• IronMac

    Timely post! I am on an ebook/e-reader forum and there have been a LOT of complaints. I have yet to receive my Vox but I am already putting together a small notebook of tips, tricks and hints.

    The Vox sounds like the classic rush it out the door and fix the bugs later type of product.

  • shubby

    This is a great post and all Kobo Vox users will appreciate this post. I’ve had the Vox for a week now and already opened up a ticket with customer support to return the device however after seeing this post, I will give it a few more days and try out some of the alternative markets (still sucks that android market isnt supported). The only reason I’m even considering it is because anything faster or more feature rich is like $500.

  • Thanks! We are trying our best to be the definitive source for the Kobo Vox!

  • Thanks IronMac. When you finish your notebook of tips and tricks let us know! We can update this post and put some of the choice stuff in it to help the community! 🙂

  • GoodEReaderFan

    Great post … thanks!  I had posted a comment a few days ago to an earlier Good E-Reader blog posting concerning the Kobo Vox about video playback from Youtube.  I had a positive experience with the Vox that day … however, since then I have tried the same type of test to double check that what I saw the first time really was the case or not.  It turns out to be the latter in it being a negative experience.  I do not know what had changed, but I was very disappointed and now feel that Kobo may well have missed the mark by just a hair in not putting in a bit faster processor and memory.  Just a tiny bit extra in the hardware and a little more testing for some of the other issues I am hearing about would have been a good idea.  Time will tell about the software issues.

  • Els2

    I  am really dissapointed in the fact that I cannot download books from the public library. This was not advertised anywhere and I called Kobo and told them this was very misleading.  I have the first Kobo reader and expected the same features as it but more.    There is also no way to get Java but they tell me they are working on that.  Not sure if I will keep it or not.

  • GoodEReaderFan

    I should have added to my comment a few minutes ago that I will wait to see how things progress for the Vox over the next little while and have not ruled it out for a possible Christmas list suggest 😉
    New devices being pushed out to the market these days all seem to have growing pains … this appears to be the case for the Vox as well.
    Crossing my fingers that, though I still would have like to have seen a faster processor and more memory, the software fixes and more users providing feedback to Kobo will advance things to where the Vox will shine as I believe it will.
    It really did work very well for the HD video Youtube playback one day and then a few days later … terrible results … so if it worked once there is the ability.  Again, time and patience needed by all 🙂

  • I am a big Kobo fan, and a bit of a techie. Some of the issues are definitely real–for example, YouTube does not work well. Video is fine, but YouTube is definitely wonky. I don’t worry about that kind of thing as it will no doubt be fixed quickly.

    Many of the other issues are related to problems new Android users encounter as they learn their way around their first Android powered device. For example, the installation of a file manager app makes browsing files very easy. It’s the way things like this are done on Android devices. Kobo probably should have included one out of the box.

    I bought the Vox as a “reader with benefits”, more than as a cheap iPAD replacement. I took some time to install apps I wanted (all of which, other than some apps by Google itself, were readily available from alternative app stores). I learned how to use the installed email program to use my Gmail and Google apps accounts from a thread on Mobile Read, and I was good to go.

    It’s actually more functional now than I thought it would be. There are problems, but like the article says, Kobo has an amazing development team, so I am confident that these things will be ironed out. Since Canadians are not going to get a functional Fire or the Nook anytime soon, it is a great choice. Btw, the screen on the Vox really is usable outside, as long as you turn down the brightness manually. That alone sets it apart from other devices.

  • I installed Aldiko reader app from the earlier Goodereader article. I then mounted the reader (which is how you connect Android devices) and could transfer books from Adobe ADE in the same way I transfer library  books to my Kobo Touch. You can also install the Overdrive Library App.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for this excellent rundown of issues — really helpful.  I have not had any problems per se but am discovering some of the limitations of the device.  Generally a great buy for the price!  I like the colour tablet for the magazines/comics but will still continue to use my e-ink reader for any serious book reading though (just can’t beat the charging once a month or longer).  I am glad I have not shelled out in the $500 range to get a tablet computer — if I had I’m sure I would be busy trying to justify my purchase in my mind by trying to use it to the max.

  • Charbel Awad

    Having an issue with my unit where it won’t wake from sleep.  Full battery, I tap the power button to turn off the screen then a little later, I tap it again but the unit won’t turn on.  I have to hold down the power button to force a full restart.  Seems to be intermittent.  A Kobo Dev said it’s a known issue and they are looking into it.  Holding onto my receipt.

  • things2DB2

    Thank-you for publishing this follow-up article to the original good-e-reader review which really praised the device.  Based on that early review, and a couple others, I decided to see for myself and took a trip to my local future shop.
    A bit about me; I’m a techie and am very familiar with both android and iOS (owning a device running each) and their respective app stores.  I spent a good 45 mins with the vox, which probably pissed off the future shop rep, but I wanted to see for myself what it could and could not do.  I found many of the same issues that you mention.  The big ones for me were:

    1) not being able to get rid of the bloatware, which is ironic since the vox is touted as the ‘open/freedom’ tablet

    2) I could not get the apps I wanted and am familiar with as they were not available

    3) the slowness of the device once you open a couple windows

    4) related to my previous point, the inability to access many of the flash based sites that my kids use to play games; either they did not load or were so slow it was painful.  On that note, I own a 6 year old eMac that is faster.

    As for e-reading, well, that seemed to be okay.  However, the device crashed twice on me when I was attempting to read a book while having facebook open in a browser window at the same time. 

    My advice, if you want an ereader, get the kobo touch.  My wife has one and it is fantastic, not a single problem.

    For 200 bucks, I walked 2 aisles over and tried an acer netbook with an atom processor.  In regards to  browsing, youtube, etc…, it killed the vox in every way.

    If you want a decent tablet, at this point in time I think you will need to pony up the 300 to 500 (at least in Canada) to get something that is stable and will perform what you want it to do.

  • I can’t access my built in dictionary on my kobo vox.  I have downloaded a dictionary but I have to leave what I’m reading, open the dictionary app and then type in the word.  The older kobos let you tap on the screen and a definition popped up in the middle of the page.  When I called Kobo they told me they would call me back with an answer but I haven’t heard from them for 6 days.  If you know how to accesss the built in dictionary, I sure would appreciate it.

  • Charbel Awad

    Am I missing something?  I tried your link to install appbrain but I’m greeted with a “You do not have permission to open this page.  martket://….” error.  I’ve turned on the allow Unknown Sources and I still get it.  Is this site blocked for Canadian IPs?

  • Brad Burns

    Thanks for this review and to everyone’s comments. I’ve been wanting a Kobo Vox ever sice I first saw that it was coming out – especially since the Kindle Fire isn’t really Canada-friendly (yet). I almost pre-ordered the Vox about a month ago but since this was to be my first eReader device I decided to wait for the reviews and then I came across this article. Because of all these issues, I will unfortunately not be purchasing a Vox anytime soon. If Kobo had done some more real-use testing and delayed the Vox for a couple of months while fixing all of these issues then I most-likely have been a long time customer – but now, because of all the issues, I’m not sure I will ever be a Kobo customer.

  • Andrew Graham

    My KOBO VOX was shipped with absolutely no apps or ‘bloat ware’ at all…..just the blank android 2.3 OS….so I can’t even get access to my KOBO books. I can connect to the wireless and surf the net..but that is all!

  • gera

    So glad to find you! I’m trying to install apps but they don’t show up on the main screen for launching…. tried installing itunes to no avail. No MSN – no CBC- yesterday I was getting error boxes and couldn’t even open the users guide! After talking to the tech on the phone I exchanged the first unit for another one… I’ve spent this morning trying to get  itunes – beginning to regret this purchase.

  • guest

    Buying an iPadmight solve the iTunes issue.

  • gera

    Sarcasm isn’t terribly helpful.

  • tess

    I too contacted Kobo re the library issue (I work at a public library and KNOW there will be questions)…here is the reply I received:

    Thank you for reaching out to us. OverDrive is currently available for Android
    devices and can be downloaded onto the Kobo Vox by following the below steps:

    Download the Overdrive app from here: http://www.overdrive.com/software/omc/

    – Type the above link into the Kobo Vox browser
    – Find the section that states “If your device doesn’t support Android Market,
    you can download OverDrive Media Console for Android from OverDrive” and select
    the link
    – Agree to the terms
    – The download will start
    – After the download is complete, open the system bar by dragging down from the
    top of the screen. This will display the system bar.
    – Tap on the OverDrive download in order to install
    – Select ‘Open’ once the installation is complete
    – OverDrive will be installed and in the ‘All Apps’ section and can be placed
    onto the home screen at any time.

