• otnte

    Finally new Amazon Kindle DX and 2nd gen. Sony’s Digital Paper.

  • and a new kobo and kindle voyage 2

  • Claude Champagne

    Wait and see…

  • Well, I think this new framework will be in every single e-reader going forward. I like the fact its more or less future-proof, for whatever new e-paper screens E INK releases next year or the year after.

  • wpjs

    Kindle Voyage 2 is my guess as well. Amazon will be all over this.

  • Pixilicious

    Seeing as how Amazon has no competition in the US, I wouldn’t bet on it.

  • Reader

    Seems to me that competition or not, Amazon keeps improving its products. The time needed to develop a new or improved product would be more of a killer for trying to get a new product out by the end of this year.

  • Kiuvo

    Great, I hope this makes it out on the Kindle Voyage 2. Not too happy about the low contrast and blue screen on the new Paperwhite 3.

  • Drew

    Amazon might have no serious competition on the e-reader market, but the e-reader market is competing with the smartphone&tablet market. The e-readers selling has generally peaked because these devices lag way behind the tablets in terms of functionality. You might not like this type of argument and argue the e-reader is a separate category, meant for reading books. It may be so, but the majority of people are reluctant to buy an electronic device with no colour, slow refresh rate and lacking the ability to play movies, despite a protective screen for the eyes.

    Thus Amazon’s e-readers face a very stiff competition, and they presumably could to return to double digits growth rates only in the presence of significant innovation.

  • nick0742

    New E-ink from B&N? I thought that they were no longer making any new E-ink devices?

  • Frederic Vandaele

    great news!! My next Kobo will be an IMX 7 🙂

  • Emanuel Hoogeveen

    What does ‘hardware dithering’ mean in this context and what does it have to do with animations? Dithering as I know it (random dithering, ordered dithering or error diffusion) would let them get more out of the 16 shades of gray that current e-ink screens offer by leveraging the high resolution / pixel density of modern devices. I don’t see how it could help with animations, unless you’re talking about blending frames together or, I don’t know, speeding up partial refreshes somehow.

  • Jmnsnow

    How does this impact the Ultimate? It would be great if that upgrade could be made and probably everyone who has joined the campaign would be in agreement. Please take time to take a poll to see where everyone stands on this and what they would be willing to do to make this feasible.

  • David

    Any news on it?

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