• the kid in the clock

    Here's a little program that helps with fixing the font issue.

  • MT-Kobo


    I work for Kobo and thought I'd jump in and provide some clarification. For sure, the complaint that we've been seeing most often is resizing fonts on ePubs brought in from other sites/retailers. This isn't a problem unique to Kobo. The B&N Nook and many other readers struggle with it as well. We're all over it. (In truth, it hasn't led to many returns at all, but it has created a fair number of posts in the ereader/epub forums. Regardless, we want to make it better fast!)

    The challenge: Some publishers provide ePub files that have font sizes hard-coded into their CSS. Those font sizes can sometimes be both very small and difficult to override.

    The solution: We're working on a couple of updates that will deal with this issue for many of the affected ePubs. We are moving quickly and hope to have the first round of fixes out in the next 7-10 days. (Not sure where that “two months” number came from.)

    This is one of the challenges we run into with our open-standards, ePub-first strategy, but we're up for that. Allowing anyone to load any ePub from any source onto the eReader was sure to create some issues, but we'll just keep knocking them down one by one and making it better.

  • Thanks for your post MT-KOBO the 2 months date came from a few users who called into tech support and that was the date given to them when they called in. We do know there is a few advanced fixed deleting the CSS file within the EPUB to (reset) the font problem, but the average user would probably find that methodology hard to employ, as it is an extensive process.
    If you would kindly give us some updates via Email when you have the first round of fixes completed and we can let people know. A fair ton of Kobo end users do read our blog and forum and giving them all the heads up would be grand.

  • Daniel G

    Mine is working flawlessly. Yes, epubs that don't come from Indigo don't look like the epubs from Indigo. But that isn't a problem unique to the Kobo, and that “other” popular ereader doesn't even read epub files.

    Having said that, the Kobo titles and the library titles I've downloaded so far are all readable, and the device has been rock solid stable since I've got it.

    Finally, although the Kobo software has also been stable and worked as expected. I press update library to sync my purchases to it. Then I hit sync to get those purchases onto my ereader. That seems pretty straightforward to me.

    Adobe Digital Editions isn't quite as straightforward, but that's a caveat of using Adob'es DRM. You can avoid it if you are using DRM-free titles or sticking to Kobo titles.

    So far I'm very impressed with Indigo and Co's ebook ecosystem. In many ways, I think it is superior to everything else out there (cheap, comfortable and focused device plus a more or less platform agnostic ebook store that is very decently priced).

    Not sure exactly how the two listed problems that won't affect the majority of Kobo users (I'm not sure that most Kobo users will be loading non-kobobooks bought ebooks onto their device) qualifies as “lots of problems”.

  • Well, due to the cost effective factor of the kobo, many elderly and non tech people are buying this problem. Some have existing epubs they have downloaded or bought from other sites, and other people have problem removing books from “current reading” list, some people are having to skip to the end of the book just to remove it, or goto adobe digital editions and remove it from there. We are not dissing the Kobo, its a great e-reader, at a great price, but it does some some small quirks and bugs with the firmware, and software. Do not forget its all v1 so updates are inevitable to fix these things.

  • Jesus

    An easy way to fix the font issue is to either check the box to 'disable font rescaling' when you convert to epub format using calibre, or to open the epub file using 7-zip, winzip, or win-rar and deleting the 'stylesheet.css' file contained within. I saw this fix in a youtube comment and it has worked on everything I throw at it. Calibre also has a feature to grab all the news stories from tons of sites and convert them for you and transfer to your kobo. Since the converting is automated, you cannot disable the font rescaling, so for now you have to manually delete the stylesheet.css file.

    A bit of a hassle right now, but it works. Calibre also allows you to edit all the metadata for your books, so everything is sorted properly and it all fits in perfectly with the pre-loaded books. My library is growing nicely, and I make sure every book converts properly with the fonts scaling like they should. I can't tell the difference between books I got off the web, and books I purchased from the kobo store. Hopefully kobo can fix the issue with having to delete the stylesheet file to allow font rescaling. Then it would be pretty much perfect.

    Oh, and the thing needs a friggin protector for the screen. I want to bring it everywhere with me, but don't want to damage it. Make some accessories and get them to Chapters/Indigo ASAP!

  • Ruddy

    Thank you for updating the eReader community with these points.

    I'm curious why the Kobo has these issues, and my Sony Touch does not.

    Is it simply a software issue? And certainly you must have known about this prior to releasing the product.

    Thank you for your time.

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  • John

    The Kobo said the nook is having issues with Font size from e-Pub books? Huh? I have the Nook and its been seamless, in fact the Nook actually has one of the better if not the best e-Pub format reader out there.

    I don't know where that comes from.

    Know I'm not raggin on the Kobo as the Nook stumbled out of the gate as well but after the latest firmware updates, v.1.3 the Nook is really the best e-reader on the market

  • Maya

    This may be a stupid question, but does it only read epub format?

  • JD

    while this is definitely something that should be fixed, the solution is relatively simple…and there seems to be only 1 problem, rather than “lots” as in the title of this article…

  • Jo-Anne

    The problem I am having is with the reader does not always find where I left off. When a part has over 1000 pages, having to skip through many to get to where I was reading is a large annoyance. Is this normal???

  • Niki

    Do you have a date for this? I will be returning my Kobo unless I can resolve this issue quickly. I am trying to download items from the public library and can't read them because the font is so small. Apparently Calibre won't convert them because of the DRM issue with borrowed books. Kobo was a great idea but, I'm sorry to say, their website is of almost no help in dealing with issues. They seem to just want to sell books (which I may buy eventually but since I work for the library I need to know how to access these items as well)

  • We want to let everyone know, that if you want to fix up the font scale issue with Calibre, there was a new update today that allowed some EPUB fixed and font issues.

    Here is a summary of the latest update:

    * Support for the Nokia E71X
    * EPUB Output: Generate a default one entry TOC if no TOC is present. This allows the EPUB to pass epubcheck and work on the Kobo
    * Kobo driver: Add support for storage card
    * PDF Output: Improved cover and comic handling
    * EPUB metadata: When setting authors, always move the new dc:creator element to the top so broken implementations don't get confused

    You can download Calibre here


    its a great program to convert different e-book formats, and change allot of features within the book, so to customize it for your particular e-reader, in this case, fixing the Kobo

  • Colette

    Kobo ereader supports dragging and dropping epub and pdf files directly to the reader from your computer. On a MAC anyway. Also, using the free program Calibre you can also load epub or pdf files to the ereader. I hardly use the Kobo software except when I've actually got a book from Kobo themselves. Removing books from the I'm Reading list is a bit of a pain but not a real issue for me. Once you finish a book it removes itself anyway.

    You don't need either Adobe Reader or Digital Editions if you don't intend to read the files on your computer. When downloading from Kobo you can just save the file rather than opening in ADE.

  • Elle

    I'm about to give up on my Kobo. I might feel more hopeful if there was support available but it takes days to get a response to an email and even then canned responses are offered.

    I can now update with Calibre (thank you for that tip) but I am in the middle of a book and when I go back to it I am having to slog through the slow page turner 200 times to get to the page I was on. Occasionally I turn on the device and find it has bookmarked and I am thrilled. This also means that I have to remember what page I was on when I shut it off.

    I am also having trouble with the text changing font size mid read and I have to fix it. It is like invisible fingers keep pushing the font change button and it is a struggle and very frustrating.

    Although I am surprised to find that I actually like reading on the device the technical problems are making it an exasperating experience. I think I may have to try the Sony.

  • David

    If you are using a Windows machine, you can use a program that will leave the stylesheet.css file in the ePub archive but will remove all the “font size =” statements from it. I found this works with a collection of ebooks converted to ePub by Calibre that I downloaded from the Baen free libary. This is a case where Kobo's software follows the ePub specification with unpleasant results. The programs I used were called KoboBulkFixer (to do a mass of files) or KoboePubFixer which does one at a time. Beats what I did with a couple of ebooks which involved using 7Zip to open the archive, extract stylesheet.css, modify it and stuff it back into the archive.

    Otherwise my main complaint is that the battery life isn't even close to advertised.

  • Freedom_x_2

    I do not have any problems with my Kobo, and all the other books I have purchased from other sites I have just dragged and clicked either using Adobe Digital Editions or with my computer. I don't think it can get any simpler. I have found, however, that PDF documents are smaller in font, but I actually prefer them because it is more like the hard copy of the book, so I'm changing the pages so often. I love my ereader and am very happy I purchased it. My only complaint is with the way you buy books on the kobo website…my credit card put a flag on my account because I was making so many purchases in a short period of time…wish Kobo would do a shopping cart icon rather than buying each book individually.

  • UPDATE: We have a file on our Forum now that will re-convert your EPUB Files, and allow you to adjust the fonts in the kobo Display Menu!! No More SMALL FONTS!!

    Click on the link below to download from our forums


  • Dorothyg1

    Hi, I am a new Kobo user. The problem with epubs did not hit me as hard as for some others that I have been reading about. I have a few websites that I frequent for ebooks. My favorite one Fictionwise allows me to re-download books I have previously purchased in a different format. Most of my favorites I did in epub format and have no problem with adjusting the font size. I use MEDIUM since I wear glasses. The only problem I did have was with PDFs. So far I am staying away from them on the KOBO until I see how the new firmware fix is going to go. I hope others are able to re-download some of the books to help them in reading without a problem with font sizes.

  • Krgmeow54

    How do you delete books from “I'm Reading”? Also, how do I delete a book from “Books”? I can't figure out how to move titles at all.

  • DNSB

    The only way I've found to remove books from I'm Reading is to open the book, use the table of contents to go to the last section and then page to the end. Blechh,,, Especially when the book doesn't have a table of contents so you page through the whole book. Double blechh…

    Removing books? If you are referring to the 100pre-loaded books, Calibre in it's later incarnations is able to remove them — well, actually, it modifies the database file to make them non-visible which keeps them from clogging up your library. If it's not a preloaded book, Calibre can still remove it which also deletes the file(s) from the Kobo freeing up some space, Or you can simply delete the file from the Kobo and it will clean the database up when disconnected from your computer.

    If you're run into the font size issue, I've been using KoboBulkFixer which opens the ePub and deletes the font-size lines in the stylesheet.css. Better than deleting stylesheet.css since you save some formatting information. This is addressed in the latest firmware update I'm told but I can't test that until my daughter returns my Kobo — borrowed it to take some books with her on a trip to the USA and won't be back for a couple of more weeks.

    Another issues I ran into was the apostrophe in a file name causing the Kobo to say the content was protected. This is supposed to have been fixed in the latest firmware as well but see the previous comment about my Kobo traveling without me.

  • sonia

    what other sites are your downloading ebooks from and how did you sync them to your ebook?

  • Wayne Burns

    This device is very disappointing. After the last update my reader will not update to my PC. I get au un-resolvable error: “We are unable to update your device’s database. Syncing cannot be completed”. Now none of the devices (PC. iphone, reader) know where I am in each book in my library. – Very frustrating!!!! Today, I tried to read a book on my PC and apparently each chapter has only one page? – I wish I bought a Kindle. (I did report this and got one of those will get back to you replies)

  • moritz

    This is a disfunctional device with crap documentation. Neither the store-based reader, nor adobe digital editions can access it from mac OS X (version 10.5.8). Under windows XP, dragging PDFs to the device works but the kobo ignores them. The supplier and kobo help are just giving me a run around.

  • Roximunro

    So far so good with my Kobo BUT
    – Do I really have to purchase one book at a time on the Kobo website? Where’s the shopping cart/basket when you need it? Without a shopping cart function I am less likely to buy all the books I want.
    – Delete button please? Accidentally downloaded 3 different versions of Nicholas Nickleby. I did find the Trash function but it’s REALLY hard to find (go to kobobooks.com, sign in to your account there, click on library in the upper left hand corner, gives you a list of books you’ve downloaded and at the top is a half hidden trash can icon).
    – Newspapers! I’m hoping for the Toronto paper The Globe & Mail. Just a text only version will do.
    – Speaking of text. Kobo said it could read graphic and manga novels but when I look in the Graphic Novels section all I find is some non-fiction text only book. Can’t find the Manga.
    – Spellcheck in your search. If I mistype an author or a title, you shouldn’t just say “nope sorry no such word” but “did you mean…” and give several possibilities.
    I’ve had my Kobo for three months. I fear Kobo will soon turn into the HD-DVD (Blu-Ray’s old extinct nemesis) of e-book readers if they don’t add what’s missing and don’t fix the glitches by the end of September 2010.

  • Avid reader

    I used to love my Kobo ereader, but I am now becoming very frustrated with it. All my problems started after the firmware update. Most recently I traded in my original Kobo for a new one because the old one just went haywire (losing settings/bookmarks/battery draining rapidly). When I went to sync my new one, it didn’t download the files properly to my library and it said “try resyncing”. This wouldn’t work so I called their help desk. They told me to uninstall the program and reinstall it. Now the desktop app won’t install to my computer at all (they told me all the options currently posted elsewhere), and their answer is that they will get back to me via email in a couple of days. As an avid reader this is unacceptable and is really starting to piss me off. I hope I don’t have to join the droves of people returning their Kobo ereader soon!

  • Guest

    I bought the device in April, worked okay through July when they have the firmware upgrade. After the upgrade, the unit deleted all the books in the system and refused to sync. The phone tech support knows little more than I do. Finally managed to get a replacement unit… and it’s not responding either. I can see it when connected to my computers, but just can use it. Such frastration! I have a nook but BN does not sell most of the bestsellers to Canada. I also have an iPad but the iBook library is also small comparatively speaking. I’m very annoyed!!!!

  • Guest

    I bought the device in April, worked okay through July when they have the firmware upgrade. After the upgrade, the unit deleted all the books in the system and refused to sync. The phone tech support knows little more than I do. Finally managed to get a replacement unit… and it’s not responding either. I can see it when connected to my computers, but just can use it. Such frastration! I have a nook but BN does not sell most of the bestsellers to Canada. I also have an iPad but the iBook library is also small comparatively speaking. I’m very annoyed!!!!

  • Sjcoop63

    I am unable to sync my Kobo to my Borders account. It will not sync up at all. Very disappointed. I really love my Kobo………Is there a solution for this problem?

  • Crystal

    I am surprised at those comments because I had no problems downloading, and doing there and here. With font, you have to be careful when you hit the button as I found out that I hit wrong, and I learned my lesson. I can remove books that I read books thru Kobo desktop, and it s no problems for me. It is best one I ever have! Now I learned that there is WiFi Kobo eReader…

    I contacted Kobo support about 100 free books being installed when purchased.. It s only one issue that I had to put up with.

    I am really surprised that there are many people being fed up. There are many instructions which I believe most people did not bother to check or read before install, or before doing anything.

    I still think it is best one I ever have

  • super disappointed

    This device has given me non-stop problems since the day I purchased it. A short two weeks prior to the price being lowered, and just 3 months prior to them issuing a new wireless version I’d like to add. It was specifically bought because I thought it would be perfect for all the business travel that I do, however EVERY time I add a new book, and usually at least once throughout the reading of one book I have some issue where it freezes and/or can’t read the book I just purchased. Most frustrating is the fact that since they’ve issued a new wireless version, Kobo no longer has their original manuals on it’s website. So I don’t even have access to the manuals that I had to refer to so many times in the first place. And when I submitted a help request, I not only got no response for a couple of days, when I finally got a response it had a particularly irritating “your problem has been solved” notation at the top. They also did not respond to any of my notes as to the obvious lack of respect for their customers. What a joke. I want to love this device, but I honestly can only say that it has aggravated me past the point where I would ever consider buying anything from them ever again. It’s beyond disappointing.