    **Please note: Kobo does not officially support OverDrive or any of it’s
    components. Should you have any issues with the application, please contact

    We hope that this provides you with an answer to your question. Should you have
    any others, please feel free to contact us.

  • guest

    My new Kobo Vox has a serious light bleeding problem around the edge of the screen.  It’s not noticeable on light backgrounds, but on dark backgrounds there is a bright yellow band that runs halfway down the left side of the screen and a yellow semi-circle about the size of a quarter on the right side of the screen.  Pretty annoying when watching videos or reading in low light.  Thinking of returning it to Indigo.

  • We added a new amendment to the main post that shows you how to download books from Overdrive and the direct download link to install the Android client to your Vox.

  • IronMac


  • Hey guys! We have updated this post 10 times today! Adding in new information and putting more apps on the list. We noticed some users saying some of the applications they tried to download do not work. We posted many of them on our own good e-reader servers for direct downloads, so you don’t have to deal with a 3rd party! Keep the questions and problems coming and we will constantly update the main post to reflect most common problems and questions.

  • Laurel Pratt

    I have been trying since last night to read and cannot. I am able to access email, facebook and most applications but when i go to kobo, shop kobo,  read now or library, it won’t load and states on kobo “loading…”. This message has not changed since last night. I have charged my kobo vox and i have closed and tried to shut down still says “loading…”.  Also, repeatly pushing on the buttons that don’t see to work, it finally shows a message “Sorry, The application Kobo (process com.kobobooks.pegasus.android) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again.”  Then after a short time another message “Sorry, Application Launcher (in process com.android.launcher) is not responding. Have a bunch of pre-loaded apps corrupted?   Help. Thanks, this is my second kobo and i just love the vox but this issue is a pain.  Reload it somehow and then reconfigure again or just return it (with memory issues?)

  • Try and factory reset your device

  • RC

    Having a couple of issues. Bought 3 in total (myself, daughter and one for my mother).

    I also noticed that it does not charge when on.

    My mother’s is having the same issue as noted below (by Laurel Pratt). Worked fine for a day. When she turned it on this morning, the default screen area that shows book covers was grey and said loading. It stayed that way… Called Chapters help for the Kobo Vox(1-855-732-3662) and spoke with an entireless useless customer service rep that barely (and I mean barely) spoke english. After half an hour, she told me to hard reset it (hold power down for 10 seconds). Of course that didn’t work. She escalated it to a technician who will supposedly call my mother to follow up.

    Couple of funny things: She identified herself as a technician and then told me she would escalate it to a technician.

    I was on hold for 29 minutes before getting some live due to “high volume of calls”

    When I asked, she told me that no one else had this issue (sure….)

    Guess we will see if it gets fixed, otherwise Bestbuy will be getting returns.

  • AppBrain requires Android Market access.

  • Overdrive works for me. Now, if i have a book in overdrive on my desktop, I might not be able to have the same book on my Vox. I have no idea how many copies they allow.

  • Laurel Pratt

    it worked thanks so much

  • Jaadunn

    We have been unable to finish the initial opening .  When we get to the enter your Kobo account it either states that the password or account is incorrect or doesnot exist. So far have spent the day on the phone with no results except we are now a tier 2 problem and should hear sometime…
    We tried to enter through Facebook but again could not access the Kobo library.  It turned on we rebooted it but continue to get the error message and have not made it to the 4 and final stage of start up. Grrrrrrr it is sooo frustrating .

  • Aycn602

    RAM isn’t 512 …. as if this wasn’t already low enough … i bought two vox and they both have 200-300 mb? what is with this?
    and memory is obvs not 8 gb but 5.3 ish. what is with false advertising? imo this is ridiculous tho i see many products being like this… anyone know why?

  • G_fresh6969

    This page saved me..got the device on launch but was too busy to play with it for more than a few minutes. Thought something was wrong with my unit or the firmware. I found everything on this page including stuff I haven’t discovered yet. Thanks.
    Quick Q- can I read .PDFs with a file manager or is there a specific app for that? Assuming no native pdf reader ships on the Vox? Also, anyone notice a backlight coming from corners of screen when black?

  • Bruce

    Not using crappy Apple software would solve ur problem

  • You can download an Android PDF Viewer. Try installing this one goodereader.com/blog/uploads/files/AndroidPdfViewer_1_0_1.apk

  • IronMac

    Yeah, it’s called stupidity.

  • IronMac

    PDFs are not natively supported on the Vox but there are a couple of readers/apps for that. Here are a couple gleaned from another site:

    – MobilePDFViewer
    – PerfectViewer but you need a PDF reader plugin (Google the developer’s site – RookieStudio?)

  • G_fresh6969

    Uh..or so I thought. What else can I do if I can’t power on my Vox? I’ve tried hard reset and nothing. If I press the power button once nothing happens, if I hold it the orange light intermittently blinks but nothing happens. Tried pressing power on again and nothing. It’s like its dead.

  • IronMac

    With regards to web browsers for the Vox, I have heard that the Dolphin browser has security issues or that it reports back your websurfing habits.

    An alternative that’s been touted by a few other people is to use Opera. You can get it at m.opera.com. Someone says to skip the first one/link because it’s the Android Market version. Sorry, but this is all second hand info that I have gleaned from elsewhere.

    To Good E-reader(Michael?), I will send an email with the tips et al later on this weekend.

  • IronMac

    Usually, it’s one copy per library cardholder. That’s because public libraries decide how many copies to “purchase” from the publishers. 

  • IronMac

    I wouldn’t call it a great choice but the only choice.

    I ordered my Vox within hours of it being announced and rec’d it in Toronto on the 28th. I was on the fence about returning it because of all the horror stories that I was hearing. Michael from here told me to keep it and that Kobo should iron things out. Good thing that it’s on a slow boat to Singapore because it will give Kobo lots of time to do so.

  • IronMac

    Not to start a holy war but you need to read the original post more closely.

  • You can download it just fine, but when you go to purchase an app, it is coming from Android Market, which is not usable on Vox.

  • This is a known issue with Android 2.3.3, not a Vox problem.  The solution seems to be to download and install advancedwifilockfree.apk . The setting should be “never” , which is its default. I have no idea why it occurs some of the time for some people and never for others.

  • Lupicin65

    Ever try reading a User manual? There is a good guide at the Kobo book store – free. I have had zero problems and think this is a super device for ebooks and a good device for casual computing: exactly what my wife wanted.

  • IronMac

    If you had read the Good e-reader post you would see that some people’s access to the manual was mucked up.

  • Mich

    I’ve had the same problem and still can.t get past the initial setup. I already returned my first vox for similar problems so think I might give up.

  • Ann

    Thank you for the advice about Overdrive – I am able to access my public library books after all!

  • G_fresh6969

    Good E-Reader can you help me with my comment- I can’t turn the device on. Looks like its bricked.

  • Sarahtshannon

    There seems to be a wide variation in Quality so far.  There have been a LOT of people who have had absolutely no problems, which is lovely!

    There have also been people like me.  *grin*

    It took a week, and a couple posts/about a half dozen PMs on the MobileRead forum for me to get this device working.   My original help ticket was never responded to, and my attempt to call the help line failed – the first person I got said they couldn’t hear me, and the second seemed to have a shaky grasp of English and was confused. 

    On the other hand, I posted a request on the MobileRead forum for any suggestions about what to do, and got two responses from users the same day, and a response from two Kobo employees and a few more users the next.   So you CAN get good help, and a quick response from Kobo, but not through their official channels.  I suspect they may be using an outsourced service to handle their technical support, while the developers and sales people are on major forums?

    Like a small minority of people, I couldn’t get past the Tablet Upgrade error till the third Wi Fi connection I tried.   Once that was done, it worked beautifully for 2.5 hours, till I tried to shut it off and found the power button totally unresponsive.


    After the battery ran down, the power button remained unresponsive, so the unit wouldn’t turn on.  A Kobo rep suggested removing the back (scary, but not hard) and pressing the manual reset button above the battery.   This did not work for me, so in a fit of desperation I removed the battery and put it back in again.  The Vox turned back on!

