present in years :)

  • Karen Keil

    I want it!
    Sony would be foolish not to release it commercially. Testing it at universities and to students is a great idea. Even the business world would find this useful as well as other places that use PDF documents a lot. And READERS, TOO!

  • Michael Kozlowski

    It is hard to know where Sony will price this. They have to make it cheaper than the iPad, or everyone will say, won’t know i buy that instead. When i played with it at SID, it honestly looked like it could go on sale the next day.

  • Michael Kozlowski

    It will be interesting to see what they do. I made it clear to e Ink and Sony that this device is the most asked for on this website, ever.

  • Michael Kozlowski

    Sony never really talks about it, all the scoops are from the Universities that deal with them on this pilot project. I do know that the trials are going on until Jan 2014.


    Have been waiting for this device from the very first day when it emerged on web, I wished sony would make it available for this holiday season. Now seemingly it will not be ready until spring 2014 at least. Hopefully some unknown brands from China can beat sony on this. Or even amazon?

  • Mitch Gusat

    I’m waiting since years for a better PDF e-ink reader, for academic papers (multicolumn, complex graphs, tables and equations), textbooks, magazines etc. This device is slowly a-coming as the only hope for now. I wish 3-400dpi, but i understand the limitations of eink (monopoly) and battery life. The size is a bit too small for 2-hand book-like holding, or for 100% A4/letter. But it’s at least something, if it comes under $300. Mitch

  • quailhilltony

    It seems like the resolution of this device is comparable to the Kobo Aura HD.

    Should I wait for this to come to the US?

  • Manas

    Why Sony is not lunching commercially. Every one loves pdf . Mostly Technical books and computer coding books are not pleasant to rd in kindle . I am anxiously waiting for its commercial lunch .

  • wantit

    This looks amazing, I’ve seen every youtube video that covers this thing, I want it! Hurry up before there are 13 inch ipad airs, haha.

  • mrodent33

    (joke warning… this is not, I repeat not, a serious plan)
    I don’t just want one I demand one! Hey why doesn’t everyone in fly to Japan (incognito in separate planes of course) and rush the lorries when they drive out of the factory!

  • Ryley

    I want this device!

  • FR

    Please Sony do it, I’ve waited years for such a device

  • anothernonseriousplan

    I will open a university in Japan if I can test one of these.

  • forest

    OMG I need it!! Sony, release it now!

  • Ahmad

    Hi ,

    Do you know how can I find this device , I mean how can i get it ?

  • Somehow Buddy

    i believe there will be no such thing as 13 inch iPads. at least not any time soon

  • Somehow Buddy

    I would suggest the same. I crave this one.

  • Somehow Buddy

    what do you mean ‘too small’? I measured a letter-size sheet diagonally. this 13-incher is a perfect fit

  • Somehow Buddy

    oh, yeah… kobo’s only 6.8 inch. imagine letter-sized pre-formatted PDF on 6.8″. that’s quite a torture

  • Somehow Buddy

    yeah, anyone here has ‘connections’ at those universities?
    honestly, I would cover reasonable cost (up to $400-something) of buying this for me from Sony right now

  • antiplex

    LOL, 400-500$? i must have been dreaming as such would be a bargain as it seems… ->

  • Mitch Gusat

    13″ is perfect fit for single pagers, so i rejoice it. Seems that Samsung is also preparing 13″ tablets. The dpi of 1200×1600 res. on 13″ is 3-4x too coarse for complex multi-column papers in fine type. Paper is printed at ca. 500dpi for my readings.

    Little wonder Sony shows a Matlab UM doc, typically printed in bold 12-type single column – this wasteful Matlab format is far from the reality of complex papers or 2-page unfolds in magazines (layouts with 2 x 3-columns and centre-fold images).

    Ok, enough bickering. I’m looking forth to any serious PDF eink reader for papers and magazines. For paperbacks, Kindle or Aura HD (better) are doing a fine job already.

  • Mitch Gusat

    No need to steal: We review papers for confs and journals. We write papers, which go thru dozens of agonizing passes each. We read digital subscriptions. We download thousands of papers legally; ditto WPs, UMs, reference guides… all larger and more complex than a paperback. All legit.

  • Somehow Buddy

    well, may be. but computer screens are around 80 dpi and still for reading it’s fine. eInk has some grayscale levels, right? it should help with smoothing down the fonts

  • joblack

    Any idea if there is an (optional) English GUI?

  • SergioNova

    I just hope they will not forget an important
    market. An A4 reader will be welcome for graphic novels and images in
    general, so the ability to read cbr/cbz files would certainly make this
    device a great success.

  • Ho hei

    Hi Michael
    Is this device such as the kindle dx one + the digitizer and a great 13 inch screen or does it also have extra apps on board? and by when do you think it might reach commercial release?
    thanks for your reviews