  • ML1971

    I bought my kobo (in feb)for the same reason why I shop at chapters….. to read books. it serves this purpose perfectly. I wouldn’t buy Kindle since they only made a effort to accommodate their northern neighbours when the competition started knocking on their doors in a serious way. ML

  • Lisareosereynolds

    I agree with you 100%. I purchased my Kobo only 2 months before it died. I spoke with “Customer Care” …..20 DAYS AGO….. and still no response! I did get a auto-respond email stating that they would be in touch with me within 72 hours!!! Disgusting!!!

  • Lukeheatherington13

    My kobo has been giving me absolutely no problems. The page turns are a little slow and the library was a little confusing at first but now that I have the hang of it I consider it to be an excellent device. I always carry it in a case so maybe that helps, but it has been perfect since the day i purchased it.

  • Justsew

    I agree, I was gifted a KOBO which I will return due to lack of support re not being able to get it to install on my laptop running VISTA. Very disappointed also. It is completely useless if I’m not able to install it a little tech support would help.

  • Not happy with KOBO

    I was hoping for a quality Canadian product which I could purchase, use and enjoy. KOBO is not that product. It cannot be installed on my laptop and support does not seem to have the time to reply with a workable solution. My solution is to return this defective product and invest in a reader that works as promised..first time right out of the box. Is that too much to expect no matter what the initial price might be?

  • Holly

    I am having trouble downloading Adobe Digital Editions to my Literati…help please

  • Caskanet

    Just bought a Kobo and having problems with it freezing all the time. I have to press the power button 3-4 times to get it started. I can usually get in 3 or 4 selects before it freezes. Sometimes it will respond after a few minutes, other times not. Battery says it’s fully charged so it looks like a software issue. Was able to sync once, but any new books won’t download. Getting a network error while syncing, but it’s connected to a laptop and the network is working fine. Think it’s time to return it.

  • Holly

    The system has a new update that needs to process. update your wi-fi and accept the update if that doesn’t work, i’d call support 7800-481-7983. good luck

  • kobofan

    I’ve had mine for about 2 months (the wi-fi version) and I love it!
    I’ll admit it took me awhile to get the hang of downloading library books & adding files to Adobe Editions, but now it’s all smooth sailing! I bought it mainly for the library books and I find that adjusting the font size is very simple and no different than a purchased book.
    It’s a very basic ereader, but works for me, since I only care about reading and not surfing.

    If you don’t have a kobo cover, I would suggest you get one to protect the screen. I found the ones that Kobo sells is too expensive, so I use a pot holder and found that it a perfect size.

  • Tckfkc

    I have had my kobo for a few weeks and I love it..It was easy to download books and easy to navigate..It was everything I was looking for..Not sure why others are having problems!!

  • Siobhanstar

    I am really trying to like my Kobo, however it has been causing problems on a daily basis. The latest is that it repeats the text every three or so pages. It appears to only affected the 100 preloaded books so far… Any suggestions as to how to fix? Kobo people suggested restoring factoy settings however still the text appears twice. If you are considering buying a Kobo – get the Sony or the Kindle.

  • Aylmerontario

    I purchased a new eReader for Christmas. I was disappointed that books are not pre-loaded on this device. I expected this to have the free 100 books already installed. Plugged the unit into my Mac and the desktop icon appeared. Followed instructions and found that nothing worked as indicated.
    There is no application in my iMac that looks or says what should be found. The window was blank on opening the desktop image. Reset the Kobo and it still would not work. Of course no help is available on the day the gift was opened. You think that they would have some staff working on Christmas day and in particular those who do not celebrate Christmas and yet take the time off just the same. We do not get their religious holidays do we? Peed off by being misled and poor information and directions.

  • Emeralds42

    I am soooo very very disappointed with my Kobo!!
    This was a Christmas present I was really looking forward to. I had it on for about 10 minutes as I wanted to use it as soon as I unwrapped it. I then turned it off. Several hours later, I turned it on and the screen is “scrambled”. I am in the process of recharging it, but it doesn’t look hopeful. Too bad ’cause the design is awesome, but otherwise it sucks. Unless a miracle happens, this unit will be returned.

  • Melcole

    We purchased a Kobo for our daughter for Christmas and she is having the same problem of the same text being repeated every three or four pages. The screen flashes from black to white when loading. I am quite disappointed so will be returning it as soon as we are home from Christmas vacation.

  • CTL

    It does come pre-loaded with the books. I had the same issue was you when I first tried to install the software – could not find the installation directory or the 100 books. Turns out you just have to do a factory reset if you have this issue. I called tech support at christmas morning and the lady told me to unplug the kobo from the computer (after you eject it), then go to Menu > Settings> Advanced > Reset Device. After that, you’ll see the books under Menu > Books and you should be able to see the installation directory when you hook it up to your computer.

  • Ohnuttz40

    Got one for Christmas and having same problems— extra free books not there after start up & sync-ing problems.
    Will try a reset and see if that helps any.

  • Yaz

    I wondering if any one is having screen problems?, mine has gay lines across it and it will not turn on any more. I have had the ereader for about two months it works fine, just bought a protective sleeve for it 2 days ago and now it does not work wondering if it has any thing to do with the magnet that keeps case close although this was purchased at a Border store for the Kobo.

  • Derekarnoldi

    Both my wife’s and my Kobo have developed lines running vertical and horizontal through the screen rendering them unreadable.

  • Anonymous

    Its unfortunate to see people having problems and I hope they are able to get solutions soon. I have had a Kobo for 2 months now and I haven’t had any problems. The product is working smoothly for me. I’ve looked at the support forums, and I’ve seen Kobo doing a lot of customer service, esp on Twitter. So far I’m please with everything I’ve seen. Sandy, ShesConnected Community Manager for Kobo.

  • Mike

    i have a dumb question– can I use a AC cord from my Blackberry to charge my KOBO instead of my computer?? I don’t see why not- if I travel on vacation I don’t want to have to take my laptop and I certainly would be upset if my battery on my KOBO ran out in the middel of my book!!!

  • Sweet_living_dreams

    I was just given the Kobo as a Christmas gift. Apparently you have to have a credit card to even download the 2 free gift books that come with it. Even with a gift card I can not buy books. I’m very pissed off about that and the damn thing will most likely be going back

  • Tazztunes

    I last used my Kobo on Tuesday. I picked it up today. It said powered off and displayed the title of the book just like it is set to, but when I turned it on the screen went blank. It has some lines on the top about 1/2 in then the rest is just white. I tried to charge it thinking maybe that was the problem. I plugged it into my computer and it charged for about an hour and stopped. The computer is not even recognizing it is there. I got mine for Christmas so I haven’t even had it two weeks.

  • Tazztunes


  • Tazztunes

    I had no problems finding the 100 free books. I just can’t read them because I have a blank screen.

  • Tazztunes

    …and I do have a cover, but it does not have a magnet on it.

  • willa

    I called Kobo support about this issue because I was trying to use my gift card. We did have to insert my credit card information to proceed but it was not charged and the cost of the book was deducted from the gift card. The online PIN for your gift card is located under the little magnetic strip on the back of your gift card. As long as you have Adobe Digital Editions downloaded and on your pc the book will be directly downloaded to it and then it is just drag and drop to put it on your Kobo. Very Easy.

  • Goldntropics

    Well, Well Well…. Just brought my Kobo on Boxing day from Angus and Robertsons and I have just gone to read my book in bed and it will not work. It powers on but there are black and gray lines running both vertically and diaganally which renders my Kobo USELESS… Can this problem be fixed or is it a lemon? Am so disappointed and can anyone recommend a better ereader?

  • Goldntropics

    Hi Yaz, I too just brought a reading light for my Kobo and it was working perfectly today but just tried to use it in bed and the bloody thing has vertical and horizontal lines running through it and the screens will not come up. Did you return yours or has it rectified itself? Am so frustrated and I loved my Kobo up until today………….. Terri

  • Samscad

    I think the Kobo is great and most of these complaints are from people who want an i-pad but have yet to admit that to themselves.

    Their are problems, but the overall reading experience is good.

    Here’s the problem, when you update your library any new books are mixed in with the “I’m Reading” tab. Frustrating if you’re updating your whole library. In any case, if you do a new update with only one book, then all the unread, unopened books will vanish from this list and go where they’re supposed to go.

    As for fonts and other issues, Calibre is the way to go. Just use it exclusively and you shouldn’t have any problems.

    And yes, there should be a “Return to Shelf” or “Close this Book” button. However, it does always default to putting the most recently opened book to the top of your “I’m Reading” list, so it’s not too annoying. And I’m quite sure this is an easy firmware fix that will be along shortly. From my point of view, the less bells and whistles, the better. As soon as it becomes a computer, the reading experience is corrupted. I like the fact that it doesn’t do much.

    Kudos for Kobo!

  • Briana3

    I had the same problem I have worked out that you cannot sync from the kobo account and the borders, for some reason it just wont do it!! I reset my kobo under the advanced settings tab and then went back into borders and it syncs no problem now, hope this helps

  • Thelostdragoon

    I just got the new Kobo 2, and immediately noticed there were horizontal grey lines that virtually obscured a line of the text. Here in Australia, Borders Books (where I bought it online) refers its tech support back to Kobo. Kobo’s answer to my problem: pixillation (the grey lines) is NOT covered under warranty…so return for repair at my expense, $100 or more, or buy a new one! They claim pixillation can only come from damage, so it must be my fault!

    So, think twice about gambling your money on this device…

  • Sam Jackson

    Completely disagree. I have a first-generation kobo, bought in August 2010, mere months after it came on the market and before the new wireless edition was available.

    From a practical standpoint, I bought the device to subscribe to newspapers and magazines, a feature that was initially expected in May 2010. Kobo has yet to provide a reliable release date for this functionality. After my useless (for my purposes) kobo sat on my desk gathering dust for months, realizing that Kobo customer service was vocal but useless, I opted to purchase one of the new Kindles.

    It’s got technical issues too. Today, booting up my Kobo to see if I could sell the thing on eBay and get at least some of my money back from this failed experiment, it booted up with a black bar across the top and a blank screen. Fantastic.

    I would not recommend that anyone in the market for an ereader purchase this device. I have no interest in owning a tablet of any kind, iPad, Playbook, or other, but the Kobo reader purely evaluated as a reader is buggy, broken, and its customer service department is worse than nonexistent. I would rather be told that they don’t know how to fix my issues than listen to endless platitudes.

    Bottom line: If you haven’t had problems yet, you will. Kobo is underwater, and eventually they won’t have the money to provide any support as their market share is eaten by Amazon’s superior Kindle.

  • Sam Jackson

    Edit: Apparently newspapers are now available on the original. Unfortunately, mine is no longer in a state to display anything at all.

  • Bart

    With all due respect, I don’t believe a ny of these negative reviews

  • abe

    none of this is true now. 1-16-11. i just bought mine and it’s great!

  • Atsinclair2

    I had the same problem with a Kobo lines etc that obscure the text. Borders replaced it with a new one and exactly the same thing happened after 2 weeks. I can’t read it. I mean it is pristine I obviously haven’t damaged it. Kobo said the same thing to me I had to pay $70.00 plus shipping. I don’t want it fixed I just want my money back so I can buy another brand.

    Beyond angry about it. You can hardly get a book read.

  • Spencergillespie

    aye, mine did the same thing after I took it on a skytrain. pos ereader.

  • T8s1k5

    I plugged my kobo in to charge it and it is now almost completely dead. It will not recharge.
    The thing is less than six months old and hasn’t been recharged more than six or seven times.

  • Jeron_45

    You should believe them! I picked up my KOBO tonight to download a new book and found my screen with lines running all over it and unable to work now!!! I have had mine put up safely and have not dropped it or had anything drop onto it. I thought maybe one of my kids had accidently done something to it and were afraid to tell me, but after reading the reviews on this forum, I now know it was not me nor my kids, but some kind of problem with the KOBO! I am returning mine tomorrow! I just got mine 3 months ago!!! I am VERY disappointed, because I enjoyed using it so much!!!

  • Still a Kobo fan…

    I own one of the original Kobo’s (non-wireless), which I purchased the first day they went on sale in Calgary. I’ve had my ups and downs with the device, but overall still satisfied. I’ve had absolutely excellent customer support from Tier 1 Kobo support (phone call – first level of contact) every time I’ve dealt with them. Patient, supportive, very willing to work through an issue with me. However, I’ve noticed that when it can’t be resolved at that level and gets escalated to Tier 2 support, the wheels fall off the proverbial cart. I had a recent issue after attempting to bulk load over a hundred books on the device, and when it got escalated to Tier 2, four worknig days later I got a very simple and useless reply. I replied to provide more details, but no further reply from Kobo Tier 2 support. I replied again to say that its been a week and I’d really like to work this out… no reply. And so today, approaching the three week mark, still no reply from Tier 2. That’s pathetic, and if my support team worked at this level I’d seriously consider a re-structuring and some terminations.

    That said, I’ve resolved all my woes through two means. The first is that I’ve installed both major firmware updates on my device. First, 1.4x in late summer of 2010, and in late December, 1.8x. The second thing I’ve done to resolve my woes is to trash Adobe Digital Editions… its painfully slow and very low on the actual functionality scale. I’d heard lots about Calibre, so decided to give it a shot. I’ll never look back. Calibre is a far superior tool for managing your library, and you’ll find you have no problems with library ebooks, or epubs/.pst files you source through other means. I seriously recommend to everyone that they do themselves a favour and ditch ADE… that’s one way to get a message across to a vendor that they have an inferior product.

  • Still a Kobo fan…

    So long as the USB adaptor thta plugs into the Kobo and the Blackberry are the same type, there should be no issues. Another option I went with was to spend $20 and purchase a little adaptor that plugs into your AC outlet and you plus your USB cable into it to charge your device. This is what I carry with me wherever I go, and the only time its gets slightly complex is if I’m overseas and need a 220/110 converter, and whichever type plug adaptor you need for wall outlets in that particular country. Some of these adaptors even come with a build in USB charge port. Short answer, you’ve got lots of options that don’t requrie you dragging your laptop around with you.

  • Still a Kobo fan…

    I believe I’d seen something about the page repeating bit on the Kobo support site, and it was recommending the most recent firmware update under the 1.8x series to resolve it. As for the black flash bit, that’s typical of any ereader that uses e-ink technology. Think of each pixel as a little round sphere… one half dark, one half light. Depending upon the charge applied to it, it rotates to face one way or the other. So until the “black flash” occurs, you can see ghosting from the previous image… like you do when you first open a book that has had its cover displayed on the device. As soon as it does the flash to refresh the screen, everything is clean again. Its also why you get such long life out of e-ink devices. It takes next to nill energy to maintain ready state, and only when you flip the page do you use power to change your balls around. Sorry, probably less than technical way to describe what’s going on, but that’s the gist of it. Google e-ink if you want more details. As for the lines across the display, I’ve never experienced it myself, even having dropped mine on the hardwood floor a few times. I’ve cracked the case in the last situation, but the device is still performing like a charm. BTW, if you have a wireless version, kill the wireless untill and when you actually need to use it. Wireless will suck the charge out of your battery very rapidly.