    …unfortunately the power button was still entirely decorative.

    In desperation, I went into Firmware Upgrade and tried to do it again.   The power button promptly became functional again, the battery level tracking began working, and I haven’t had a bit of trouble with it since!  It’s a great eReader, and I’ve had no problems navigating to sites I want to look at or sending email.  I’m just starting to really dig into the apps today, but I love this eReader now that it’s working!

    My advice?  Unless you’re fairly technical and willing to go out of your way to get help, hold off till January/February.  By that time, they should have worked out most of the bugs, and for my purposes, it really is a great device for a good price. 

    And if your Mom wants an eReader for Christmas?  Go with the Kobo Touch. 🙂 

  • RC

    I was able to resolve the issue I described below, where my mother could not access her kobo library.

    Go into settings, privacy and select factory reset. Yes, you lose everything in the device but it does reset it clean and afterwards she was able to reload her books and continue with use.

    Not what I would call a perfect solution but at least it gets it back to square 1.

  • Aycn602

    stupidity on my part? can u explain?

  • Antonio

    I recently purchased the Kobo Vox and I finally put my hands on it
    today for the first time. However, during my first experience with the
    device I encountered a major problem. Everything was working perfectly
    fine until the most recent software was downloaded. After a restart, I
    kept receiving the following error message:
    “Sorry! The process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly.
    Please try again”. The only option offered is to “Force Close”.
    I tried to move forward with the first set-up of my Kobo Vox but the
    same error message keeps coming-up and doesn’t allow me to properly
    sign-in into my Kobo account.

    I am really frustrated with this technical problem. It would be great
    if somebody could please help with this issue.

  • IronMac

    Not on your part, on the manufacturers’ part.

  • Jack Buffy

    I tried loading movies and music onto the microSD card and I mostly can’t read them.  I can play the music with the “Music” app that came with the Vox, but not with 3rd party apps like Meridian, which simply doesn’t seem to see the microSD card.  I loaded two file managers, including Astro, and they can’t find the microSD card at all either.  Finally, for movies, there is no built-in app and, once again, no 3rd party app I installed like Rockplayer or Meridian can even see the microSD card.  The only way I can play a movie is to load it to the Vox directly (not the microSD card) and find it in Astro, click on it, and select it; I get a pop-up list with Meridian, Rockplayer and “Movie”, which seems to be an app (and works), but I can’t find an icon or widget for it anywhere.  I’m looking forward to these bugs being fixed.

    So, three major problems:  1) 3rd party apps can’t see the microSD card; 2) there seems to be a “Movie” app built-in (accessible indirectly through Astro) but there’s no icon for it; 3) nothing can detect or read the microSD card, including built-in apps, expect apparently for ebooks through the Kobo app library.  This last point is the oddest, because the Vox itself can store up to 4000 books, which, at one book a day (a very fast pace) it would take 10 years to read them all; there’s no reason to include a microSD reader just to get MORE books.  The microSD card is for media like music and movies, but you can’t currently use it for that.  Help!

  • Dissapointed

    Bought one and have had nothing but issues for the last few days. Total waste of money IMHO. A 2nd hand ipad1 offers much more functionality for a similar price.

  • Eileen Muir

    I just brought my Kobo Vox home today and cannot connect to a wireless network. Scanning came up with three networks and after trying each of them, they all are out of range and the Kobo is not scanning for any others. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. 

  • LOL, i would return this and get a new one! 

  • G_fresh6969

    How did you remove the back? My kobo is a paperweight at this point…

  • Nairavinesh

    I have tried the Overdrive Consule but it automaticly goes into an audiobooks only even though the epubs are availabe, when it tries to down load it does not even give me the option to authorize with my adobe id. When I downloaded the Overdrive Consule for my Windows xp, i cant access anything but audio and cd. There isnt an option for libray anywhere on the page. Can anyone help? i am terrible with these things and hate that i have to do all this just to down load library books into the vox. Also I have tried what was suggested to see vox on my Computer and all the i get is removeable dsik e

  • Nairavinesh

    Can you tell me how exactly I can go this to use the Kobo Vox for transfering library books from ADE. I am not very techy so you might have to give me the step by step. Thank you very much.

  • Nairavinesh

    I tried this but I cant get ebooks on my overdrive, i can only excess audiobooks, does anybody know why?

  • We added 3 new tutorials today!! We show you how to get Netflix on your vox to watch streaming videos. Also tutorials on how to use Overdrive and how to read books that you needed Adobe Digital Editions to import content.

  • Nairavinesh

    sorry for all the questions, where exactly are the tutorials on your website, like i said i am really useless at this sort of thing, but I bought two kobo vox for my girls and am trying to make the local library ebooks accessible and so far, nothing i have tried has helped and your site has been extremely helpful.

  • Sarahtshannon

    Fingernails between the “quilted part” and the rest of the device, then prying slowly.  I found the top right corner easiest to pull up, but that might have been coincidence.  Hope that helps!

  • Dyloe

    Hallo Vicky, i am having the same problem here where can we download this app?

  • Dyloe

    Found a link for people who dont have access to the market. Developper ‘s website is opotech

  • Wleddy

    I installed the netflix appposted here and it works. I live in Canada and did not have to mask my IP. This site has posted the best info to date!

    Thanks !

  • G_fresh6969

    Thanks so much Sarah! It worked! So relieved. To anyone experiencing the same problem, do a manual reset as mentioned above. The button is actually located on the bottom left corner of the battery. My power button is working fine so I didn’t need to do the firmware upgrade again. I can finally use my Kobo Vox again!!

  • Sinainn

    Thank you!!! I was so frustrated with this thing, and very ready to return it. It’s finally working. I purchased it with the intent of borrowing library books, not necessarily purchasing them.

  • Aycn602

    this might be a first but my kobo doesn’t charge when its OFF … only charges when its on… its weird. and as well, how do we fix the problem of it turning on by itself during sleep mode? I’ve tried to turn it off and then on again but that doesn’t seem to be working

  • Dalehuhtala

    Really fantastic work here! You’ve taken a frustrating product and made it bear able – even useful! Kobo needs you badly!!!!

  • Charbel Awad

    Will do, thx!

  • Maria

    This is not an Apple product!!!! so obviously you cant install itunes on it!!!!!!!!!! Its NOT sarcasm its reality… Android and Apple apps don’t MIX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wolfgang Huettinger

    the YouTube problem and the no charging problem got solved on my Vox by doing a factory reset. 

    I still have problems with:
    Wifi – after wakeup it does not connect by itself sometimes (50%)

    and the screen gets magically tapped on – while I am reading the menu shows up every 15-60min. Once it stopped a video. 

    I recommend to install a app (supertask found on slideme.com) to close running aps as the memory is only 512 MB and if you kill apps you don’t need it feels much faster (I always kill the rdio app,…. ) and I dont use the Facebook app as there is no real need for that (hate facebook and have it on my iphone). 

    One flaw: the firmware update app does not really check for updates! I had it locked in a wifi where I would need to sign in in the broswer but the app “checked” without access to internet! 

    BTW: Wifi login with WPA2 works. Wifi login with login in browser worked in all the networks I went – campus and mall wifi. 

    One of the reason why I like it is that it plays all video formats and I do not have to recode all video files before I put it on this device as I would have to when I would use an iPad. (I use Meridian on the Vox). Streaming Upnp works as well (UPnPlay app). 
    And I found a good file browser (File Expert version 2.6.4 – other version had problem with the Samba access!).

  • G_fresh6969

    OK reporting back with more problems/advice. My device doesn’t want to charge now; whether its ON or OFF. I tried the hard reset and nothing. I might do a factory reset but I spent literally all of lastnight just downloading all the appropriate applications. About that, I found several apps worked while others didnt:

    1. For PDFs (as this is my primary way of reading ebooks)- I’ve noticed the best so far is RepliGo Reader. I use this on my blackberry and it is by far the best. I’ve tried all the recommended ones including the Android PDF reader and the other ones mentioned below but they couldn’t open my files properly or didn’t have a good user interface. Another one which is really good is Aldiko which doubles as a book reader. They are both really good.
    2. For FileManager- Astro is good and that’s the only one ive tried (Because it works well).
    3. For Browser- Dolphin
    4. For Media Player- I found Meridian doesn’t play my downloaded .avi files properly and it is not full screen. I now use the normal “movie” app which comes preloaded or VLC (For Web Interface).
    5. For Music, I just use the stock music app; havent tried others.
    6. For Utilties, Im using advanced task killer, juice defender and memory booster lite but I cannot comment if they are the best since I havent had time to try others.

