Sony e-reader sold out in Japan

It wasn’t too long ago that consumer electronics giant Sony had announced its decision to take another fresh look at the domestic e-book reader market with its latest range of e-readers – the Touch Editions. And now, the move seems to be paying back rich dividends already as the company has now stated its is fast approaching the bottom of its current stock levels. The revelation was made at the Electronic Book Summit and does make a strong statement on behalf of the Sony range of e-readers as its just on the 10th of December that Sony had launched the e-readers in that country.

However, while there isn’t any specific sales figures available that would let us make a clear estimate as to how many of these e-readers have actually found buyers, what Sony had let us known is that its the PRS 650 Touch Edition that has found favor with e-book readers the most while there seems to be enough stock of the Reader Pocket Edition which includes a 5 inch display.

“The Touch Edition has almost been sold out, and we are sorry for causing inconvenience to appointed stores.” In fact, the unprecedented demand for the e-readers came as a surprise to Sony itself.

“To be honest, we didn’t expect that it will be sold well at book stores,” as company sources stated adding, “But, in fact, a considerable number of the Reader has been selling. Our strategy is to attract book lovers, and it has been going well so far.”

What has come as a surprise to Sony is that it never expected e-reader accessories such as book covers, book covers with light as well as soft carrying cases to be in such high demand.

“A very high percentage of those who purchased the Reader use those accessories,” the company said. “And they have almost been sold out, too.”

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