  • Still a Kobo fan…

    Not sure if tis sthe same for the WiFi version, as I have one of the original units… but when you go to power on, press and hold the power button for a couple of seconds. The top right hand corner will first illumiante in a red/pink colour, and then blue. As soon as you see blue, you can release the button and it will fire up just fine. To go into sleep mode, just press the power button and release it. To go into powered off state, press the power button and hold it for about three seconds, then release. Good to go…

  • douglas curtis

    I am over my Kobo this is my second…the first suffered ghosting and grey lines…….this one is retarded……freezes constantly……refuses to syn with purchased books from borders aust and when i load public domain epub to sd card or main memory it refuses to list as books or documents even though the memory is utilized………have downloaded software update and reinstalled all components on both pc and my apple macbook…….calibre handles like a dream but adobe digital editions is a dog of a program……slow and prone to crashing……ive checked the integrity of my libraries and double checked everything. kobo help desk never replies and i notice their forum that had feedback from kobo owners has now been taken from the website and closed….no wonder, the comments were far from pleasant……Dont get me wrong, love the feel and style but do I ever wish I had bought another brand…..taking this one back this week….still under warranty….lets cross our fingers and hope its just a bad dream

  • Mparkins

    I bought a Kobo while travelling in Miami and when I got home to South Africa I eagerly loaded my books. I couldn’t buy books in the US because they don’t accept SA credit cards. Anyway, with books loaded I went to bed and started reading. The screen bombed! the bottom half is completely messed up and there is nothing I can do. Looks as if I wasted over $100. Very dissapointing

  • Sophie

    My e-reader has been stuck on “Installing new software…….” for days. Any solutions?

  • Tornado

    I received a kobo as a gift, and I am enjoying it…..But it is so complicated when you get a book from a library and try to download it. By the time i got the stupid thing working, it said my time for lending was up and the book was no longer available.
    anyone know if there is a way to get around this?

  • Shirley_dyan

    I have a locked book and have called customer care 3 times. No one has been able to unlock it and they keep telling me to download this and that. I am not computer literate and I can not get the book to open because of it. I find the kobo e reader is not that easy to use if you are not good with computers. I thought it was just a matter of order,download and read but not so. Lots can go wrong. The d pad is also constantly going to dictionary when I want to go back a page. At this point I want the money back for the book but even that seems to be a problem. I do not recommend this ereader to anyone who does not have computer skills especially those over 60. I am going back to books. DO NOT BUY THIS DEVICE! IT SUCKS

  • Robertaclarke

    kobo reader does not open to last page read .

  • Giovannacomisso03

    Same thing happened to me…..did you get it repaired or return it….where is the re-set button?
    Thanks Gio.

  • Imwillow

    I had my Kobo about five months and it suddenly developed lines through the screen. I was away from home at the time and walked into a Chapters store with no reciept, cords or anything. They took one look at it and replaced it on the spot no questions asked. Now that is good customer service !

  • Seligx2

    When I bring up my KOBO desktop library and go to sign into it, it brings up books that are available to buy and will not let me sign in.
    This is very frustating to me.
    I have connected my e-reader and done all the right steps, and I still get this garbage.
    Has anyone else had this happen to them.

  • Margtom

    My E-reader “forgets” the page quite often. It remembers the chapter, but not the page. Has anyone else had this problem.

  • Dkclend

    I had my kobo for ten days and after reading it I powered it off then came back an hour later to read more. Guess what…. it turned on changed screens from the book cover to a blank screen with lines across it. It went from functioning to toast right in front of me. I returned it to Best Buy with the receipt and they offered me 50% off a new one stating I broke the screen by dropping it. What a joke. After arguing for half an hour I left with my broken kobo and called kobo service. They stated that it should have been replaced with no questions asked. Upon returning to Best Buy we proceeded to argue again and they finally called kobo themselves (or so they say). They returned to inform me that kobo indeed says I broke the screen and it is non-returnable… but out of the goodness of their hearts they will exchange it for me. Currently waiting for the new one to self destruct… should have bought a Kindle.

  • LE

    I bought my Kobo because I was going on vacation and wanted to be able to bring my library with me. On the very first day of my vacation, my Kobo froze. I tried the whole week we were away to power it up, even tried to reset it, but nothing worked. Now that I’m home, the darn thing is no longer frozen. I don’t know if I should return it for a new one, or try something else. I already have many purchases with Chapters/Kobo, and don’t want to lose the money already invested. What to do.

  • Mayflowerpilgrim

    I have the same issue…ANYONE??

  • Charlebd2003

    I totally agree with you……………. Customer service is the pits.

  • Michael

    To answer on the users with lines appearing across the screen. This is due to faulty or loose connections on the screen and is covered under the warranty with Kobo, it is also exchangable at the point of sale since this is marked as a defective product and is a known issue with certain ereaders.

    Kobo Support Team

  • Arby

    It’s a lemon – and I’d like my money back! Having owned a Kobo for months now, and lived through the bug ridden updates which have required numerous resets and deletion and reloading of the desktop software, I can honestly say I wouldn’t recommend one to my worst enemy. It’s a great pity that a device with such promise has been let down so bady by pathetic software and non-existent quality testing of updates. Anyone considering a Kobo would be well advised to save themselves the angst and buy any other ereader.

  • Paquettea

    When downloading from the computer to e-reader, the power off window comes on and freezes the e-reader. Even if you try to s/d the reader it won’t. Can someone help

  • Llh

    All my “contents” on my KOBO are “locked”. Was reading just fine. Turned it off and then back on about two hours later and can’t get into any of my books. I called customer service who said it would be about two days to fix it and everyone is having the same problem. Is that true? They say the Borders collapse will have no affect on the KOBO but it seems I’m having lots of trouble since the bankruptcy.

  • DJ

    I am not sure why this post is called ‘lots of problems’, when there was only one and that has been fixed. This blog post doesn’t reflect my experience with my Kobo Wifi at all: Fonts resize perfectly, PDF can be read quite well (quite a difference with other ereaders). The kobo isn’t perfect (menu system sometimes redundant; some options differ depending on the format you are reading; funny distinction between books and documents), but all in all it is a fine ereader.

  • Baymac

    I downloaded a new book 2 days ago & I when I try to read it I get a message advising “the contents is locked”. I have tried to download it again but now the whole reader is locked up & wont turn back on & is not recognized by the computer!!

  • Lili

    received my kobo reader for christmas. read one book only and paid for 4 more. turned it on one day and full screen was full of horizontal lines thru it and cannot use it at all. i have only had it two months and rarely used so am very disappointed with this device. hope that chapters book will replace it.

  • Trisha

    Yes, you should believe them.
    I got mine this past Christmas, loved it! Would still if I didn’t have lines all over it and an area that I’ll describe as a “box” and I can’t read anything in that spot. It keeps getting more and more lines.
    First it started with a box at the bottom which didn’t effect anything. Then a vertical line which I thought I could live with. This all started a month ago, maybe a little more. To date, I have 2 “boxes”, 2 horizontal lines and at least 3 vertical lines. Hoping when I go to return it tomorrow they will take it back. I plan on printing all the comments off to plead my case. Good luck with yours!

  • Trisha

    I didn’t have problems in the first few weeks either.
    You’ve had it a couple months now, any lines across it yet?

  • Ollinedare

    thanks for this solution. I have tried no less than 20 times to sync my kobo with the borders acct. I purchased a book and could not get it on my kobo. Tried to get help through customer support, but no luck after 5 days. I tried your solution and bingo! Worked perfectly. Thanks for sharting!

  • Elderone1

    I have had the frustration of not being able to buy Kobo books on-line. Their help desk does not have the technical capability to solve problems unless they are truly elementary, and mostly of the kind where the user did not read or understand the instructions. I continue to buy from Sony and others.

  • Ted

    I have enjoyed my Kobo without problems since receiving it as a Christmas gift. I have purchased 9 books from the Kobo site, and all but 1 have worked perfectly. The 1 I have had problems with, well so far tech support can’t find a solution.

    The book (Monday Mourning by Kathy Reichs) loads into the Kobo, but every chapter is just 1 page long, and the bottom line of text is partially obscured by the footer telling me I am reading Chapter 1 Page 1 of 1. The book reads fine on the computer desktop application, but will not work on the Kobo.

    So far, tech support has had me delete, download, and sync about a half dozen times……no difference. Hell, all I want is a refund now and let’s just forget about it….


  • Whinson4

    Anyone have this problem- i download books from Kobo, my borders books disappear. I reload borders books and kobo books disappear. How do I keep books on my ereader?

  • Stlfamily

    Do we have to call KOBO first – my screen was fine one minute and totally unreadable the next – I just need to know how to go about resolving the problem – Thanks

  • Gman

    had lines appearing after 2 weeks of use. was unable to run on the ereader. the local borders store replaced the first ereader after i complained to them about kobo service. was waiting 3 weeks for kobo to send me a return package to get the reader looked at. eventually kobo sent me a package along with a replacement reader. since i had gotten a new one from borders i returned the one KOBO sent. after 2 months the same just happened again. went to change a page and the screen locked up. am deciding whether it is worth the frustration to contact kobo. i may just finish my remaining books on my laptop and forget about an ereader for a while. it is too bad because it did meet my needs when it worked. I may check with KOBO again based on the previous comment which claims to be from Michael on the Kobo team. the kobo team certainly never mentioned it to me on my first attempt to get the KOBO fixed back in December.

  • angel

    I picked up my kobo reader tonight and the red light was on and the screen was blank…now after charging it for hours I still have the red light and the blank screen…tried other buttons nothing works..should I try the reset button???

  • Mad

    I can not read anything at all. The screen has become so light that it is impossible to read any of the characters…and I had important doc.pdf files in it and cant remember where this particular source came from

  • Bren

    I am getting fed up with my Kobo. I am slowly falling out of love with it. Every time I buy a book it doesn’t download properly, won’t sync, my library gets all screwed up on my desktop app – shows old books as new books and ticks off new books. When I contact customer service I get a different set of instructions to fix it every time. This last time is ridiculous. I have followed their instructions at least 5 times and NO BOOK, except on my desktop. So frustrating. If I wanted to read on my computer screen I would do it. I am ready to move over to Kindle….

  • jerrytodd

    I will be going on my fourth kobo in a matter of weeks. Kobo 1 froze and all of their emails didnt get me a solution. the second came with no ability to sync it until I loaded new software which I had to hunt around for. then it froze with gray lines across it. and then 2 days ago kobo number three did exactly the same thing. it happens every time I am either going or I am on holidays. they have been very responsive at kobo but this packing up and shipping off is a complete pain in the a$$. I have never had a piece of technology act like this before.

  • CER

    Beleive it. I work at a Chapters Store and we get about two returns on Kobo’s a week!

  • Fbiagentalm

    My Kobo had the same screen problem. Fortunately, I had gotten it from Borders. I brought it back to them and they replaced it. They said that this is NOT due to dropping (in fact, they drop it in the store to prove it’s stability) but appears to be a random problem that happens more often with the lavender kobos than the others (mine was lavender). They gave me a black one and I was on my way.

  • A S Wallace

    Is there any way to fix the reader without exchanging it? I bought my KOBO in the US, but I’m currently in the Republic of Georgia so I can’t go to Borders and deal with the problem. Also, since all the Borders around me are closing I can’t go to a store anyway… does the warranty still work if the store is out of business??

  • char

    Well I am on my third KOBO 🙁 Kobo replaced my first one when I contacted kobo service(very prompt and very good service) In the mean time bought a new one because I was going on holidays and it died (same screen issue) three days into my holiday. Not impressed!! When I got home my replacement KOBO was in the mail. Hopefully third time is the charm because I love my KOBO when it works!!

  • Ctrtrt

    Koobo won’t charge.

  • Skk4711


    the same thing happens to me. Spent 2 hours on support, no help.Called Adobe and they no longer have help line ——-now what?

  • Anonymous

    I never faced this type of e-reading problem in my life But yes my one of the friend Kobo had the same screen problem. My Kobo reader works properly without any problems.

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  • I’m not having any issues with it. I use Calibre to load on eBooks as I purchase them from many different places. The refresh is a little slow, but my Kobo runs fine as long as I don’t break it. 😛

  • Frontporch2010

    my on off switch is stuck down..where can i get it repaired

  • Slatermp

    I just received a kobo reader as a gift yesterday. I set it up and started to look through the menu. I turned it off or I thought I did. when I returned the kobo had half a black screen. You can partially see through it. I downloaded everything on kobo reviewed the instructions etc. I tried the paper clip and nothing. It actually won’t turn off. What can I do to fix it? What did I do to create this?

  • Susie Denver

    I am unable to buy books on my reader.  There is a problem verifying or authorizing my credit card.  (I have triple checked the info; it is correct.  I have removed the dashes and slashes.)  I have contacted customer care through email and via phone.   My credit card company says the problem is not on their end – my card is just fine and works everywhere else.   Anyone know what I can do? 

  • Richard M

    I have no ideas what you’re talking about.  I have owned my Kobo since Christmas and between my wife and myself we have gone through dozens of books – and I have the on-line receipts to prove it.  We have never had issues with either the software, firmware, or font sizes.  Mind you, we both read the instructions.  Maybe that helps. 

  • Jan Louise4

    I have had my KOBO since december. It started having problems about three monnth agao. not entering sleep mode, not returning to the page where I left off and now it won’t charge. I want my money back too. It is a lemon.

  • Tirkahunn

    I had been gifted this item by my boyfriend. I can tell you that I was very disappointed when 2 days after getting it the top half of the screan died. I had never dropped it or even neglected/abused it in any way always putting it in a hard case that it came from Borders. I tried to get Borders to exchange it but they told me to take it to Kobo that because it was open they couldn’t help me. 

    Well it took Kobo from 5-17 to 5-24 to even get it mailed if they really did so. They gave me a Non-working tracking number. The tracking number they gave me was off the return label. And what is further more they refuse to give any idea how long the shipping of the new unit will take to arrive at my door.  There Customer service is Slower than a Seven Year Ich or Mallassis in January. 

    It is currently 5-25 and as this weekend is Memorial Day Weekend it could possibly be 6-6 before it arrives. This is Apsolutely unexeptible the way I’ve been treated with this item and for the life of me I can’t get them to just let me return it and get something different. As Borders has a no return/exchange policy if the product is opened. And Kobo well you see how an exchange for a unite that might or might not even work is going. 

    I’m not at the point where I could recommend the Kobo to anyone for any reason and if you are an idiot and can’t learn from my mistake. Whatever you do don’t buy it from Borders.

  • Tirkahunn

    By the way my Kobo has the top half of the screen covered in horizontal lines that don’t really move much. Forgot to tell you all what was wrong with my Kobo

  • Jpoulin6

    I just want to add that I’ve had my Kobo for almost a year now and I’m absolutely pleased with it.  I’m on my second one simply because I had an accident with my first one sometime early after Christmas.  When I called the store (Chapters), they told me that I needed to call Kobo number but that they believed that I’d be out of luck regarding the warranty.  When I called the number, they didn’t even ask what happened. They sent me a box for the  return and told me that they’d try to fix mine but that if they couldn’t they’d send me a new one.  2 weeks later, a new one arrived in the mail.  They only thing that I don’t like is how long it takes to power up and load books and the delay between chapters but that’s just because I’m impatient.  I’ve ordered the touch one and I hope that’s changed.  Otherwise, very satisfied with the reader

  • Ibulman

    I have had my Kobo for over a year and have used it extensively with no trouble, I’ve loved having it.
    However, I just turned it on to enjoy another book and the screen is all garbled and unreadable. I am not a happy camper.

  • stacey

    This is a minor problem, I know, but when I start up my Kobo, the book I’m reading does not show up at the top of the first page like it used to. The correct book cover shows up when it powers off but I have to scroll through my “I’m Reading” list to find the book each time. Any idea how to fix this?