    Happy Voxing!

  • Exebguy

    My wife’s Vox has the same issue when it comes to connecting to the Wifi…The on/off button seems to work randomly. Plus it seems to randomly turn itself off.

    I initially bough 3 Vox but have since returned mine. Too many quirks for my liking. We’ll see about the other two…

  • Robin Ashe

    I’d say at this point what you’ve got with the Kobo Vox is an eReader that’s suitable for color PDFs. I’ve been holding off on buying an e-Ink one because the main stuff I’m interested in is anatomy text books, which need better performance and a colour screen. The Vox should be adequate for that, but in the last couple years the Web has become one of the most demanding applications on any computer.

    I’d say that even a $300-$500 tablet doesn’t cut it due to the screens on most of them being unsuitable for use in sunlight. Only the Nook Tablet (just announced) really has a shot at being competetive, and I have to say at $50 more it’s very tempting. Just waiting on it to get rooted and have MIUI, and then I can run the Kobo app and use Pulse 🙂 That’s actually the really nice thing with Kobo – you can use any bookstore you like, as long as it’s open, and you can use Kobo on any device.

  • Robin Ashe

    It likely has 512MB, with over 200MB used by the OS and therefore not usable for anything else.

  • Allanwright

    This may be an obvious comment, but I think that anyone who buys a device like this immediately after it is released is OUT OF THEIR MIND, unless they love spending their time finding and fixing bugs, developing workarounds, browsing forums, downloading patches, etc. etc. etc.

    I may get one of these but not for at least 6 months.

  • Sbrown26

    That could have something more to do with Android than the Vox itself. Unless the app was updated to work with an SD card  you are stuck using the internal memory instead. I could be wrong about that though but have run into it with my wifes Android phone a few times.

  • G_fresh6969

    Well I got it turned on, but no it doesnt want to charge ON or OFF. Did a hard reset, and a factory reset and nothing. Will give it another day until I exchange it for a (hopefully) working one. The screen bleeding blacklight is still an issue and something that is annoying to look at. What other ereaders like this are available on the market right now? Will the Kindle Fire ever come to canada? Return or exchange this device?

  • phil

    I’m a techie and I knew what I was buying, my expectations were not crazy … But this thing is just horrible.  I was planning to give this to my wife, but there’s way too many issues.  It’s going back to the store.

  • Donna Huck

    I’m having two problems.  I can’t download some Andriod apps, eg:  Astro File Manger.  When I try to install I get a message “There are no Android phones associated with this account. Please sign in with a different account.”  How do I establish an account?

    The second problem is some apps will download, but will not install.  When I click on install, it will say it is installing, but then gives a message “application not installed”.  Am I doing something wrong.  I have installed other apps with no problem.

  • Jsokal

    Your comment is neither obvious nor does it make any sense. If no one was “OUT OF THEIR MIND” and never purshased a new device when it comes out, then what is really obvious is that there would be no devices out there for anyone ever!!! A device coes out but no one buys it for 6 months.


  • SKLibrarian

    You should be able to download the book to multiple devices. When I check out a library ebook, I can have it on my desktop, on my old-school Kobo, and on the Kobo app on my iPod Touch without any trouble.

  • BillyClub

       I’m a senior and never owned a reader B4 so a few questions to start…Can you download the apps mentioned in the forum to your computers Hard Drive and then install from there or copy/move the APK file to SD card and then install… or must you D/L it directly to the VOX…or D/L it with the computer and save it to the VOX, if so to what folder???
    I D/L’ed a few a couple of days B4 I recieved the machine but don’t want to do something I’ll regret…So far with what I have done with it, the results are favorable but thats most likely due to not having anything to compare it to !!!

  • Gottabekd1

    I managed to install netflix and it sees to be working despite me being in Canada. Well, almost working – there is sound but no video. Anyone else have this problem? It also tries to update the app when I first open it but then it hangs.

  • Rablink

    I am wondering about playing .mkz video files. I get the picture fine but no audio. Any ideas?? These posts are great BTW. I am learning a lot about my new Vox.

  • Barb

    I’ve got Netflix working on my KoboVox in Canada, but the voice and video don’t sync.

  • Mitchy1319

    can anyone tell me (and forgive me if this is an amatuer question) but I currently do not have an ereader of any sort… I want to know if you can use the Kobo Vox as purely an ereader without being connected via wifi? I want to be able to read my books and will not always have a wifi connection…

  • Nairavinesh

    Thank you very very much for the Aldiko App for reading library books, it worked like a charm!!

  • Ramcnabb

    I am having trouble turning on my Kobo vox.  Initially it was fine however, after I charged it overnight I was no longer ever able to turn it on again.  I have phoned Kobo help line 3X nobody can seem to help.  All they tell me is that they are elevating my problem to “tier two. I have emailed them twice as well. There only response is that once again I am being elevated to “tier two”  My last call was how do I return this machine which I no longer want ( I bought the machine directly from Kobo).  After 20 frustrating minutes on the phone I could get no answer except that I am being – once again – elevated to tier two.  Anyone know how I can return this???

  • G_fresh6969

    So I am on my second Kobo Vox. The first one didn’t want to start nor charge and I had all the problems known to man for this device, so I exchanged it at Indigo. I was pretty much fed up with the device but gave Kobo one last shot. Im sure glad I did…the device is working perfectly and I have just used it my first time on the subway and at work and lunch. I haven’t received one problem that I encoutered through my first experience, and I think the reason that is is because I got a device that wasn’t available the day of. I am pretty sure my first kobo was defective and that it what the Kobo rep told me. If I encounter any of the charging isuses I am going to return for full refund right away. I urge anyone with the charging issue to exchange for another device, it could be yours is defective too. First though, try all the resets (manual, hard, and battery reset). Hope this helps- loving my kobo vox now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • G_Fresh6969

    See other posts- exchanged defective Kobo Vox with another one and not a single problem with the new one. Looks like I got a lemon!

  • Ash

    Sooo….Have had my Vox for just over a week now and all of a sudden today I can’t get into my Library.  A warning window keeps popping up saying “The application Kobo (process com.kobobooks.pegasus android) has stopped unexpectedly.  Please try again.”  And then it makes me force close it.  And ideas for a fix? 

  • 7tsprog

    I had this same problem the other day and decided to do a factory reset as i could not find another way around the problem. Not that I had much stuff on it at that time, I did backup what user stuff I did have.

  • Kerk72

    Yes, you can read when there is no wifi available, but you need some way of getting books onto the device, so having wifi sometimes would be really helpful although I believe you can connect to a computer to do that if needed.

  • PdL

    I have had a series of minor problems and am hoping a software/firmware update is coming soon otherwise it is going back before the return date elapses. The most annoying issue is it refusing to power on after turning it off. Usually have to hold the power button for a while then power on normally. This causes me to have to manually re-establish Wi-Fi connections numerous times per day.

  • Lowhongsang79


    This is a great review and I beginning to consider getting a Kobo Vox for myself. Just a few more questions, which is more android related than ereader. I love to read and I reckon I just need a minimal tablet. Vox sounds perfect. I do use a lot of android apps on my smartphone. 

    Apart from Android Market, is it true that all other apps can be downloaded else where? for example, economists, BBC official apps; photo editing apps such as pixlr-o-matic etc…

    How about apps that I have made a purchase through android market? is there anyway I can port them over?


  • Lowhongsang79

    also, since Android Market is not available in the Vox, how do you handle app upgrade?


  • luv2read

    My reader worked great for almost a week – Now I get “The application Kobo (process com.kobobooks.pegasus.android) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again “FORCE CLOSE”

    The kobo help desk was not helpful even with a factory reset & clearing all the data and cache.  I’m still waiting to find a fix or to get return instructions…

  • luv2read

    replying to myself.. Fixed the problem – hold volume up nd power for 10 seconds until it factory resets.  Restart & go to settings >privacy > factory reset. 
    Restart the unit & re-enter the setup – it worked for me.

