• Vance Vance

    Ah, then those ‘premature’ rumors were true. Ooh, a 13.3 inch, over 300 dpi Carta display, Regal technology and, and…?

  • otnte

    And Bluetooth finally? I.MX7 or 8?
    I’m looking forward to hear about DPT-S2 from CES or MWC 2017.

  • Vance Vance

    Yes! Typewriter (okay, word processor) capability, on the go!

  • Mitch Gusat

    Victim of e-ink’s low DPI and high cost?
    Also lacking MS Office compatibility, a must for its market, and the 2-4 colors nedeed for most textbooks, papers, tech documents. These are 3 killer reasons IMHO, granting that either price or colors must give (but never the DPI and the PDF, MSO compatibility).

    Yet Sony had the courage to start a trend that eventually will catch: 12-14″ pro devices. Kudos and good luck with the next try!

  • Jake

    I thank them for bringing me to GoodeReader on YouTube. I need a serious notebook. I can’t wait to try the GoodeReader even though the lags and nasty screen transitions (probably from camera and viewing 1080p) are a bit disturbing.

  • This is awesome news — let’s hope the successor will have more capabilities.

  • I doubt Sony will unveil the product there. I heard its being designed by Sony Japan, and my contacts are all Sony USA. They would not tell me ANY details, I think because they don’t really know.

    I have a feeling it will use new E-Paper that some OEM people told me about and have Bluetooth.

  • Radical Edward

    Y hay algo más. Sony no sólo confirma la parada en la producción de este modelo de eReader sino que explica que ello se debe a que se está preparando otro dispositivo similar que en pocas semanas verá la luz del mercado. Es decir, que puede que en pocos días Sony lance un eReader nuevo, posiblemente de pantalla grande como el Sony DPT-S1. Pero aún existen muchas incógnitas como el precio de este dispositivo, si realmente podrá o no podrá leer más archivos además del formato pdf y si realmente gustará o no al gran público.

    And there is something else. Sony
    not only confirms the stop in the production of this model of eReader
    but explains that this is because it is preparing another similar device
    that in few weeks will see the light of the market. That is, in a few days Sony may launch a new, possibly large-screen eReader like the Sony DPT-S1. But
    there are still many unknowns such as the price of this device, whether
    or not you can actually read more files besides the pdf format and
    whether or not the public will really like it.

    from http://www.todoereaders.com/sony-confirma-la-discontinuacion-del-sony-dpt-s1-anuncia-producto.html

    They claim it is a a few weeks or even days. I wonder what their sources are.

  • Yakinabe

    I hate to say this, but I don’t think there will ever be a DPT-S2. Usually when a company discontinues a product before announcing its replacement, it means they are discontinuing that entire line of products.

  • Carlos Simoes

    Sony DPT-S1 will be replace for sure by another device,
    with a new kind of e-paper, probably made in grafeno,
    with bluethooth to use like a big display of our smartphone, PC,…

    It´ll pull down LED e OLED Cornilla Glass displays forever…

  • Mike W

    For sheetmusic ( a huge market ), B&W is fine. But the price is unreasonable.

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