  • John

    I’ve returned 3 with battery issues, the 4’th is worse yet.  I like that actual reading, but when I get out of bed & go to cook my breakfast, I’d like to read while waiting.  18 hours and 135 pages is no where near the advertised specs.

    The last techie started to sound like Steve Jobs with the Iphone Antenna issue.
    Don’t start telling knowledgeable users they don’t know what they’re doing.

    I’ve waited 10 days since my last contact on the KOBO service site.
    I’m getting a bit annoyed here.

    Kobo says the batterises are NOT replaceable?
    I have pictueres of a kobo that was opened up,
    and the battery is clearly replaceable.  The fun will be in the finding.

    I like the reading experience, it’s the battery issues that is killing my enjoyment.


  • John

    Bert: If you don’t believe it, you either work for Kobo, or are playing games.
    Go out & buy one & joing the lineup.

  • John

    Convert the epub file to a .txt file.
    When the Kobo (anagram for book)  loses your page,
    copy it back toyour desktop, search for your page number, & delete
    all the text before that point, reload on your kobo & go to town.
    It’s a bit mickey mouse, but it works.

  • Louiseb

    I have had all the same problems two with 2 months on teh phone again waiting for the box to ship it back.  i am so disappointed in this product.  now they have touch screen,,, how will this work the screens keep having issues hate to see what the new touch screen does.. i guess i will see what they send me again a VERY UNHAPPY kobo owner …

  • Jackblack

    This isnt the latest kobo-God update your files………

  • Elizlucinda

    try pushing the power button…and if you have it connected to your computer, disconnect it. I had the same problem last night and that worked

  • Elizucinda

    thank you for the advise. I have had nothing but problems with adobe and no problems with Caliber which is a great product. what do you do with library books that require Adobe to download?

  • SAA

    I wish that was true. I was enjoying mine with no software problems when the grey lines appeared on my screen and it wouldn’t turn on any longer. This was after having it only a few months. I was able to download it to my ipad and read my book on the ipad, although I liked reading on the Kobo better. Too bad it died!

  • SAA

    you will have problems

  • Nan Wedderspoon

    I agree. My Kobo has been gfeat. My only difficulty is sometimes in transferring a book from the desktop to the ereader. Nan

  • You can check out our YOUTUBE Channel, we have video tutorials on how to copy ebooks from your Computer to your Kobo. We show you how to do it via Adobe Digital Editions, Calibre, Windows Explorer and other methods. Click on the Youtube picture graphic at the top of our website.

  • Angela

    Had it charging all day and now I have a blank sreen that won’t comply with normal operations. Power light keeps flashing once I have it plugged in.

  • Barbdutton

    my kobo ereader won’t turn on.  No blue light.  what can I do?  it is only less than one month old.

  • Pinchy44

    I purchased a Kobo @ christmas time after debating between Kindle and Kobo, well what a mistake, 2 months in my rubber for page changing started to crack, I contacted customer service who said I could send it back and they would send me a new one, 1 month later the same thing happened so I contacted customer service again and asked them if they sent me a refurbished one and they said yes, I stated that when I bought it I purchased a new one not a refurb. so I asked them to send me a new one and they said we will see what we can do, received the new one in the mail and low and behold the face plate feels like it’s not connected properly soooo again I call customer service who takes all my information and says they will send it off to the next level, so I get an email saying I could send it back and get yet another refurb….and if I looked at my warranty it says they only send refurb. out as replacements, well great customer service!!!

  • Ed

    Kobo Touch is a lemon too.

    Died completely within an hour of buying it.  Borders is going out of business so they won’t accept returns.


  • lisa

    Kobo really, really sucks! I have a Kindle and there is no comparison. I can read a whole book on Kindle without recharging, but the Kobo is constantly running out of power – a total nusiance. I will ditch it and get another Kindle (my husband uses the other one all the time:):):)

  • Rhona Stern

    Kobo old one, before the touch screen is awful the pad keeps tearing and they will not upgrade to the new touch even after owning the device for one month. This is the second time the device has defaulted. Next time going kindle!!!!!!!!!!

  • Stacey

    It depends on how fast or slow you read. My Kobo lasts about a month without being recharged in which time I can read 4 or 5 books.

  • Maria

    I successfully downloaded The Brothers Karamazov into my KOBO, but while doing it The Idiot just disappeared from it. I don’t know what I did wrong. Now, I’m trying to download the latter but it seems impossible. Can anybody help?

  • Justicedreamer

    yes, 2 different kobos have had to go back, they looked like bar codes across the screens, the first one just across the bottom, the second one the entire screen.  then, I had one that would hold no charge whatsoever. my kobo’s are carried in a laptop bag, kept on my dresser when not in use at home, not used by kids, etc, but i was told that normally, this happens due to misuse.  AS IF. and now, they are sending me refurbished units, which I think is completely bogus, I paid for a brand new unit.

  • Cerealboxreader

    I’m happy with my Kobo. If you press the up button while you’re reading, it automatically increases the text size. The big problem is with books put out in PDF form instead of ePub. These need conversion in Calibre to read well but if they have DRM, you can’t convert them… Maybe part of the problem is the way DRM works…

  • Diannedelbridge

    i bought my kobo a month ago and have never even read a book on it – it’s screen is completely pixelated – having bought it from borders who are now closed down – I can’t even take it back – worst buy ever

  • Nicky

    I’ve been unable to download free e-books to my Kobo.  I’ve been successful if using the Kobo website(for free ebooks), but not the others.  Is this a Kobo ereader problem or the site I’m using for the free downloads?  Has anyone else had that problem?  I’ve also been successful in downloading books from the public library using Adobe Digital Editions.  I’ve spent many hours trying to download & many phone calls to Kobo customer care.  I’m not sure if I’m not understanding the process or is my Kobo a problem?

  • Albert

    When the price went down to $60 a few weeks ago, I decided to spend my gift cards. Those plus $20 on my credit card bought me a KOBO wireless, or so I thought. When it finally came (from Borders.com) after 2 weeks, it turned out to be an original KOBO, not the wireless. I called. The customer service supervisor was apologetic, agreed to refund my gift cards and cancel my credit card charge and send me a $10 gift card in addition, for my trouble. I thought that was really decent. After I hung up, I realized that nothing had been said about returning this long discontinued item. Apparently no current wireless version was available. Where the oiginal came from was also unknown. So after waiting a couple of days, I determined that the cards had been reinstated and the credit card charge canceled. I got no call to return the item (what would they have done with it?). I had some trouble with upating the firmware, but a KOBO technician helped me with that and understanding some features and how they worked. Reading this forum and others I discovered CALIBRE and on online conversion program and ADE and even a program to remove DRM. I didn’t really need the WI-FI because I had no intention of buying any books given the intensive restrictions on “leasing” them. I had already discovered the sites offering access to downloads of almost any book imaginable in mulitiple formats. Also the KOBO wi-fi, unlike that of  KINDLE and NOOK, only goes to the KOBO books website. Otherwise it is non-functional (unless someone out there has discovered a user-friendly hack). I’ve been using the ORIGINAL KOBO EREADER for a few weeks. So far so good. To add EPUBS or PDFs you only have to drag them to the drive letter in MY COMPUTER or load them on a SD card and insert it. I’ve read a couple of PD books and some other stuff I obtained and some conversions. Haven’t tried to do a library book yet. So far so good. Thought you would find my story interesting….

  • jsheb

    I think you mean sharing..

  • Rod

    I have had a horrible experience with this machine. I bought it from Borders just as they went under and was unable to replace it.
    The customer service is woeful. DO NOT buy this product .

  • Ken

    I just got this thing and can’t believe the number of problems I’m having with it.  Here’s a sample:

    – Box and instructions state “100 free books pre-loaded”.  In fact, there is nothing pre-loaded.
    – User Manual link says “User Manual not found.  Perhaps you deleted it”.  It was never there in the first place.
    – Using my Win XP SP3 computer the Desktop Application never shows up.  The instructions state there should be an “Installation Folder”.  Guess what…not there!
    – Trying to hook into my wifi network, have tried 6 times to enter password and connect and it never connects.

    This thing is going back…TODAY!

  • Ken

    Just bought it last night and it’s going back tonight.  Soooo many problems.  The firmware that’s supposed to be on it is totally missing:  the user manual, the Windows installation files, the 100 “included” free books.  I could never get it to connect to my wifi router even though it found it after scanning.  This is a total FAIL!

  • Ukn8tive

    I must say I loved my Kobo for the first three months then problems arose. Customer Service is the worst I have ever dealt with ! They have standard responses but would guess they barely read e mails from the ones i have gotten. Very frustrating!

  • ems41109

    I had my first kobo (the wi-fi edition) for several months with no problems at all. I have not used it for about a week and always keep it in a protective case and am super gentle with it. Today I turned it on and the screen flashed and had a spasm. It returned me to the powered off screen with grey horizontal and vertical lines running all over the bottom half of the screen. I have tried re-setting it several times with no success. I took photos and sent an email to kobo customer support. I checked the status of my request and it is still waiting to be assigned to a kobo help desk technician. To me this is outrageous!!! I sent that email early this morning and it has not even been looked at!!!! Purchased the new touch screen kobo but am worried about registering it because I don’t want to lose my current e-library. Any suggestions?

  • ems41109

    so your saying that Kobo will send me a new e-reader? Because the whole bottom half of my screen is ruined and I am furious!!! I have been nothing but good to my e-reader and then I am subjected to piece of shit faulty technology……….

  • Bob

    Took our Kobo back…it sucks.

  • Clnhair

    I can’t sync my kobo because it is always charging if it was charged i could just select manage library and sync is there any way to charge the damn thing so i can sync the new books i have purchased, can some one help me, or is there a place i can take the thing so that a person can help me 

  • Angie

    I have had my Kobo for about 4 months and had no problems until last night. I went to turn it on to continue reading a book and instead of it starting up as usual, it started “Setting back to factory settings”!! Thankfully all I had to do was sync back all my ‘lost’ books, but WHY did it do that just by turning it on?! I went on Kobo’s technical site to ask this question and they wanted $30?! All I want to know is how come it happened

  • …Nancy…

    You should double check to see if your wireless is enabled.   When enabled the ereader is always looking for a connection and therefore loses power much quicker (just like a laptop, etc).   I have no problem with mine and read all the time.        …Nancy…

  • Chanphillips

    I want to read pdf”s on my kobo, I can not seem to increase the size of my font.  I heard that I should get a download from epub in order to be able to manipulate the downloaded pdf”s.  Where do I find that?

  • Jgraham

    I cannot get my Literati Kobo to come back on is there something that I can do?

  • Guest

    Phone the 1-800 number on the Kobo website. I also waited for days for an answer to my email. I called and they sent me a box for the Kobo to be returned right away. Within 10 days they had sent me a refurbished Kobo and it works great. No receipt or anything was required.

  • Jo-Anne Woods

    I bought a Kobo in May 2011 one month later I had an issue where I was unable to recharge it as there was a problem with the plug-in on the Kobo.  I took several weeks before I finally got a response from Kobo Customer Service (which is horrible to deal with).  Arrangements were made for me to send back my Kobo and I was sent a Refurbished model.  I was angry as I felt I should get a new Kobo as I only had mine for 1 month.  Two months later I had a problem with this Kobo and once again sent it back and I asked for a new one as I did not want a Refurbished one.  Well I got sent another Refurbished one.  The warranty says new or refurished.  I’ve asked for my money back.  Dealing with their Customer Service is agonizing,  It takes forever to get a response and they do not provide good customer service.  One has to wonder about a company that has so many refurbished models in stock.  I recently gave up and bought a Kindle, amazing customer service.  I would never ever recommend Kobo to anyone.

  • Helen_nolasco

    You just don’t know how to use, download, transfer e-book from the website>PC>Kobo and you blame KOBO. huh.. For me, its just as easy as pie… all my ebook is free from library unlike Kindle…mind you.. and from different website..  here’s how…
    1.all my downloaded ebook goes to temporary folder…go to start>search the title>open the file location>from there drag the ebook to KOBO in ADOBE Digital Edition ..Presto.. done..
    as simple as that..

  • Belinda

    I had the same problem.  Found that it is because the name of the book has an ‘ in the title.  Rename the title of the book and it should fix it.

  • Yourstruly

    There is a problem with the Kobo. The screen goes crazy with horizontal or vertical lines running through it and this has been a big problem for many Kobo readers.  I don’t want an Ipad, I loved my Kobo but I don’t know what happened to the screen.  So there may not be a downloading problem but there is definitely a problem.

  • Baribeau3850

    I am a limited “E” people. After possessing my KOBO reader for over 6 months, and loving it very much, I finally bought a book but it does not appear on my reading list.
    then, I read the 52 pages of “orientation” and I tried to connect it to my WYFI. Are you kidding, after over 1 hr, I quit. Then, I put the it in the KOBO site in my desktop. Do you thing I got anywhere? After 2 totalling frustrating hours, I am ready to throw it in the garbage and get the Apple cousin.
    It is very sad because I enjoyed it totally.
    WHERE IS THE TERM “USER FRIENDLY” for Mr. Swchartz and his Indigo wife?

    jgb md

  • focusedfemale

    I am dealling with a similar problem and have sent 3 messages to Customer Care and have yet to hear from them how to fix the problem.
    Getting discouraged and will likely buy a Kindle or I pad

  • focusedfemale

    Thanks for the instructions about how to do this when the automatic sync doesn’t work. 

  • wazzafan

    have had my reader for 9 months now ……i’ve loved it up until about a month ago….nothind but problems trying to sync books onto my reader,constantly having to delete and download a new desktop…..now i have grey lines all over the bottom half and the reader is now unreadable!!!

  • Kbrandon

    I have recently been having issues with my Kobo touch. I have contacted Customer Care 5 times in the last three weeks only to be told time and time again that someone from tier two will get back to me via email!! This thing is only 3 months old and as far as I am concerned it is a piece of CRAP! As for the Customer Care at Kobo it is disgusting!!

  • Cindyvan

    Have had my Kobo for 3 months but it has suddenly developed a line down the right side.
    Is there a solution?  It doesn’t actually affect the reading.

  • Jrd350

    Hi _ I’ve had my KOBO for a month and it freezes constantly, making it impossible to use.  I’ve contacted KOBO and am waiting for thier reply.  But they’ve told me I have to pay to ship it to their depot in Canada !  (I’m in the US)  Not much of a warranty if I have to pay for shipping etc.

  • mcdunn

    Having the same problem, the screen was good but after packing it up and travelling with it when I turned it on it had gray lines all over the screen and was totally unreadable. Not sure what happened because I am always careful with it and there is no physical damage to see. If these units are so fragile that you can’t travel with them, isn’t that what they were made for, then Kobo has a lot of work to do in their design. I have a request into Kobo service to see what they will do for me and all I can say is they are very slow in getting back to me. I am not impressed and I would not recommend buying a Kobo ereader.

  • Cmcmullenster

    Bought my Kobo just recently and attempted to make my first purchase from Kobo’s online bookstore to my ereader…the book never downloaded yet I was billed for it.  Have phoned the company several times but they refuse to give me a credit for the book. Instead they said they would refer my complaint to technical support as they are experiencing difficulties with many books that have the DRM formatting and for some reason don’t download.  They have moved operations to the Caribbean and so are backlogged in the tech support department or so they say.  Have never received so much as a phone call or email from them and it’s been almost a month now.  Very poor customer support service.

  • Dave

    I haven’t been able to download my newspaper subscriptions since November 2nd  (today is the 10th)  customer service keeps promising to fix it, but so far, no luck.  Anybody else having this problem?