  • Richard

    disconnecting and reconnecting the battery brought mine back to life, it woke up with 0% battery and started to charge again.

    I slid my finger nail around until I found a spot that moved a little more than the rest. 

  • Sheerine

    I’ve bought a book via the Kobo store and it has been downloading for a very long time.  It seems ‘stuck’  my previous purchases all downloaded when I initially setup but this is the first ‘new’ purchase I’ve made via the Vox… not happy…  Any suggestions?

  • been

    I recently bought a kobo vox and it is my first ereader. There are lots of things I like about it, but some little things that I felt should have been addressed by kobo.

    – Even though it is an LCD screen, I have been reading for 4-5 h straight and my eyes were not strained.
    – the size is great, the style is chic
    – love the reading modes
    – good for very basic browsing internet
    – internet is a decent speed.
    – reading life and pulse is kind of neat

    – REALLY BIG CON is that even in “lock” mode with wifi off, my battery drains!! so really, it’s up to 7 hours after the charge no matter what status the vox is in. I usually end up turning it off in between reads
    – browser is great, like the above post, sometimes it lags and crashes. But I get that this is not a tablet really, so don’t expect it to run as efficient as an ipad.
    – Sometimes the menus/settings are hard to find.
    – my wifi doesn’t automatically turn on when you “turn on” wifi. You still have to select the connection to connect to.
    – kobo does not give detailed manual for how to do specific things on the reader (ie, change folder name?)
    – I wished it came installed with avi and other video format players.
    – The keyboard lags a little bit, might work better with a stylus?
    – the screen is a little bit “sticky”, and some selections require a more firm tough to open the application.
    – it doesn’t read word documents.

    I know it sounds like a lot of things are wrong with the vox, but I really am happy with what I paid for.
    Again, I don’t feel like this is a tablet (it’s more meant to be an ereader) so don’t expect it to function like one for $200 and battery life of 7h.
    If you are looking for a more advance use, go for a notebook or a different tablet.

  • Guest

    Why would they be out of their minds? Kobo is not exactly breaking into unchartered territotry with this device, it is just a rebranded Android tablet. It is not at all unreasonable to expect it to work as advertised, especially when competing companies like Amazon and Apple consistently release very solid products. The problem with the Vox is that the issues being reported suggest very rushed quality assurance testing.

  • Penelope

    I’ve had the same problem however it has been 48 hours+ and the help desk hasn’t been in contact. Quick question…were you able to retrieve all of your purchased books after you reset and cleared everything? I tried the same but only recovered two out of 8 books.

  • Ap2tm

    Yesterday, I returned the KOBO and will buy again when all the fixes are done. I liked the device very much. The reason I returned is to stay in the return policy of the store. I donot want to ended up with a device which has problems (in case Kobo does not fix becasue now it is taken over by a Japanese company).
    I found the wifi was erratic. It most of the time turns off and does not reconnect until you power cycle it. I also faced the problem of battery randomly drained completely.
    One thing I did not like at all was that you have to use the charger which came with it. You cannot use any computer usb port to charge it. I almost bricked mine by using blackberry charger. It did not work for one day even doing a power cycle. But finally came back with default factory setup.

  • PdL

    Yep, I had the same Wi-Fi issues (among other things) as you did. I too returned mine while I wait for them to sort out the bugs. It’s a shame because it is perfect in many ways—just not ready for prime time, I guess.

  • K M Forsyth

    i tried a stylus on mine, and it did not pick up the typing at all.

  • Bill

    Problem with setting up email on Sympatico in Aliant in Nova Scotia. Tried everything but won’t setup email

  • Ap2tm

    I am also quite technical savvy. I preferred this above other tablets. It works great. Little sluggish. I just looked a HTC Flyer which is available for 299 is US (but $500 in Canada; sucks to be in Canada). It has more bells ans whistles and better processing speed. Good things about HTC is that you can upgrade to newer version of android ICS. Or wait for x-mas time when mostly items goes on sales. I missed the time whe HP was selling their discontinued tablet for $99.

  • Best_gramma

    My Vox ‘s wi-fi has stopped working I have tried & tried & nothing. Any suggesions regarding this?

  • Marcees42

    I bought 15 days ago my kovo vox.  I have been trying to turning on without any success.  It is not working although the light indicates that the battery is full (green light).

    Any idea what to do?


  • eichorn

    I purchased the Kobo Vox 3 1/2 weeks ago and I have been trying to put books on it from my local public library. I called the Kobo Help line three times,but they are so incompetent and have no right to be employed! They were very confused, put me on hold many times, looking for more information and told me twice that the Kobo Vox does not support city library books??????
    Chapters Bookstore was the most helpful actually, emailing me detailed instructions, however I am at a standstill. I followed these instructions:
    To read library books download Overdrive to your Vox, (not your computer) from here, http://goodereader.com/blog/electronic-readers/essential-kobo-vox-apps -and-tools/  under “Mainstream Reader Apps” choose Overdrive.
    Open the browser and go to your local library page.  If you live in KW region you can go to http://www.downloadlibrary.ca.   You will need a library card to do this.  The first time you download books you will have to obtain an Adobe ID (there will be a box to click where you can get one), and later will be prompted to authenticate it.  If you get an error in the authentication, make sure your Vox is set to the correct Time Zone.  Once downloaded, books will show up in Overdrive App, rather than in the Vox Library.  (Unfortunately you will not be able to resize the font).

    My problem is I am experiencing  the following message:        Error contacting Adobe activation service.(error code 2001)

  • TB

    Have the new Kobo Vox since Monday, did the updates when I first powered it, worked fine until today. It will not turn on now. At first I had the orange light, so I charged the device, it went on for 5 hours, light was green tried to power it on but nothing. The orange light will come and go and that’s it. Tried to open it and do the reset, didn’t work. I am willing to give it one last chance but if the thing will not boot then I will send it back to futureshop and ask for a refund.

    If anyone can help, would appreciate.


  • Markr_0410

    I am a big fan of Kobo, already have the wifi reader and bought the Vox when it came out. I wanted to like this very much but as the comments illustrate, it does have a few bugs that have yet to be ironed out. What attracted me to the Vox was its lower priced tag in terms of having an e-reader/tablet combination. I  mean, I was buying it primarily for the e-reading and thought the whole idea of it functioning as a tablet was pretty cool. Ironically, after buying it I couldn’t stop playing with the apps and was actually wishing I had a more powerful tablet, one that wasn’t limited like the Vox is (in that area) and one that wouldn’t crash near so much. So I returned it to buy the Acer A100 (for a $100 more). Wow! What a difference in speed, functionality and reliability. The Kobo reading app is identical (except for its Pulse feature, which I do miss). But everything else made the additional $100 worth it. Though the Vox may catch up with a few firmware upgrades, right now I’d recommend spending $100 more for another 7″ tablet that will do so much more.

  • Cosmanjoe

    When I try to get onlineI get a notice Sorry!, The application browser (processcom.android.browserhas stopped unxpectedly.
    Please try again.The button below the message is FORCE CLOSE

  • Heyjude1

    That is the biggest issue for me as well; very misleading as toborrowing from the library. I spent 3 hrs at Chapters today and after calling Vox, the library etc; we were no further ahead. I had my laptop with me, if the Vox wasrecognized as a device by my computer it would solve that as it wouldshow up on the Adobe Digital Editions, by which we can download our library e-books. I will go back to the touch if this isn’t resolved

  • grandmajudylamb

    I have installed Aldiko; not sure what you mean by you” mounted” the reader. I couldn’t figure how to transfer library books for ADE

    I have also installed overdrive. Please Help!

  • grandmajudylamb

    Thank you, thank you, now have a library book!!!!

  • I call Holy War on readers who don’t read the Original Post!

  • Did you try rebooting it? Sometimes the device runs out of memory

  • grandmajudylamb

    Gradually solving some of the problems I had; a big one was being able to use my library to borrow books- hurray for solving that goodereader! I am still unable to watch videos; any suggestions and yes I have downloaded Flash player. Thanks, this is such a great site!

  • Neil

    I pre-ordered the vox and received it early. I was thoroughly dissapointed and experienced many of the above problems. I was hoping to get both my boys one for xmas and put myself up as the guinea pig. My most used reading app is Reader for my RSS feeds, without a true gmail app and account sync I wasn’t able to use Reader other than in a browser, which is less than ideal, on top of the other issues mentioned above, back to the store it went!