  • Myrachuk

    The new Kobo Touch seems to have taken care of all the problems listed. I have had mine for over 3 months and completely happy with it! And I’ve also read through some of the comments and havent had any of the problems listed.

  • Winky_54

    I love the Kobo touch,,have not had any problems with it, I have a good antivirus program that scans frequently, I havent noticed any bugs in the system,
    I love the fact that I can download books from my public library onto it, FOR FREE and take it anywhere without alot of big books being carted around,,
    As for the font size , with the touch I bring up the menu by tapping the middle of the screen and change the font size to where I want it ,,,no problems,

  • A Mafia Family Sweet Heart

    I got one last year for christmas and it worked great until the screen broke.  I’m now on my third e-reader because of the screens.  I called Kobo because i have and extended warranty and they basically told be that it happens offen to these readers and they will not replace mine because this is the third one that has broken.  I haven’t done anything wrong to the reader I just read it and every once and a while put an new book on it. Its a piece of crap and it keeps breaking. >: (

  • A Mafia Family Sweet Heart

    Thats what happend to my e reader and the lines kept spreading until you couldn’t read anything on the screen.

  • Momofcs

    Not in the least bit impressed lately.  I have a first generation Kobo.  Lately it has decided to freeze upon plugging in.  Isn’t that useful??  Damn thing.  QUIT putting out desktop updates.. all they do is cause problems.  It had functioned fine for the last little while, until the last update.

  • Chris

    I can only hope that Kobo will be relegated to the dustbin of history. It is a very poor product. I’ve paid for books on their website that refuse to download properly, but the most disturbing problem is the lousy screen, crossed with black lines. Customer services, as many have pointed out, is slow and has never solved my problems. I’m leaving this piece of junk behind and going to buy a Nook color!

  • Gpa

    Worked well enough for a while (although always slow and fiddly) then stopped. Always a pain to buy and download books. Desktop program opaque and of limited use. Taking books of “I’m Reading” list a major pain. Customer service recommended re-boot, did so, worked again. Then put it in my pocket, got in a car, and it absolutely stopped working — screen was gibberish and and nothing happened.

    I’m going to get a Kindle and I guess the books I bought on Kobo are just a waste (but they are on my desktop. Which is not the same, is it?)

    So don’t buy it. Works for a while (with frustration) and then doesn’t is my experience.

  • Steeler Babe

    My kobo stopped working and i called customor service and they basically told me that Kobos are a piece of crap and they suggest i look in to buying a nook or a kindle. To Funny in my opinion. They actually told me to buy something from their competitors.

  • PC repair Adelaide

    A very interesting topic to read. This issue is increasing very rapidly. I’m totally agree with your views. Thanks for discussing with us this kind of issue.

  • Dhgroves

    I agree a piece of crap, mine lasted all of 3 months then display froze and Kobo wants 59.95 plus shipping and handling to fix it.

  • Mommx3

    use calibre to change the format of your books from kobos epub to kindles mobi and you can transfer all your books from pc to your kindle. I love my kindle. I bought my daughter a kobo when borders was going out and I so wished I didn’t. It worked for about a month the it like did a reset and when the screen came back on it was all messed up like the screen was broken but it wasn’t. I got her a kindle and she loves it too. they are so much easier.



  • jan

    Lot’s of web site do not support Kobo Reader’s So if you try two download they will not. So you Have to call the company and get a refund . So if you Have a Kobo you have to make sure the site take’s Kobo or it will not download.

  • Helper

    …You dont need Adobe Digital Editions or the Kobo program, you can directly put epubs and pdfs onto your Kobo simply by dragging and dropping files. All my books are from other sources, not by for/through Kobo and they work fine. 

  • I returned my first Kobo WiFi eReader and now the second Kobo WiFi eReader only shows me half of the page. The left side doesn’t even update when turning it on.

    When I called them, they said that I can get a new one but I have to pay postage.  Nice, eh?

  • What a piece of crap

    My two months old Kobo Touch froze completely. Not responding to anything, including soft and hard resets. Customer Care only got back to me after three calls and then asked me to send the reader to them for evaluation and pay for shipping and insurance myself. I don’t think so. Anyone looking to buy a Kobo, Don’t!

  • J. C

    Totally agreed with you.  I got this on my birthday from my husband.  It is very frustrating when it freezes or cannot turn on.  I will taking this to the store for refund (only store credit).  May be I should call Kobo headoffice for full refund.

  • Sir Shirkin

    I just got one today from my grandmother… and though I was thrilled at the idea… It’s kind of disappointed at how slow it is…  Manga is annoying to read because there’s a blank page after everything normal page… and a lot of the font in the speech bubbles is difficult to read at times…  The key pad to move yer cursor is also very small and difficult to press without over lapping buttons and selecting some random function.

    Am I the only one who has pages that flicker negative for a moment before they go to the next page??

  • Sir Shirkin

    Despite all this though, I do enjoy the availability and storage capacity of books… even if scroll ing through is slow going…

  • Wfdavidson

    My wife got one of these things for xmas, yeh its a peice of shit but it kind of works. Disappointed that the books that were supposed to be on the thing had files missing. I was surprised to find  out my wifes unit is wireless and that part of it works fine
    After I updated the software it worked a bit better, still its buggy.

  • Lynz

    I just got one of these for christmas and while i’m thrilled with it (after working out issues with being unable to input my PDF books from computer to the Kobo, i worked it out and am now happy) today i was just browsing through, put it down gently, went to get ready for dinner, AND NOW THE DAMN THING WONT TURN ON!!! HELP!! 

  • Me

    Ugh! I have owned a Kobo for a year and have had absolutely no problems with it. For Christmas I received a Kobo Touch and the darn thing keeps freezing on me. It will work for awhile when I touch to turn the pages and then out of the blue it will just quit. To get it started again I have to turn it off. Not just for a second but for a few minutes. It’s frustrating! Has anyone else had this problem and has resolved it or should I take it back before it’s too late to get a refund? Thanks in advance!

  • Ronniesmith

    Same thing happened to me.

  • Victim

    I cannot set up my Kobo touch on my mac computer. Anyone else have this problem?

  • BEEF_59

    pierre,same problem,me it’s the top right that is showing cover of last book read and the balance is blank,bought it from CHAPTERS ON-LINE,called them but was told to call KOBO TECH.SUPPORT,was told that they would send it up to level 2?,still waiting for answers,AND THEY ASK US TO BUY CANADIAN,WAITING 2 WEEKS ,IF NO ANSWERS ,SCRAPPING IT AND BUYING SONY…..

  • I was originally told that once i had unboxed my Kobo, that it was no longer covered by its warranty. three phone calls later, i managed to get to someone who agreed that this wasn’t the case. it took after this point to get OK’d for an RMA, a month for them to send back my Kobo. When they did, the box said they sent it to “Kelowna, Ontario” despite the fact this i had written it for Kelowna BC. Somehow it managed to arrive back here despite that fact.

    The RMA’d Kobo they sent me has a weak battery, barley lasting a week a charge, they didn’t send me a receipt back (and said i had to send them my original receipt with the Kobo) so i cant RMA the one i received back from them!!

    I have since picked up a Sony reader, and found its a much better product than the Kobo.

  • Dave

    I haven’t been able to download the New York Times on 7 different occassions since October, when I initially subscribed.  Sometimes it takes a day to fix, other times three to five days.  No refund for missed papers.  Is anyone else having this problem?

  • Ronniesmith

    Im still not able to connect my kobo to calibre,it was working fine for alomost 6 months and now i cant fetch news papers,i did a update for calibre,this may be the problem,ive tried everything,im going to try and exchange the kobo for a new one,if this dont work im goona try a sony book reader,im gettn really fed up.

  • Ronniesmith

    They can send a man to the moon but cant solve problems with ereaders,whats going on?

  • Ronniesmith

    I think the powers that be dont want us connecting our ereaders eo calbre when you get free news and mags.

  • Rev Paul

    Having problems obtaining free books. We an down load them to the Kobo desk top, but cannot down load them then to the Kobo. Also tried finding new books on kobo which can’t be found, however when you go onto there web site they are on there, the whole thing seems so complicated. EASIER JUST TO BY A BOOK

  • Morleyrobertson

    None of you know what you’re talking about.  I’ve had a Kobo Touch for a while now and it’s absolutely perfect.  If the font size is too small you can go into something called “settings” and increase it….or did you not read the instructions?  You don’t even need to use the desktop software either.  Once connected to your PC, you can drag and drop files to the kobo folder.  Oh,and a word of advice…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  Why would you install updates to a device that is working perfectly?  Will your device cease to function if you don’t install the updates?  NO!  More often than not (take Windows for example) updates do more harm than good.  Wake up morons, learn how to use your device and if everything else fails, READ THE DIRECTIONS!!!  I’m assuming that since you have an eReader, you can read….

  • Melodypeach

    Mike I Bought one for my son for christmas its all he asked for and since i lost my job i was only able to purchase one thing for him!!!! I bought it from borders who went out of buisness and I can not return it! We charges it turned it on and has been frozen ever since we tried reset nope nothing!!!! I am extremly upset that my son has nothing to show for christmas!!!!!

  • Cindybug9

    I’ve been trying to help a friend with her 7″Eglide Reader 2 Ebook and just about am ready to throw it as far as I can out the window, I much prefer my Kindle for simply reading a darn book! First I accidentally touch “something” wrong and it instantly went from english to either Chinese or Japenese and how do you fix something like that when you can’t read the instructions to put it back? Just by hours of fooling around touching different icons and pure luck I got it back to English and it re-set itself. But then I had to re-connect it to my wireless server and now the weirdest thing is when I try to type my password onto the keyboard the letters seem to be backward or something. For example if I touch an S an L comes up. So I’m stumped now, I’ve been on the Kobo customer service site asking the questions in many different ways in how do I fix the keyboard the so far that questions doesn’t seem to be understood. The reason she gave me this in the first place was she couldn’t make the page turn, she’s 77 years old, her kids should have given her something much much simpler. Any ideas on this keyboard thing??

  • Cindybug9

    I’ve been trying to help a friend with her 7″Eglide Reader 2 Ebook and just about am ready to throw it as far as I can out the window, I much prefer my Kindle for simply reading a darn book! First I accidentally touch “something” wrong and it instantly went from english to either Chinese or Japenese and how do you fix something like that when you can’t read the instructions to put it back? Just by hours of fooling around touching different icons and pure luck I got it back to English and it re-set itself. But then I had to re-connect it to my wireless server and now the weirdest thing is when I try to type my password onto the keyboard the letters seem to be backward or something. For example if I touch an S an L comes up. So I’m stumped now, I’ve been on the Kobo customer service site asking the questions in many different ways in how do I fix the keyboard the so far that questions doesn’t seem to be understood. The reason she gave me this in the first place was she couldn’t make the page turn, she’s 77 years old, her kids should have given her something much much simpler. Any ideas on this keyboard thing??

  • Cindy Eggleston

    I’ve been trying to help a friend with her 7″Eglide Reader 2 Ebook and just about am ready to throw it as far as I can out the window, I much prefer my Kindle for simply reading a darn book! First I accidentally touched “something” wrong and it instantly went from English to either Chinese or Japenese and how do you correct something like that when you can’t read the instructions to put it back? Just by hours of fooling around touching different icons and pure luck I got it back to English and it re-set itself. But then I had to re-connect it to my wireless server and now the weirdest thing is when I try to type my password onto the keyboard the letters seem to be backward or something. For example if I touch an S an L comes up. So I’m stumped, I’ve been on the Kobo customer service site asking the questions in many different ways in how do I fix the keyboard but so far that question doesn’t seem to be understood. The reason she gave me this in the first place was she couldn’t make the page turn, she’s 77 years old, her kids should have given her something much much simpler. Any ideas on this keyboard thing, is there a reason it’s all of a sudden turned around??

  • Melodypeach

    It was by far the biggest waist of money! Never worked just get a frozen page!!! I tried to reset and charge it and still frozen!!! My son is out of a christmas gift again because I bought it at borders who no longer in buisness!!!! ERRRRRR

  • Michele

    I bought a Kobo Vox and am still having trouble using it. I HAVE READ the instructions. Called Kobo twice and am still having trouble. The only thing is, my problems seems to be the same as those people who bought a Kobo Vox to upgrade from an earlier eReader – mine was a Sony Touch. So I’m afraid your comment about reading info in irrelevant for these type of people. I’ve literally gone through the ringer for this problem.

    So, try buying a epub or pdf from another site then try downloading it to your Kobo. Assuming your Kobo is a Vox, then you will probably have the same trouble I am having. Things would be so much easier if people would listen or read the complainent and not try to palm off comments like read the instructions.

    OK, I know a lot of people who prefer not reading instructions, but I for one have tried enough things – like using Calibre (doesn’t help when epub or pdfs have DRM – using Adobe Digitial Editions, which still doesn’t recognize my Vox (and as far as I can tell Kobo haven’t asked them to upgrade) and finally using two other pieces of software – OverDrive which only downloads items download from them and Aldiko which seems to be completely impossible to download!

    I’m thinking about starting a Blog for this crap.

  • CLJ

    Got mine as a Christmas gift from someone out west.  Was working fine until about half an hour ago.  It was on, I was reading, tried to “turn” the page, and the dratted thing is now frozen.  I can’t get it to shut off, go forward/backward, go back to the main library, etc.  Brought it to the main computer and plugged it in, the drive that shows the kobo did not come up.  It is still on and frozen.  Any suggestions?  Will contact the e-reader/kobo folks tomorrow for all the good it probably won’t do.  Any help/suggestions appreciated.

  • CLJ

    Since u work for the company would you please tell me how to correct the freezing problem?  I plugged it into the computer to see that will correct it, it now is not recognized by the computer.  I just bought my first book and it seems that the only way I am going to be able to read it is to actually sit at my computer and read – not my idea of an enjoyable read!  this was a gift from my nephew and he lives out west, so my only option seems like to just let it die and forget I have it.  I’ve loved it for the few weeks I’ve been using it, but a frozen electronic book isn’t much good.  Back to good old paper for me.  Now I’m afraid to try ANY of the electronic book devices.  It’s a shame because it took this to get me to even consider switching (albeit occasionally) from paper to electronic.  Now I know why I enjoy good old fashioned books.  The think has been frozen now for almost an hour.  Guess it will shut off when the battery dies out.

  • oh Gawd, I just bought a Kobo Touch yesterday and all these comments are freaking me out- my tech knowledge is one up from zero- guess I’ll let you guys know if/when the gremlins wake up.

  • Dangoat76

    im not having any problems what so ever with my kobo. Easy to use. Don’t know wqhat all you people are complaining about

  • Dangoat76

    I agree with everyting you said. I have a kobo and have no problems what so ever with it. I find it is easy to use and very comfortable to hold.. It is user friendly and extremly simple and quick to add books. I’m looking to buy a second one for my wife so we don’t have to fight over who gets to use it next. Even my mother that has trouble understanding a tv remote is able to use the KOBO with extreme ease.

  • Zebuehler

    I have been reading the comments but have not found one that address my problem.  When I try to open a book on my Kobo ereader it says “content blocked.”  Has anyone else encountered this problem?  I have contacted the help desk but have not heard back from them. 

  •  Is there an apostrophe in the book name you are loading in? Like ‘

    If so, take it out and it should load.

  • Zebuehler

    I am having the same problem and am wondering if you have figured out how to solve this problem.

  • Zebuehler

    I am having the same problem  and all the books on my ereader are now locked.  Have you found anyway to fix this problem

  • Zebuehler

     I am having the problem  of all the books on my reader saying “the content is locked”.  so how do I go about getting Caliber?

  • Zebuehler

     With all due respect I am telling you that all the books on my Kobo ereader now say “Content is locked”.  Also I am having no response from the help desk at Kobo.

  • Lrutherford81

    Not impressed with the service and run around I am getting trying to get my reader fixed. Screen is not working and each time I call or email I am given a different story of what needs to be done to return it. Three weeks later and still waiting. 

  • Colin

    I fully agree – I bought a Kobo for my wife at Xmas and have had nothing but problems with it. I have had to re-install the software and had to turn off the WiFi and still the battery will not hold its charge. I am waiting for the customer service response but I have little hope. It seems that I bought an expensive (over $200) ornament.

  • I have just purchased my Kobo Touch,today  started downloading some books, all went fine, then froze,  Even if I try to download one at a time onto the Kobo, it gets to about 38% then freezes

  • Lee

    I have had the same problem with my KOBO. I have had it for less then twelve months and I am now sending it off to be fixed again. I would never recommend KOBO to anyone. I have asked for my money back becasue I am not satisfied. This problem will keep on happening and once the warranty os over they have already said they will charge me around $60 US plus shipping for a machine that is faulty to be fixed.

  • Feliciamelnyk

    I recharged my KOBO WIFI touch and now it is DEAD!  Nothing happens.  It will not turn on. I have tried the paier clip in th back.  Nothing!

  • Darwinyogi

    a big time waster. Couldn’t find my book just the book mark. Figured I had to download an update but I bet a lot of first time users don’t know that, especially those who don’t use computers on a regular basis. with the new software I got all kinds of clutter on my screen, like ‘recommended for you’ ‘new releases’ and books with pulse. I really don’t want the clutter. tried to email question and got directed to a French robot at FNAC, even though I directed the software to stay in English. The robot told me it didn’t understand anything but French. Apparently it didn’t understand French either. Software is unresponsive to touch and hard to get back to ‘home’.  I’m thankful I only bought one book. I’ll stick with Kindle which so far has been hassle-free. 

  • Jason Seabrieck

    Yeah but as you work for Kobo why should i believe you. You also write under the alias of Morleyrobertson which is plain cowardice IMO.

  • allie


  • Whelen040

    Having the same problem with it freezing up hasn’t came back on yet! I hate it  

  • Jabes137


    Am new to Kobo, and not very computer literate, but I like what you wrote, and would ask if you can answer a query for me.

    I have a problem in that my computer does not recognise my devise more often than not.  I have checked the state of the drivers, and it states that drivers are downloaded correctly and are updated.  I have tried three different cables, different USB ports, switched off both laptop and Kobo, but I am still getting the same message, with a Code43 reference. I do hope that you can help, and would be very grateful for any advice you can offer.

  • Marbellanights

    i keep getting message that my KOBO reader is full and that i need to delete some files to make way for new books i have now deleted all books but still the message that its full what do i do  help charterdave

  • Inquiry

    My earlier generation KOBO, as much as I love it,
    is also temperamental and recently after sitting untouched in a drawer
    for 2 weeks , has completely stopped working. The screen has gone to a series of lines with no graphics or text and despite restarts cannot be brought back. An aside: Morely: your comment is really rather silly. Of course they know what they are talking about. They are reporting the problem
    and you are in no position to comment whether they “know what they are
    talking about” or not.Your “Kobo Touch” is not even the same edition, so your comments are unfounded and make you look..well..ignorant.
    If anyone with an open mind to fixing problems with an e-reader can recommend what to do with this now useless piece of technology, please let me know!

  • Me

    I’m having problems with my Kobo deleting books i’ve downloaded from the Kobo site, and replacing them with the free preview versions.  I then have to re-download them, and have to do this every time i use my Kobo which is really inconvenient.  I have the Kobo app on my phone and it doesn’t happen with it, so i now find myself just reading books on my smartphone while my Kobo lies in the drawer unused.  I only bought it a few months ago.  I contacted customer services and followed the instructions they gave me to resolve this issue, but it hasn’t worked.  My next step is to go back to WH Smith and ask for my money back, and buy a Kindle instead.

  • Poor device.  Too many gray areas from mfr.  Used it 12 hrs. And chucked them.

    Slow.  Locks up easily.  Loading Micro SD 30
    to 60 min. – 8 to 16 gb.  Will only load DRM. 
    Confusing to use.  Poor
    instructions.  Poor operating
    system. Useless setting up wifi.  We bought two units and are
    totally disgusted. Sorry to see supplier selling this item.  One experienced ereader user and one new user
    both found the same problemss. 

  • Gofreily

    Having the same problem , after two weeks and one book read, the screen froze and thats it can due anything with it , guess Iam trying to return it.

  • 20thcenturyman

    I bought a kobo touch a few months ago from officeworks. I have had many problems with it. Purchased 3 books from the kobo store, two didn’t work properly, received a refund on one, but after contacting kobo “customer service” was told  to restart the kobo using a paper clip to get the other book to work (shades of the bondi blue imac). This procedure deleted the non-kobo ebooks I had loaded on the reader. Some free epub books work, others don’t. The desktop software is slow and unreliable — at the moment I cant “eject” the reader. Another useless electronic gadget. I think I’ll file it with my palm pilot and make a note in my filofax to go back to reading paper books!!

  • Steadmandlt

    Did you read ANY of these posts?  The font issue is the least of the problems, you dip**it!  I too am sitting here with a dead unit and all you you can comment on is fonts?  I guess the company really is clueless……

  • Martha Franklin-Nie

    l also have lines running all over the screen. I was asked to send the original receipt which I don’t have. Kobo should replace these defective machines as they haven’t been around long enough for so many people having problems. I will never buy Kobo again, nor will I recommend these to anyone. I’m sad that so many of my family and friends have bought one on my advice. What a rip off!!!

  • Patricia Gareth

    My old Kobo has died.  How do I transfer my old library to my new Kobo device?

  • Jcaminos

    Got my Kobo 1 1/2 years ago and have read mre books than I can count.  Yeah it’s a little quirky but I’ve never had anything else to compare it to.  However I now have a problem where the desk top Kobo will not Sync.  It just sits there thinking.  This is just after loading a book I got from a friend thru Calibre.Ready to throw the thing!

  • Hardlark

    Please, do not purchase a Kobo Reader… This is a warning you should take seriously before making a purchase!  :o(  :0(  
    The screen has frozen and like other users, a series of lines are on the screen with garbled graphics. Tried resetting with paperclip as instructed on Kobo “Quick Start Guide” with no results only a flicker in the screen lines. Attempted the reset process many times with no avail.  When pressing power-on button, button turns blue then blinks a few times then stops.  Seems to be looking for WiFi connection having no effect on the screen.  PC does not recognize drive therefore I can not access the Kobo to manage installed books.  As others the Kobo never worked responsively,  I always had to wait a little  navigating through modes.  I also as others did not always use the desktop software, I would open the Kobo as a drive and manage by drag and drop or copy and paste. This I must say worked great however with no use to me now due to the frozen screen.  I would read most PDFs  in landscape view because of font issues but this was tolerable. I will tinker with my useless Kobo maybe even try to hack into it. If I get results I will pass on any good fortune but I would not hold my breath.  Please I reiterate, do not purchase a Kobo Reader and if you are in doubt read other dissatisfied comments posted.  :0(   :0(  …5 sad faces for emphasis…  )0:     (Rating: minus 5)   (PS: One should do a little research before calling others morons or can you read?)

  • Sue Leslie

    My Kobo screen just stopped working as well. Went to bed reading it the other night picked it up to continue reading the next day and my screen also was not readable. I know nothing happened to it sitting on my bedside table, but Kobo says it’s more than a year and they can’t fix screen problems. If a Kobo lasts just over a year it is not worth the money.

  • BeeGee56

    My experience was with the Kobo Touch, purchased in July 2012. Slow, buggy, freezes frequently. Touch screen is just a gimmick; it works very poorly. The reader application is not useful for anything other than casual reading for entertainment. Forget trying to load a library of reference manuals on the thing.

    Overall, it looks nice but it’s not up to the standards of design quality and reliability one expects of a commodity electronic device these days.

    My advice would be to keep your money in your pocket.

  • helpful

    If you used a credit card, contact your credit card company and dispute the charges.  I did this on fourteen books I bought from Kobo.  The credit card settled the dispute and credited the amount to my card. 

    Another thing to try, reset your reader to default settings and then reload your library.  I’ve done this and had good luck.

    Hope this helps.

  • Liz

    I got a Kobo touch ereader for Christmas. It worked fine for 2 months now everytime I turn a page the bookmark comes on & it goes back to the cover & I have to start over. I emailed Kobo help desk & they gave me a link to download but it never did nothing! 

  • Nathan

    i must be a moron then – it updates automatically whenever i sync it with my pc

  • Nathan

    I was going well with my Kobo -4 weeks and no troubles.
    …Until last night I plugged it into my PC and it began to upgrade itself automatically.Since then a lot of my books wont open and the Kobo will restart itself all the time.Very sad  🙁 

  • Oogii Bul

    For Kobo Touch eReader Software version 2.0.0 (r41166, 7/12/12),

    Step 1)  Either turn off the wireless; or go away from all wireless networks.
    Step 2)  Sign out of your account (not Facebook account)
    Step 3)  It does a factory reset, which wipes out …  🙁

    Hopefully, this bug gets fixed.

    I’ll post more bugs as I find them.

    PS:  I don’t see an easy way to search for highlights anymore, it used to be that you could.  At the bookstore (Chapters/Indigo), you can. 

    Is there a way?

  • Paterson

    Can you give us a hint what is going wrong with our Kobo. My husband received Kobo, Model No. N 905B lat Christmas from our children but it wasn’t ‘smooth sailing ‘ really right from the start.  However my husband was able to use the $ 50 gift card for books and had the amount of $ 6.00 left.  After that he did not buy another card  because we did not know where we could buy one.  Then the children told us that we could get a money card for Kobo at Chapters.indigo.ca and so this May 2013 we purchased another $ 50 card.  But we just submitted the money to Kobo and never ordered a book, too busy at the time to read.

    Today my husband wanted to order one of the new books out and proceeded to enter Kobo by clicking on our Kobo App on our Mac OS X  Version 10.6.8.

    Their web site appeared showing the newest books and a box appeared in the middle in where it said:

    Important Desktop Update!

    We’ve released an important update for Kobo Desktop. You must update now to continue enjoying the best possible experience


    I clicked on Update and it started, it took several minutes to complete then told me’ Update finished’.  There appeared a bold line urging one with an arrow to click on Apply.

    I did, but nothing happened, I could not get out.  Thinking I did someting wrong I Updated again but the same thing happened .  I did that 3 times, no results.

    I could not get out of it either, clicking the red circle did not work since no red (stop circle) circle did show.  I wanted to log our from Mac but they  told me I have to Quit the Kobo desk top edition.  But I was unable to do that since this option was not in bold but pale and would therefore not work.  I did, against my better judgement, click on Update again and then hit cancel and was finally free of the Kobo web site.

    My husband tried it too with the same results but he got to a point where he wanted to enter and they  told him that his account has ‘0’  Dollars in it , nothing!  We did add however $ 50 in May and there were still $ 6 leftover from our previous card.  Can you give us a hint on what to do please, we are Seniors and beginning to think we are ‘loosing it’  but are actually pretty good on the computer and Internet.  Have been for the last 20 years.  For your help we thank you in advance.

  • Paterson

    Can you give us a hint what is going wrong with our Kobo. My husband received Kobo, Model No. N 905B lat Christmas from our children but it wasn’t ‘smooth sailing ‘ really right from the start.  However my husband was able to use the $ 50 gift card for books and had the amount of $ 6.00 left.  After that he did not buy another card  because we did not know where we could buy one.  Then the children told us that we could get a money card for Kobo at Chapters.indigo.ca and so this May 2013 we purchased another $ 50 card.  But we just submitted the money to Kobo and never ordered a book, too busy at the time to read.

    Today my husband wanted to order one of the new books out and proceeded to enter Kobo by clicking on our Kobo App on our Mac OS X  Version 10.6.8.

    Their web site appeared showing the newest books and a box appeared in the middle in where it said:

    Important Desktop Update!

    We’ve released an important update for Kobo Desktop. You must update now to continue enjoying the best possible experience


    I clicked on Update and it started, it took several minutes to complete then told me’ Update finished’.  There appeared a bold line urging one with an arrow to click on Apply.

    I did, but nothing happened, I could not get out.  Thinking I did someting wrong I Updated again but the same thing happened .  I did that 3 times, no results.

    I could not get out of it either, clicking the red circle did not work since no red (stop circle) circle did show.  I wanted to log our from Mac but they  told me I have to Quit the Kobo desk top edition.  But I was unable to do that since this option was not in bold but pale and would therefore not work.  I did, against my better judgement, click on Update again and then hit cancel and was finally free of the Kobo web site.

    My husband tried it too with the same results but he got to a point where he wanted to enter and they  told him that his account has ‘0’  Dollars in it , nothing!  We did add however $ 50 in May and there were still $ 6 leftover from our previous card.  Can you give us a hint on what to do please, we are Seniors and beginning to think we are ‘loosing it’  but are actually pretty good on the computer and Internet.  Have been for the last 20 years.  For your help we thank you in advance.

  • Principled

    I am so disappointed with my e-reader Kobo, it was a gift to us Christmas 2011 and it was rough going from the start.  But the biggest puzzle was when we purchased a $ 50 gift card from chapters in May 2012 and after submitting the money in our account we were  assured that our account now had $ 50 in it plus an old credit of $ 6.  We did not use the new credit until now in Sept. 2012 when we had time to order a book.  We were in shock to find  that  our account showed ‘0’ Amount in it, no trace of the $ 50  from May nor the $ 6 that was left over.What is going on with Kobo?  Then our son send us a $ 20.00 gift card a few days ago so we can go ahead and buy the book we were interested in.  We received a confirmation as to the gift card (Paid through Paypal) and it had a card No. included.  I proceeded again to order this book with my new gift card and typed in the card No. as the directions stated then hit Apply.  A red box appeared and in it in red it stated:”Sorry, but that card number isn;t in our records.  Please verify and try again.  I did, 3 times , to no avail.  I found the whole experience a wast of Time and Money and bother.  It’s not worth the nerves it costs, either.  I give Kobo a “fail”.

  • Tracey

    It is terrible.I can only read 2 or 3 pages before it needs recharging and once rechsrged it goes back to factory settings and it takes so long to set up again.I need serious anger management therapy when dealing with this ereader.I thought reading was supposed to be relaxing

  • Mark_christie

    I agree the Kobo has been nothing but a struggle.  I received it as a Christmas gift dec 2010.  From the start there were problems with the free gift books that were not included.  It was a wifi which means it connected whenit felt like it.  and buying books was atrocious due to the clunky navigation button and the organization of the Kobo website. Anyways I read many books that is until march 2011 when it DIED.  Emailed and tokk weeks to get any response from them. eventually sending it back and getting one in exchange.  months later I once again began using it however it died again in Sept 2011.  This time the replacement came faster weeks and I had to return my inthe package ( a much better system). However having lost books so many times and fallen out of the habit of using it and never depending on it to work when you needed it (it was a bit like taking a book from your bookshelf and finding you could not read it because the pages were glued together).

    Anyway, I never again used it consistently as I found it frustrating (the navigation, crappy wifi, the kobo bookstore, the battery running low, and of course the constantly breaking screen –broken lines and such).  It finally died again (this was my third) in sept 2012 just shy of one year for that replacement.  Of course I emailed Kobo and as always received no human contact just automated responses with no help.  After a few days and 4 emails they told me it was OOW (out of warranty).  