    I was looking for a glorified reader that wasn’t completely locked down and the Vox had potential, who knows it might be worth while in a few months time if they iron out the wrinkles. I’m on my fourth android device and typically it takes a good 4-6 months before these things seemed to get the majority of the bugs ironed out, yes it’s pretty typical for these companies to release them before they are ready.

    After returning the Vox I went with an Acer Iconia A100, which I also ended up returning, mostly due to the terrible screen, the viewing angle in my most used position was terrible. The OS was a little clunky and I was getting plenty of app crashes. I finally picked up an HTC Flyer on a trip to the states, wow this is a bargain for $300, it’s just so solid and polished and everything works beautifully. I agree it’s a little overkill for a colour ereader but I love this thing, and the enhanced Kobo app on it is pretty sweet. Now only if it could be had for this price in Canada.


  • Lizcrewes

    Question.  Can I play scrabble and if so, ?against the Vox. or against another player.
    Does it come as a free app?

  • BigCliff1946

    I tried that and after two days of trying still couldn’t get it to work so I took it into my local library thinking I must be doing something wrong. They told me that they still can’t get it to work either.

    I am very disapointed with KOBO right now and their customer service is no help at all. Numerous calls and emails resulted in no help or resposnse other than it had been escalited to tier 2 and someone would respond within 24-48 hours. A week later we got an email telling us they had tried to contact us but couldn’t so they considered the matter resolved.

    This might be a good product if you are very tech savy and can figure out how to get around all the problems but if you want a good Ereader then the VOX is not a good choice at the moment.

  • carlydm

    i cannot get youtube to stream whatsoever! I’ve downloaded adobe, and i downloaded a different youtube app that was recommended. either they don’t play whatsoever, or the picture/sound freezes, which causes such an issue with the device. anyone got any better ideas? 

  • Arunchabria

    hi just got a new kobo vox, was using it on charge when it just went dark. the battery was hovering at 10 %. now it wont switch on at all. any ideas?

  • Mumsews

    Best Buy in Canada reduced the price by $20 LAST WEEKEND …before the holiday sales started.  Firesale already?

  • Tj10

    I have had just about all the problems mentioned in these posts. I waited for the update to see if things would be fixed, but my kobo was turning into a fixture attached to the charger all the time. Finally, I took it back to Chapters to return it. Like others, I didn’t want to return it to get another lemon but the manager said that if there was a problem with this one I could get my money back. I too, took it back because of the lack of response from Kobo “customer service”.The manager at Chapters was surprised that I could not get any help despite numerous e-mails and repeated phone call attempts (they just disconnect me before I can even speak to anyone). So, I have the new one and now that it is charged, it has the screen bleeding that somebody else mentioned, I had to take the back off and press reset to get it to start, and I can’t get through the set-up even though my connection seems to be fine on my computer. Another lemon???!!!!

  • ddo13

    I just got the Kobo vox and I am trying to do the set up. It say’s I am connected to my wireless network and when I try the next step it say’s there might be possible updates and to check for them. I check for them and then I get Tablet upgrade error. Im so mad!! I really want to play with my new device and can’t even get past the 2nd step. I’ve tried turning it off and reconnecting to the wifi and nothing is working. Should I return it?

  • Anonymous

    If you want a Kobo tablet – Get a Blackberry Playbook for the same price, $199. Kobo and a much better tablet experience.

  • guest

    Is there any way to get the Amazon Android App to work in Canada?

  • Tj10

    Update: I returned the replacement Kobo Vox to chapters (had it 2 days). Kobo customer service finally replied to my email and said the reason the alarm clock didn’t go off is because the battery is only good for 7 hours (they just ignored the fact that I said the device froze 6 mintues after I set the alarm. I set it fully charged at 1:30 am for 7:15 am.). It’s funny that the website says that you can read for one month without recharging (in airplane mode) but apparently one month = 7 hours if you are actually using it.
    So, it all boils down to the fact that this reader is not one you would take on vacation to read on the beach for a week.
    I’m going to buy a different e-reader.

  • Olliepandabear

    i just received my new Kobo Vox ereader and I get the An error occurred during image download and Tablet Upgrade Error message when I try to do an update and it says try again later.  So I tried again and again and I still get that message.  Is it my newtork connection causing this problem?  My internet service provider is AOL and they dont have wireless but I am connected to AOL wirelessly through a router.  I have a netbook which is connected wirelessly to the router and it works.  Is there something I have to do to get it to do the update.

  • Olliepandabear

    i think i know why its not updating.  my network doesnt have internet access.  I have a problem with a wireless printer.  It can printer wireless but I can’t access web services on the printer. Thanks to AOL.   So I can’t use the ereader until I change internet service providers  I guess 

  • Olliepandabear

    Same thing is happening to me  It says I am connected to my wireless network but it can’t do the update.

  • Lisa

    I was navigating around my Kobo Vox and tried to get on my WIFI browser, it’s telling me it’s “turning on” but it’s not, and now the whole unit is FROZEN.  I can’t even turn it off, and it’s not even timing out. It’s just stuck on, and won’t respond to anything….What can I do?  Help, I just got this a week ago and it worked great till now.

  • dw

    My wife bought me a Kobo Vox 4 days ago.  Most but not all of my previously and newly purchased kobo ebooks fail to download to the device, and when I try to open them, I get the glorious message “Sorry! We couldn’t open this item.  We’re working to fix the problem — please try again later.”  This has not resolved, I’ve received no response to my customer support tickets.  When I did get through to customer support on the phone, they did resolve my public library download issue (forwarding an email with instructions to install OverDrive app, as described above).  After contacting someone else, she stated that “There are download problems with the vox now, and we’re working on resolving it”.  They said they’d email me when the status changed.

    I just cleared my local data, and refreshed my library… it either stalls with no progress on a book or  for many minutes, eventually fails over to the next book and repeats.

    Very frustrating.

  • Dawson

    Crap I dropped my Kobo Vox.. The screen is cracked but it still works. To get the screen repaired is $130 at Future Shop. 

  • Ap2tm

    There was new firmware update for VOX. It has improved the battery problems. It seems to work betther than before.

  • I forgot to eject the disk after transferring some data from my PC to my tablet and disconnected the cable. Now I can’t get the tablet to be recognized by the PC and can’t get the tablet to switch back on. What can I do?

  • Never mind, I got the problem solved but still thought it nice to leave a solution here in case someone walked into this same  trap. I removed the back cover and disconnected the battery and reconnected it. Poof! The problem was gone.

  • Kkdykstra

    Could you explain to me how you put Netflix on the Vox? I’m having difficulty getting any third party apps on here and the Kobo help line won’t assist me since I am going outside of GetJar for the apps. I would love for my daughter to play educational games from certain website (like spellingcity.com) but it says my device doesn’t support flash. How do  I get the Adobe Flash Reader on here? Thanks in advance@

  • DRG

    Like you, I’m trying to set up (for the umteenth time) and I get past the update step, but can’t get past the logging into my F/B account step. I used this same e-reader just a few days ago and had no trouble! Any ideas out there?

  • Compage2

    There is a new firmware update available as of today for the Kobo Vox

  • okay, I found I can view my pdf’s in the kindle app, but is there a way to make the links in the pdf workable?  I didn’t like the PDF viewer b/c it came up so dang small, you couldn’t see it, and if you enlarged it you were having to move the doc all around to see from side to side, so annoying.  I found a few other programs that have to be paid for, one of which is document viewer, any experience with it?  My other question is viewing things on my sd card, when I save them to the card itself, I can not seem to find them again, but if I save them to the vox, they are there.  Any suggestions?  I’m using Astro as recommended.  

  • Sharsall

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I finally got my Vox to work again by reading your advice, unplugging the battery and plugging it back in. Thanks again.

  • booknerd123

    This article is very helpful, but i have a question. what if your trying to use ur browser, but every time u tap it it says “sorry! The application browser(process com.android.browser)has stopped nexpectedly. Please try again.” i have looking through the manual and all but i cant find anything to help me with this problem. If anyone has any idea on how to fix this problem please help.

  • Jbconnely

    my Kobo Vox won’t let me download Adobe Flash Player…any suggestion?


  • Bsutton1004

    Thanks for keeping a site like this running. Without it my voxwould be returned and id go without!