    I think the problem is the thing is made to break and very little thought was given to the customer experience.  Also no one every told me what was wrong with them (no human contact).  I was inconvenienced at every turn–whether try to  contact them or having to run around to get to the parcel company they use to deliver the replacements with.  

    Why is it when these gadgets are reviewed it never seems to come inyo play that quality of the customer service, the dependability/reliability of the device.  To me if it works consistently and is supported by the manufacturer then the customer will pay more.  After all how much of a deal was the 150 if I spent all those months not reading but shipping and emailing to get action.  Spend 200 if you have to as long as the company is responsive and the device is well made.

  • FireFox

     Sorry for the response to an old post. Admittedly this one got me for the first 10 minutes, with Windows XP saying “A device connected to the USB port has malfunctioned”. Granted this sounds a bit drastic but the solution was surprising simple. By default the Kobo will go into ‘Keep Reading’ mode, which is not for connection to the PC, although the PC will detect that something is connected, but can’t talk to it. If you connect to the PC and choose ‘Manage Library’, the connectivity problems will disappear right before your eyes.

  • guest

    what is the reasone my kobo ereaders display i mean its not being on

  • Dmushka

    I have a Kobo ereader and the last two books I purchased from the Kobo website will not download onto the ereader.  The cover of the book comes up in my “I’m reading” menu, the books sync from the laptop, everything happens as normal and yet the content of the book is not there.  I have spent hours with tech support, resetting and redownloading apps but to no avail.  Each time, the same thing happens.  I am driven to distraction  and my Kobo is less than a year old.  I think this has to be a programming issue but Kobo is not acknowledging.   I don’t know where to go from here, but I certainly don’t want to buy any more books from them – which renders my ebook kind of useless.  Has anyone else had this problem? 

  • Norma

    I have had my Kobo approximately 2 years now and lately it has been losing power in less than a day–I have to charge it every night –can the battery be changed if so what type of battery is needed and where do I get one.

  • #madashell

    I have given up on my Kobo ereader, I bought it from Chapters, everytime I buy a book then try and dowload it I get told to “update” I do this then I get told to do it again!!!! when I talk to the support line they are no use at all. They also tell me that I could not get a refund!!! DO NOT BUY THIS. unless you want total frustration. Absolute waste of money.

  • barb

    Kobo is only 9 months old and has to be replaced by customer care. Sent me a refurbished one. Not pleased. I expect better quality from my reader or replae it with one that is new. Not my problem that their reader is not working properly.

  • mikey24

    I like the concept of an eReader but I agree with several of you that it’s a “lemon”. It doesn’t hold a charge for very long, it constantly freezes.. etc.. etc.. I don’t recommend it and hope there’s a better option out there.

  • Tammy Ruzanske-Rietveld

    okay, this is great,i was told by kobo to do this because ALL my books went blank!! Have done this and they are still blank on my e reader, but not on my computer library! and I ‘ve had my kobo for over 2 years, never a problem! loved it and decided to purchase some books instead of free ones. that was 6 months ago, still can’t open them on my ereader! and my computer no longer recognizes the ereader so it can’t be re synced.

  • Cheri V

    DON’T buy a Kobo. The device itself is ok, the software is a nightmare and the support is pathetic… oh, it all sounds good when you try to get customer support to help, but the problems remain. I have lost my entire e-library along with hours of formating twice since I purchased my ereader (KOBO Glo) 6 months ago. I have to wonder what research and development is behind Kobo’s pushing out updates that only make the situation worse.
    I am a very busy professional and recently looked forward to a rare evening of quiet reading at home. Instead I had hours of frustration – I finally conceded defeat and picked up paperback.
    If you are looking for an e-reader buy a KINDLE. I have friends with Kindles that are completely satisfied. I’ve learned my lesson.
    I have provided this feedback to Kobo and expressed my complete dissatisfaction with absolutely no response. That in itself speaks volumes.

  • Brian

    Top right quadrant of my screen is out and they say the SCREEN isn’t covered by warranty! What else is there to cover. If the screen doesn’t work….it’s pretty much a paper weight!

  • Sara

    I have been reading about all the problems people have been having with Kobo. I love my Kobo, and have never had a problem….until now. When I sync to download a new book, the sync keeps cancelling and will not download anything. Any suggestions? p.s. I need any answers in plain English, as I am slightly technologically challenged!

  • amber

    Don’t buy the from Kobo. I only had my kobo aura HD for a week or so and it was freezing up on me. I dropped my kobo and it broke. When I dropped the kobo it was in a case, bounced off of the soft recliner chair and hit the floor about 2 feet. It must be just that cheaply made. They made me send a picture of my messed up kobo and fill out all of this stuff to send them just to tell me they were not going to replace or compensate me. Horrible service and horrible product! I knew I should have bought from a company from the U.S.

  • Virginia

    completely agree! My Kobo has wiped itself out so many times, I have given up on using it

  • Baghead Kelly

    I have Vista also and I don’t have any problems with the Kobo app other than I detest the forced updates. It doesn’t work unless you update – very dictatorial. Another key to Kobo success and usability is the free ‘Calibre’ eBook organiser.

  • Carol

    I,m having same problem, all was well until I attempted to purchase two new books. I have been charged as they downloaded into computer but my e-reader has frozen on update, I am on the phone right now waiting for some answers but have been on hold for 20mins. Very frustrating

  • Superjenny

    I just bought a Kobo this evening before dinner. It’s 3am now, and I have spent more time pushing the tiny little reset button with an earring than I have reading. I am VERY upset and disappointed; as such, I am returning it to the store tomorrow. I knew buying an e-reader wasn’t my thing. I’ll stick to good old-fashioned printed books. At least I don’t have to constantly reset them.

  • mark

    Bought my wife a Kobo Glo for her birthday in May. She is not into tech stuff at all, and likes to hold a book. fortunately, she decided to give it a try, and opened the package in December (28th) Downloaded 3 books, and finished the second yesterday as we are travelling. It has frozen. Won’t turn on or off. Before that, we had a terrible time having it connect to WiFi, and the charge on the battery is pathetic. It has been used for a total of 20 hours, and is now a paperweight. the worst product I have even purchased in recent memory.

  • Eine Studentin

    I purchased the Kobo Aura (not HD) to view university texts as well as journal articles. Viewing PDF’s on the device was a pleasure. It wasn’t super fast but the ‘pinch-to-zoom’ feature worked well and it didn’t take forever to zoom into the readable portions of a PDF. I decided to purchase a text from Google Books and had to use Adobe Digital Editions in order to upload the text to the reader. It didn’t maintain the readable selections as a normal ebook, but rather as a pdf. So I couldn’t search or “jump to” certain sections. The other issue was, and this was the deal breaker for me, I could not set bookmarks with the ‘notes’ feature. Every time I entered a note (i.e. author, title, page#), so I could know what the bookmark represented, it would not save. Once I opened another book I lost the notes from the previous book. This was also true when I entered notes for subsequent sections of the same book. The first bookmark note would save but when I entered a second one (for the same book), I would lose the first. That meant that I would have a collection of bookmarks for each book without being able to discern one from another. This is a problem for academia because referencing and looking up material is absolutely critical. This is also why I decided to return the device. Now, there are tutorials out there where individuals are trying to identify what the source of this particular bug is. Nevertheless if you don’t want to spend more time dealing with software issues than reading/using your device, better to just carry the good old book around. Also, if you need to depend on more than one desktop software to load purchased e-books only to end up with a pdf version, I don’t really see why Kobo is any better than what is already available.

  • not a happy kobo owner

    I have had the original kobo since 2011. I thought it was great. All I wanted was something to read books on and I didn’t need anything fancy so I figured this would be good. I got it and had no trouble putting books on it. I used the kobo desktop to find books but then it started to freeze up and do this not responding thing. I continued to use the kobo and had no trouble with it as long as it was only free books I was getting. I just started to try to purchase books. I had a promo code for 35% off so I used it. That is where the trouble began. The book got purchased. It was in my library on the website, the kobo desktop as well as the kobo e reader. I went to read the book and I get the message the book is locked. I contacted customer service in a live chat. Nothing worked with getting the book to work. So they gave me a refund. I did a factory reset to see if that would work. When the factory reset was done and all my book were back on my kobo e reader I tried to put a free book from the website to my e reader and that worked fine. Then I tried to get the book back and I had the same issues. I tried everything they had me to the first time I still have the same issues. I contacted them and told them my issue and they said it is not the book it is your e reader. I said no cause I have no problem putting free books on my e reader it is the ones I purchase that I have trouble with. I asked for a refund and they said I can’t give you a refund but I can give you a store credit for a future purchase. I said no I want the refund and I was given a refund the last time I have this trouble and they refused to believe me about the refund. I told them specific info about the last time and they finally gave in to giving me a refund. I refuse to purchase anymore books through them and only take the free books. I am also going to get a kindle fire hd to replace my kobo. My kids are getting my kobo and they can enjoy reading the free books.

  • pasthbuk

    I don’t have the Glo. I have the original Wi-fi with a fabulous battery; I have the Arc, with a terrible battery. All I can suggest is, if you have a little hole somewhere on the back of the unit, try resetting the unit with maybe a paperclip. See what happens. I do love my Arc for streaming movies, using the Internet and reading emails. I have only downloaded a few books. But I must say, a couple of books have shown up in my library that I didn’t order and I won’t download. Also, when I purchased the unit last April, I thought there was an extended warranty. There isn’t. Dealing with the customer service is very spotty. They didn’t seem to know the product, and there was issued a manual for the previous version, but not for 4.1, and they are different. I do like the fact that the Kobo Arc was reasonable and works for my fairly narrow uses, in spite of the very so-so customer care.

  • pasthbuk

    The library should be on Kobobooks under your account. If not, call them.

  • Allan

    I have a Kobo Glo, please don’t judge me.Same issues as below; purchesed books but receiving only a few chapters….screen freezing….free book gone missing, you get the picture. Now the fun begins, opened a Kobo account but when I try to contact them I am told my account is invalid. Try opening a new account and I am told I already have an account. No-one answers their phone. I go on their facebook page and am told to submit my problem through my account. You see how clever they are?

  • Allan

    I must be an idiot too, my complaints are invalid because you don’t have any problems!? Damn, I wish I read your post earlier….

  • a frustrated customer

    had a kobo glow that asnt been working for months even tho my warranty wasn’t over they told me they couldn’t replace it because I had physically damaged it, very not impress when I know that the screen freezing on me is a software problem and not a physical problem. will never buy any kobo ever again and all my friends neither.

  • focstay

    My download link was broken for a purchased book and KoBo cannot get it through their heads I need another download. It’s the 5th email they sent me with cut and paste generic articles from the help area on their website, none addressing my issue. Amazon Kindle would’ve given me a phone number and a person to help and I’d be reading my book by now.

  • focstay

    ATTENTION! Recieved this via my son who almost got a job @ Kobo. Sounds like this is long overdue, so don’t despair. I hope they divert my issue immediately to technical assistance not someone who will put me on hold or set me on the dept. merry-go-round on

    In our ongoing effort to improve our Customer Experience, we are pleased to
    announce the introduction of the next phase of our customer contact

    strategy: Click 2 Call.

    Kobo Customer Care will introduce this new approach starting with our
    customers in English markets, then expanding to include all our supported
    languages. We will begin with North America on March 20th, 2014. Here’s how

    it works:

    1. Customers reaching our *”Get Help”* section that select *”Contact

    Customer Care” will…*

    2. Fill out the web form (http://kobo.frontlinesvc.com/app/ask) with
    their contact information and a description of their issue

    3. By clicking “*Phone,*” a “Click 2 Call” box will open, asking the

    customer to provide the telephone number they wish to be reached on and the
    call will be immediately queued with the next available representative

    We are dedicated to providing the best service possible to our customers.
    By arming our Care representatives with the right tools, we can reduce the
    impact of technical interruptions and allow customers to read more.

    Our customer experience will improve by:

    ü Reducing call times: The agent will have all the customer’s information
    on hand and will not need to spend valuable time collecting it

    ü Reduced hold time: The agent will be able to investigate and
    troubleshoot the issue prior to calling the customer

    ü Convenience: The customer will be contacted with a solution

  • Michael Kozlowski

    Hey thanks for this! I checked the link out and wrote a new story on it on the front page of the website! Your tip is appreciated. Hopefully this will fix the abysmal customer service.

  • I have owned my KoboGlo for 15 months e-reader) and while I like it a lot I do find the ability to move through a book very limiting compared with my earlier e-reader. Now, I am experiencing a lot of trouble. Page turning isn’t working properly and is very slow. Battery keeps running down. I might be able to solve the first by re-setting to factory settings and thus losing all my books – not sure. But no cure for the second. Looks like I am up for a new e-reader soon and I certainly shall be looking at other e-readers besides Kobo

  • George Hayman

    I feel your pain. I just purchased a book from Kobo but there is no option for me to download the ePub file like with all of the other books in my Kobo library. After over a dozen emails they still have not been able to answer my questions. Just as you described they simply followed their script. In the end I took the credit they offered. Very frustrating experience. I know I won’t be buying another book from Kobo. Maybe I will switch to Amazon.

  • focstay

    There are conversion software sites where you can upload a file and change it to whatever.
    True grit & reality in fiction

  • Still no real help from Kobo re my problem as posted previously – battery needs constant recharging and pages won’t turn properly. Looks like I’ll have to do a factory re-set though no idea how to do this. And will lose a lot of stuff. But no other answer seems possible – I shall advise this forum if the re-set makes any difference. Am definitely unhappy with the poor help received from Kobo and if I have to buy a new e-reader because of this problem shall definitely select another brand.

  • Hans

    The product is quite nice when working, but when there is a problem, Kobo is not at home and put the blame directly on the customer. Would never ever advise anyone to buy their products.

  • Anne Lemay

    I have been having so many problems with both Kobo Glow and my Kobo. I have done so many resets, even did a factory reset on both and I’m still getting constant freezing. Getting so frustrated!! Actually thinking of switching to Kindle or Nook. I don’t know what else to try to stop the freezing problem.

  • Anne Lemay

    The factory reset is under your device information. I had to use this this morning on both my Kobos as they kept freezing and the regular reset didn’t fix the problem. I’m still waiting to see if it fixed it on my Kobo Glow. It’s been syncing for the last hour. I’m still freezing up on my older Kobo.

  • Thanks Anne. I feel the same as you. If only Kobo gave the sort of support that Fitbit does! Somebody on another website advised me to try disconnecting my wi fi and this HAS certainly made a difference. Have you tried this? I still don’t think the difference is quite good enough for moving easily around a book – was going to try the total re-set but it’s such a nuisance and if that didn’t help you then I’m wondering whether it’s worthwhile. I had a cheap Hanvon reader before I bought my Kobo and I NEVER had this problem in the two years I used it. Though of course it didn’t have a touch screen. My husband doesn’t seem to get this problem with his Kindle but is not quite so satisfied with his Kobo Mini, in terms of page-turning. Try the wi fi disconnection, Anne, and see what you think.

  • Reader

    Initially good, now useless. My Kobo Touch keeps freezing multiple times a day. Have to reset with paper clip, power off, on. Tried two factory resets, hours to reload books. Customer support no help.

  • No longer a KOBO user

    Is anyone have a problem synchronizing their reader after the last software patch? I have a KOBO touch and have had no problems until a couple of days ago when I plugged into my laptop to perform a synch. A software was required. After the update, my reader has no books and will not connect to the desktop app to synch, nor will it synch via wifi. I have used KOBO since their very first reader, but I think it is now time for a new reader and it will not be KOBO. I used the click to call option mentioned below and actually got a real person almost right away. No help there. They just walked me through exactly what I had already done and then suggested a factory reset and a re-install of the KOBO desktop, did both, still no books and no way to connect to the KOBO desktop.