  • Randal

    My Kobo Vox seems to have a mind of it’s own? It turns on and off just fine with none of the battery issues or charging issues that seem to be common to a lot of users. My issue is after the device is turned on it’ll suddenly start opening books to read or going through the menu options all by itself. With the browser open it’ll zoom in and out or flip to web pages all on it’s own. It’s just like it’s been hacked! After a few minutes of fighting the device for control with me touching the home and back buttons to get to where i want to be the buttons will become inactive. The Vox installed a firmware update and software update when i 1st turned it on as part of the setup process. Anyone else having this issue? I’ll be returning my Vox shortly for another one, hope the second one works.

  • RabidReader

    I downloaded my library of books on to my new Vox but many of my book covers, author information, or titles are missing or incorrect… how do I fix this?

  • Pbrown94

    Well I am on my third kobo vox ereader – with several calls to the help centre I still have no success with even setting up my vox!  Even though my vox always states I am connected to WIFI I also get the same message TABLET ERROR & can’t get any further!  So much for being able to use this new gift.  I have no plans on returning the third one to the store – DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY SUGGESTIONS!

  • Yevhen

    Hi Booknerd123…did you receive an answer to your question?  I am having the same problem on my android tablet.

  • Randal

    I believe your Kobo is suffering from the limited memory it comes with. The browser can only have a few sessions going at a time so when it runs out of memory you’d get an application error and the browser will freeze up. Here is the fix suggested by this site;
    Web Browser is Crashing and other memory issues:
      One problem facing many users is the fact that the web browser crashes often and gives you memory error messages. The crux of the issue is when you are surfing the internet with the default browser and close it and a new window opens. When this occurs more then six times your device will run out of memory and you will not be able to load any websites.
    To fix this issue you want to open your browser and click on the settings menu then click on Windows. Click the X on the Windows you want to close and you will gain some memory back. Alternatively you can install Advanced Task Killer and close the programs that are draining the RAM on your device.
    The app Advanced Task Killer link is posted above the comments section.

  • Susan

    My vox takes 5 to 10 minutes to load an epub book that I transfered onto the device. Also if I put it down for a few minutes it will cycle or reload when I try to read again. Is there an update or something?

  • Christie

    Yes! I’m having the same issue. I bought the Vox for my husband and the pages turn on their own, very quickly. I’m trying to read the user manual but those pages a flipping on their own too! I’ve installed all the updates, turned it on and off and did a factory reset to no avail. It’s like it’s possessed! The other issues we’re having are a very short battery life, and an issue with the virtual keyboard. When typing text the letter “p” keeps appearing in the text even though my fingers are nowhere near the “p” on the keyboard. It seems like a lot of work to use this ereader. I think I will return it and get my husband the original Kobo that I have (and quite like) or the Touch. He likes that it’s backlit, but other than that doesn’t care about all the bells and whistles that the Vox has.

  • Katherine

    I am getting a browser error “Sorry!  The application Browser (process com.android.browser) has stopped unexpetedly.  Please try again.  Force Close”
    So I am unable to access any internet with the exception of the kobo store…interestingly enough.

    I tried the fix of clearing my data to no avail.  If anyone has a fix for me I would appreciate it.

  • Ron

    Using your link to install Flash 11 onto the Vox.  I then surfed to the BBC iplayer site and tried to play something.  I got a message that I needed to install the Adobe Flash Player.  I knew I had it anyway but I tried clicking their link to the flash.  It said I did not have permission to go to that page.

  • whatup

    I received the Vox for Christmas and all seems tobe working fine except I am unable set my email. I have spoken to the “customer care” support desk for several hours who were unable to help me and sent my  issure  to  their “teir 2” support team.  Yet no help. I have done everything, factor reset several times, contacted my  email service provied to ensure all required data feild information was correct. Not sure what to do at this point . Not to impressed with the “customer care”.

  • Yes to both questions

  • Becky

    Is there a way to add tv shows or movies to the Vox…. I have a 3 year old, who is always looking for something while waiting for my other sons to finish their hockey games?

  • Don

    I might be able to help with your email problem. I was in the same boat- tried every combination of settings, was able to get the send email set but every time the outgoing settings would fail. After ensuring the data fields are correct try unchecking the box that says sign in is required in the outgoing field. If using sympatico mail also set the out going port the same is the incoming port.Hope this works

  • Cleibel

    I am having the same problem.  I am with YourLink.ca, and have repeatedly confirmed the data fields which are correct, and have tried unchecking the sign in required.  Still an issue.  Whatup have you received further assistance and solution?  I too am not impressed at this time.  

  • Norma

    I am having trouble with my shaw webmail…I can access my e-mails,but when I go to compose a letter,it will let me do address and subject,but I loose the keyboard when I go to write the actual letter…any suggestions…I do not have this problem with gmail??

  • Dmgoodie_ca

    Had my Kobo Vox 3 weeks now. Fired it up to read a book and it froze. Rebooted and it froze. Rebooted and it froze. See a pattern here? Tried where the online help guide said to reset it using a paper clip in the hole in the back except there is no hole. You have to take the back off. That just it reboot constantly. Tried the factory reset and every time you get to the video it freezes. Sent Kobo support an email describing what happened and what I did. Their reply was to try to factory reset. Don’t people read email anymore? Mine was a gift otherwise I would take it back!

  • Peter

    begining to regret buying kobo vox ereade keeps telling me no wi-fi connection when there is my computer&mobile prove it then have to into settings again to reinstal kobo tried down loading a book from public libray says down loaded but it isnt unless some one can help it looks as though my dustbin will be getting a new years presant

  • Nicole

    Can anyone please help me with accessing VPL books on the vox. I downloaded my e-book from vpl but was then told to have Overdrive Media Console in order to access the book. I downloaded omc no problem and have it in apps but now the downloaded library book has disappeared and I can’t check it out again as vpl informs me its been downloaded already, by myself! Where is it hiding in the vox?
    Also – how do i switch the vox off when i’m finished using it? The battery keeps getting drained because my power switch is putting into sleep mode and using the battery up.
    I am getting so frustrated, I really wanted to like the vox…

  • Nicole

    Now that I have managed to download my vpl library book onto the vox (using OMC) how do I access the book? Where is it stored? Library only shows me titles I have purchased…please help!

  • Ron

    I cannot help much with the missing book.  You could install, free, the “Astro” file manager.  Then ask it to search for your book.
    As for switch off; a brief press of the power switch puts the Vox into sleep mode.  A substained press of several seconds initiates the full-off procedure.

  • Cherylver123

    I forgot the unlock password, and I can’t guess it, because It was really complicated. I’ts one of those draw the desin ones. Is there a way to get it back or reset the password without reseting the whole device?

  • Mellow_mp

    I had that error as well – was stuck on a loop of turning the unit on and off and getting the “upgrade error”. I tried connecting my Vox to my PC to set things up and and that didn’t work either. So I did a factory reset and tried again – it worked right away after that.  Was frustrating trying to get past Step 2 but after that it’s worked just fine.

  • Wilma

    Click on the Overdrive App.  It should show up there.

  • Jbconnely

    I leave my kobo vox on at night (with charger on) to listen to a radio station, but it keeps timing out. Can I do something to keep it active so I don’t have to keep refreshing it – in the middle of the night. Sometimes I can’t even get the audio back and just have to turn the whole thing off.

  • Ron Hammond

    See if there is an adjustment for timeout.  If not; use a “normal” radio instead!

  • H M Laloo

    anyone know how to get a new charger? nothing seems to work with the kobo vox accept the charger that comes with it – which I left on a recent trip. Woops. How can I get a new one?

  • Mhm45

    I have a Kobo Vox and have lost or mislaid my charger. Kobo for some unfathomable reason does not provide replacements! Does anyone have any suggestions; otherwise I have an expensive paper weight!

  • Mhm45

    I have lost my charger (see my post above yours). I contacted Gomadic who make a number of chargers. According to them, the chargers for the Kindle Fire are fully compatable with the Vox. I have ordered one so I’ll see what happenes!

  • mary

    how can i reset my kobo vox ereader

  • Cathysauder

    My Kobo Vox’s screen sometimes fades to white and freezes while showing a video.  Why is this?  The video is on the micro sd card.  I’ve tried turning the Kobo off, but it won’t shut off.  Found that if I push the power button and the home button, it turns itself off.