  • Frustrated Kobo user

    I bought a used Kobo Touch and I think I know why the person sold it. It sucks! we installed Adobe Digital Editions in order to take ebooks out of our public library. We’re able to get the book onto the Kobo but every time we power it off, the book gets deleted. It’s nowhere to be found when we power the Kobo back on. So I have to copy back to the Kobo every time. What am I doing wrong? Any advice would be much appreciated!

  • Frustrated Kobo user

    Actually I don’t have to recopy, I have to connect Kobo to my PC and launch the Kobo Desktop and do a sync. Why do I have to do that everytime? I do notice it tries to do a download everytime I turn it on, but I’ve got the wireless disabled. If I enable wireless, will it auto sync to the Kobo desktop?

  • grasshoper

    Please let me welcome to the club of the frustrated Kobo users. There is almost no single day where I have to reset my device. I have about only 50 books stored, as I read that Kobo was not able to manage many books. Some of them are highlighted, as I am taking notes during my reading. Is it possible that this slows down the reader ? I also tried their customer service, but they are probably overflooded flooded with bugs and unhappy customer.
    My wife just switched form paper to ebook reading, I offered her a Pocketbook, which is really good. I am thinking of changing my Kobo too. Thanks for your post.

  • frustrated in peterborough

    I was given a brand new Kobo glo yesterday as a draw prize. It wont work or connect to my home wi fi. I can’t get through to anyone at kobo to help and the fill in the blank problem solver won’t let me send it in. What a pathetic piece of equipment. It might be great if it only worked.

  • Jackie J

    Hello I have a Kobo Touch ereader and each time I purchase a book from the Kobo store after a couple of days it eraser my entire list of books – this has been happening for the last couple of months. Can anyone help?

  • Pierre

    When my Kobo glo died (after 486 hours of working well, the battery decided not to recharge any more), I was quite concerned because of all the complaints on the Web. However, with a lot of persistence in repeating the same answers to the Kobo CustomerCare help e-mails, I finally got a refurbished reader.
    It took 15 days from my initial e-mail to the reception of a refurb. The only problem is that, because of the complaints on the Web, I did not know that I would finally get a refurb, so I bought a new one (as my wife uses it a lot and likes it).

  • Bruni

    My Kobo Wifi won’t show the books and documents I have on the device and on the SD card, the hard reset button doesn’t do anything anymore, and I’ve tried resetting it to the original factory setting several times but nothing changes. Customer service never emailed me back after they asked what was wrong with my e-reader so I have no idea how to fix this (if it is fixable) anyone have any suggestions?

  • Pierre

    Sorry, my mistake, it was not 15 days, but 8 days between my first e-mail and the reception of a refurb.
    (see my comment below)

  • GRM177

    I bought three of this crap sh*t in Brazil, two Glo and one Aura HD. I thought it to study law books, but it is impossible, it freezes regularly even when I buy a book from own Kobo. So sad, because the screen is incredible, but an iPad that is not made for read do the job many times better. I’m asking for refund next few days, but I’m not happy anyway, I would like this f*ck*ing sh*t works.

  • ARJ127

    I bought two Kobo Arc 7 HD readers (one for my wife) a little while ago. All I’ve had is trouble with them. The e-reader won’t sync with my computer and Kobo’s customer support is non existent. I really do mean non-existent. I’ve sent them two requests without a response.

  • Wayne

    I guess I’m not the only one having Kobo problems.After several back and forths with customer service they concluded the problem was with my Kobo touch and Adobe.My wife’s Kobo glo is on the same account and doesn’t freeze every few pages.All in all not a good company to deal with

  • rich

    kobo touch and their service is basically a joke. Their call in centre reads from a script and repeats the same old once they haven’t been able to solve your issue. At $100 they honestly don’t care if you’re unhappy. Remember, this technology has a very short life expectancy so they’re pulling in as many dollars as they can before the bubble bursts.

  • rich

    One more thing. I’m going to bar Kobo from sending me emails.

  • darryl

    has anyone had any issues with the reader locking up and not being able to be reset, really getting tired of this POS

  • Tim Evangelatos

    Kodo support really came through for me. After a frustrating weekend trying to get my Touch to work, Kodo support spent 2 hours on the phone helping me solve my problems. The Touch worked fine for 7 months but then I updated the reader and the desktop software and got into trouble. I am still using XP and the latest versions of the desktop software are not compatible with XP. Further the reader software must be a version that is compatible with the desktop version or things will not work. The desktop version Kodo sent me is 3.8.0.

  • David Sims

    That’s true. My Kobo Glo was just now giving me the “frozen screen” and “non-functioning power button” problems. Both at the same time. But it has recovered somewhat and is back to its old functioning-if-rickety self. For now.

    Here’s what I did to fix it. I held down the light button and paperclip pressed the reset button (inside the pinhole). At first nothing seemed to happen. But then I moved the power slider to the side and it started showing that line of moving squares that appear when it’s booting up.

    After it booted, it started showing me that “Processing Content” screen, which clipped along fairly nicely from 0 to 93% WHERE IT STUCK for more than 10 minutes. But eventually, it passed the awkward spot and arrived at the home screen, showing my ebook covers.

    I’m going to give my Kobo Glo away and forget about Kobo for, oh, four years or so. Then, if I hear enough about how Kobo eReaders no longer have so many stuuuuuupid software problems, I *might* buy another one.

    Oh, and there’s one hardware problem too. The microSD reader quit working. In fact, trying to use an SD card as extra ebook storage is what seems to have triggered my latest bout with Kobo Glo malfunctioning. I put in a 4 GB microSD card, and the screen started flashing weirdly until I took the microSD card out again, and then the screen was stuck and the power slider didn’t work and… etc.

  • Kim A.

    I have no advice but this is also happening to mine. It’s very annoying!!

  • Beckers Ben

    Kobo’s just suck…

  • pasthbuk

    My Kobo WiFi original was loaded with 100 free books. Recently they were locked and I was unable to access them…although the titles are still present under “Books.” I contacted Kobo customer support and they weren’t helpful. I paid for the e-reader with this bonus and so I thought the ‘classic’ library, most Gutenberg, was my property. If I want them back, Kobo CS says to go to Gutenberg and download them one by one. Thanks, Kobo. I like the WiFi original and my Arc, but dislike Kobo’s useless customer service. And you can no longer reach them by telephone. Their “help” function online and through the e-reader is also useless. And now it seems when I connect my WiFi e-reader to the Kobobooks Website, the “synch” option isn’t visible (or maybe no longer available?). This is such a poorly managed company and they have the chutzpah to list their management team on their Web site.

  • gatobarbieri

    I bought a Kobo Aurora last year in December through Rakuten Japan, last week the screen was frozeen and I tried all methods to fix the problem but nothing worked. I called Kobo dealer here and they do not replacement my unit because I have inside books that I did not buy from Kobo. I am very dissapointed and Iam no recomend anybody to buy this Kobo e reader except if you want to waste your money.

  • LizSm

    does anyone know how to transfer the 100 free classics from the kobo book to another updated kobo model or other ereader? thanks

  • LizSm

    Edit re below: Does anyone know how to transfer the 100 free classics from one kobo eReader to another updated kobo model or another eReader or laptop storage?

  • ame

    Ive had my ereader for about a year and a half and the power sources drains immediately now allowing only about and hour of read time

  • deano

    it is so easy to load your files into kobo.. in fact easier than alternatives.

  • Carolina

    Well, I was looking for a Kobo to buy but after all those comments I’m pretty worried.
    If Kobo is so bad which ereader can I afford with the same price but a least better than it?

  • Tarnia

    I have had two kobos, the first a kobo 2nd gen that lasted just over 2 years before failing, the second a kobo glo that hasn’t even lasted 2 years (bought April 2013). I do use it a LOT and use the light most of the time, but I wouldn’t say I abuse it (has a sleep cover, still in good looking shape externally). The fact that they won’t repair (even if willing to pay) unless under warranty and the limited (to me anyway) lifespan has me questioning this product, although up to this point I was very happy with my glo.

  • Frustrated ExKobo User

    I have the classic Kobo that I purchased back in 2011 and I only use when I travel. Planning a trip, I recently did an update from my Kobo Desktop on my computer to my Kobo E-Reader. After the update I lost ALL of my books on my Kobo reader, both the books that came with the E-Reader and the books I have purchased — all GONE. I call Kobo support and received ZERO help. I was told it was my fault??? It is obvious to me that the program update from my desk top to my e-reader completely wiped out my e-reader. I feel helpless …………no help from Kobo Support………..all the books are gone ……..my Kobo is headed for the trash can……..so, so sad. I would have some hope but I can see from all of the other problems that Kobo is worthless — what mistake to buy a Kobo E-Reader in 2011 – waste of money

  • Paget Michael Creelman

    I bought a Kobo Aura H2O for my wife for Christmas, and while she loved it, after a month of use the screen broke while sitting overnight on a flat surface inside the sleepcover. Customer service diagnosed it as “physical damage” due to the radiating lines and denied warranty coverage, so I opened it up to take a look and found the cracks radiating from a spot on the edge of the screen behind the bezel. So, either this had some sort of pre-existing defect, or the screen is so flimsy that it can crack from normal use. Even if it had fallen from that spot (which there was no evidence of), it’s a two foot fall onto carpet! I’m going to buy a Kindle Paperwhite instead.

  • Marilyn Crosbie

    Log on to your account on Kobo and all the books you bought are in there. You can redown load them to your Kobo.

  • Marilyn Crosbie

    All computerized devices fail after about 2 years. I have made a decision to always buy extended warranties for all of my devices – tablets, cell phones, E-readers etc.

  • Marilyn Crosbie

    I don’t think Kobo is generally that bad. I own two of them – one I bought in 2009 and one in 2013. They both still work. I don’t use them a great deal, but a lot of the time, it’s the users not knowing how to use them that give up too easily. This is true for all technology. I get frustrated too, but I don’t give up easily.

  • Marilyn Crosbie

    I have had few problems. I have a challenge at the moment, but I view it as a challenge to be dealt with until I figure it out. However, not everyone is that determined to learn about technology.

  • Marilyn Crosbie

    You must use it quite a bit. The half-life of technology is not good.

  • Marilyn Crosbie

    I am not sure how you could move them to another brand of eReader. However, if you have newer Kobo, log in to your Kobo account and you can download all of the books from there – the ones that came with the reader and the ones you bought on your own. However, if you have a brand-new Kobo, all those books would be loaded on it when you first bought it.

  • Marilyn Crosbie

    Log into your account on the Kobo web site and all your books are there to download. Not certain they would work on another brand though.

  • Marilyn Crosbie

    It’s possible the “books you didn’t not buy from Kobo” have caused the screen to freeze up. Why did you buy books from a place other than Kobo? Didn’t Kobo offer the books you wanted? What format are these books in?

  • Marilyn Crosbie

    Are you logging into your personal account on their web site? You should be able to download these books from inside your account.

  • Marilyn Crosbie

    Well, Microsoft no longer supports Windows XP. There have been three version since XP. In computer years (like dog years) that’s about 30 years old. Upgrade to Windows 8.1 or at least 7 if you can find a second-hand Windows 7 upgrade disk. You need to keep up to date if you use technology.

  • Marilyn Crosbie

    That is generally true of all technology. It has a very short shelf-life.

  • Tammy Hermann

    I have a Kobo arc (just 2 years old) and the battery will no longer charge. Their answer to me, sorry it is past the warranty, sorry we don’t sell parts, sorry we don’t fix them, and thank you for letting us be of service to you! Unbelievable! Worst customer service ever and I’ll be NOT buying another kobo anytime soon. Beware and buy something else!

  • Blank Ron

    It’s frustrating. I really like my Touch – it handles things most readers don’t, and Made In Canada is a big selling point for me. Unfortunately, after quite a few years of satisfaction it died during the recent firmware update and now won’t start at all, despite running though the usual procedures. I was shocked to discover that there’s no support available from the company – come on, people, it’s 2015. I am aware that you’re having problems, but not addressing them is NOT the way to deal with them.
    I’m extremely glad that all my e-books are also stored on my computer. I am less glad that I will probably have to figure out where I stopped reading about a dozen of them.

  • Carolyn Vicari

    i used calibre to send my epub files to my kobo mini, all the steps work per your video demonstration, EXCEPT the books do not load onto my kobo?? I’ve synced multiple times, uninstall kobo 2-3 times and still no books??? can anyone help? thanks

  • Mainlander

    And here we are FIVE YEARS LATER and still issues with Adobe Digital Editions downloading from public libraries and no solution available anywhere. What a joke.

  • cynical48

    Go to your Kobo account and download everything to Adobe Digital Editions, which can then be loaded to your ereader with a single click. There are several benefits to doing this: 1) The Adobe library is stored on your computer in a way that the books can be identified, 2) your library is completely and reliably backed up, and most important 3) you never have to deal with another buggy update from Kobo that often results in lost books, inoperative ereaders, lost annotations, etc.
    I have had a Kobo for years and this has been my solution for crappy customer service and the incompetent tech staff who repeatedly send out untested updates.

  • Lynda

    I have had my Kobo touch for five years and until about nine months ago, it was great. Then after a software update around that time and after syncing, all of my library books that I had downloaded through Adobe Digital Editions had disappeared. Now it has come down to every time that I need to update and add books, I have to reset to factory defaults and add the books all over again. I am very disappointed after four years of trouble-free use. I got help from Kobo support and it helped once and then I had to go back to reloading everything to make it work.

  • Emanuel

    I just created an account here to say that Kobo Touch is a piece of useless crap. It doesn’t show anything into the library, it has a very annoying setup process, went through like 5 times restoring the settings. I’m going to return it to the store.

  • Arthur M.

    December 2015… Kobo Aura H2O upgrade, critical error, all my reading stats are gone…
    if the device is “syncing” , what exactly does it send to kobo’s servers , not my locally added books, not my reading stats, not the library / collection / books mapping…
    and to add an insult to injury, it is not possible to use the damn thing without singing into their cloud.
    I’m patiently waiting until amazon comes up with a 6.8″ device.

    I like the physical device, but the software, really sucks

  • Sal

    First if all DO NOT BUY this piece of crap. I wished I had found this blog instead of the reviews praising KOBO display. Thats the only thing good about it. My device keeps locking up and there is no fix for it. I work in IT and tried everything. Threw in the garbage bin the other night, but my wife fished it out unfortunately. The device is only 1.5 years old



    We bought a Kobo touch in December of last year. We were able to successfully download books through Calibre and all was good until September of this year – well before the one year warranty period expired. In early September, the device simply locked up displaying a static image. The power button and reset button did nothing to resolve the problem. There was no change when the charging cord was plugged in.

    We tried to resolve the problem through Indigo and were told that we would have to go through kobo’s “customer service”. We did that and sent clear photographs of the device to them. The device had no scratches, cracks or markings of any kind nor had it been dropped, exposed to water or handled inappropriately.

    A week after sending the photos, we were informed that their analysis had determined that there was physical damage to the display and, as a result, the warranty was void.

    We’re not quite sure how they made that determination from a photo alone especially since the photos could have been of a unit straight out of the box – there was absolutely NO physical damage to the device. We offered to take the unit to an Indigo store to have them confirm the lack of physical damage but have received no response so far. Frankly, given the initial response, I don’t expect to hear from them again but will eat crow and post again if they do.


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