  • bill

    books transferred from canadian library show up as locked. how do i fix this?

  • Dmgoodie_ca

    Believe it or not I’m still fighting with customer service to get mine replaced. Latest is dealing with “kobo executive service”. They don’t return calls and are very slow to respond to emails. Latest was to ship it back at my expense and they will fix it or replace it with a refurbished unit. I don’ t want a used unit. I would not recommend buying any of their products just because of the customer service.

  • sheila

    Have had my Vox less than a month. Three times it has been “Unable to Start” Error message then says “something went wrong when starting your Kobo ereader. Your kobo ereader will now reset to original factory conditions.”
    So three times I have had to reload my books apps games photos email setup etc etc. It seems it is a tad unreliable.
    Pity because I loved my vox but it is going back to the store, sorry.

  • Kooliveira2012

    I like the Vox but I have one problem, when I have just installed a new app, it Doesn’t automaticlly create an icon shortcut for me on one of the five home pages. Then when I go into the app list and drag out the icon to Create the shortcut manually onto a home screen (which I shouldn’t have to do) the Icon just dissapears, after a restart ill find the icon in a random folder on any on the home screens.Yes my vox has been rootedThanksKen

  • Cathysauder

    Try looking for a cell phone adapter at places like Future Shop or even Walmart. My husband’s phone charger has the same USB connection.

  • Anonymous

    I was able to buy one ebook by attaching my Kobo Vox to a USB port on my computer.  That was 2 weeks ago.  Yesterday and today, I tried to purchase another ebook using the same method and the Kobo says I’m not connected to an internet device.  Well, yes I am!  This is very frustrating!

  • Rrbourgeois

    I keep getting the following error when downloading apps. “No application installed to perform the required action.”why?

  • Guest

    Thank you so much for sharing this article. Yours is the best site for all this valuable and pertinent information about this nice but sometimes frustrating ereader.

  • Katarina

    You can easily set your Kobo to not time out in your main settings if you have the Kobo Vox eReader Touch like I do. In there you can set your Kobo to time out whenever you want it to, or as the case may be never time out. Before you open any applications, as soon as your Kobo loads up you click on “menu” and there you will see settings..Hope this helps you 

  • Katarina

    Somehow I posted a reply to you but it was posted as a reply to Mhm45 lol. So here it is again just in case..You can easily set your Kobo to not time out in your main settings if you have the Kobo Vox eReader Touch like I do. In there you can set your Kobo to time out whenever you want it to, or as the case may be never time out. Before you open any applications, as soon as your Kobo loads up you click on “menu” and there you will see settings..Hope this helps you

  • Mshay1

    My KOBO VOX is giving me problems. It keeps forcing a shutdown. the message reads…the process android.process.acore has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. How do you fix this.

  • Hdanielminier

    Do you have any idea how to get rid of the android.process.acore error that has popped up on my vox? I was enjoying it so much, and then this weekend had this error stopping me form accessing my keyboard and  many other applications. I am going crazy now trying to get it running properly.

  • Kris

    I will keep my dismay with this product short.

    Something to note:

    The Kobo Fox processor speed reminds me of my
    first 1981 Sinclair (British made) computer, it was super slow.

    Not able to read PDF files…please wake up!

    Eureka, it did except the Adobe Reader for
    Androids software for a while and then the ‘trabish’ reset itself, my PDF
    files, and the rest disappear in the mist.    

    It is laughable to try to compare the K/Fox touch
    screen functionality with the I-Pad superiority.

    My replacement is an Apple I-Pad 3…and best of luck to
    those that still figure out what to do with their wrong decision.   

  • Jazzbug2

    I’ve got the same darn problem. Did you ever figure out what it was? Because I’m on holidays in Spain and can’t call Kobo.

  • Lenr

    Just bought the Kobo Vox-is it possible to download the Amazon Kindle app ?
    Does not seem easy !

  • Yes you can! You can get it from our good e-reader app store! http://goodereader.com/apps/ you can even load in our app store and directly install many different apps. We even have a video tutorial that teaches you how to load in apps in the video tutorial section. 

  • Roger

    I want to download books from my library which uses the Adobe platform.  Flash player is also required.  Will ALDIKO work for me?

  • September_b

    For downloading and reading library books, you use the OverDrive Media Console app.

  • Kevlangdo

    Since the Kobo Vox is an Android, which in turn is Linux, can I delete the OS and re-install a fresh Android OS

  • Nancy C Z

    I am unable to install Adobe Digital Editions to my Kobo Vox, so I tried to install Aldiko reader as it is recommended here, but i just have a regular cellular and it gives me an error saying “the cell number is not recognized as an android number” and it doesn’t allow me to install it.
    Is there another way to download this application?

  • dee

    my kobo vox wont turn on i have had it on charge all day and night and it wont turn on i have has sum problems with it before when the screen whent of o its own when i was watching videos and then pushed the button on top to turn it back on and as soon as u touch the screen or adter a few seconds it wud go off again 

  • Roger

    Well, Vicki Fox Smith, the majority of Vox users are not ‘ a bit of a techie’.  It’s my opinion that the fellow that drop his Vox and cracked the screen didn’t understand when he was well off.  I rec. this Vox as a gift….unfortunately, so I’m stuck with it. Perhaps I expect too much beyond buying books from Kobo but anything else in its design was superfluous.  I’ve spent days trying to download apps and suggestions from  many kind contibutors: now I’m about ready to investigate a cracked screen.  

  • Ekemp1

    OK….I am deff not a tekkie…so how do i get my library covers back…the books all went blank black…look like sillouhettes…if i go into library i can see titles but all the coloured jackets are gone…and on my main page screen all the books are black sillouhette…no titles…nothing…anyone know how to fix ???

  • dibblem

    I am having the same issue, have you figured out how to fix it?

  • Ekemp1

    Not yet…..UUUUGGHHH…..

  • Angela

    You do not have permission to open this page… I keep getting this message when I am trying to download adobe flash player to read library books…. any suggestions?

  • Toby graser

    My Kobo Vox keeps going back to the first page of the book I’m reading instgead of opening to where I was reading (e/4 of the book already read) What can i do about this?

  • Mr_tewilliger

     You need to do a reset…

  • Genna 141

    Ok guys, I need a little help here. A couple of days ago I was on youtube watching a video on my Kobo Vox when it froze up and said something about an error. Its done this before and I normally just shut off, but this time when I shut it off and turned it back on the screen was the same one as when you first get it. Now my vox wants me to go through the entire setup again, and to add to that my whole library is empty! Has this happened to anybody here? And if so, what can I do?

  • Tgraser

    When that happened to me they said I was not logged dinto the internet and after I logged in they all cam back

  • Tgraser

    I had the same problem and went to two Staples stores (who sell them) and neither of them could help…ended up going to Indigo where they had a nice young man who knew what to do and did it for me but I did lose some things that I had from beofre that I don’t know how to put back.

  • campbell

    I forgot my unlock code on my vox. Is there anyway to reset it or is there a master unlock code or anything?

  • Darstamp

    The same thing has happened to me.  Did you get any suggestions as to what to do? 

  • Tgpirritano

    can’t download books with kobo vox when in specific categories section.  keeps trying to load total list of books in that category

  • karar

    how do you delete unwanted games?

  • got my kobo vox as a present but the charger soon failed. the problem is that there are no generic chargers that work and are supported and you can’t even buy a new charger from KOBO in the UK. No help from their support either! Avoid the Kobo Vox, Kobo cannot support with even the most basic of issues like selling me a new charger. I now have an expensive paperweight and will be looking to change to the kindle instead.

  •  You don’t need to wait for android apps on the too expensive Blackberry
    playbook. I got the Acer 7″ Iconia A100 when I returned the Kobo Vox and
    I’m glad I did its awesome, which is more than I can say for the Kobo

  • Nogy55

    I am having battery issues and am wondering how I would go about downloading any updates or checking to see if they have been installed.  I tried the hard reset but it did not work I have no indication that it is charging and after 14 hours it still has an orange light and shows low battery charge. Any advice would be helpful

  • Skorchinski

    I had my first Kobo Vox for 10 days and it quit working.  I exchanged it for a new one and couldn’t even turn it on once.  It will be going back to the store tomorrow.  Not a good track record as far as I am concerned.

  • arndt1949

    I hate my Kobo Vox. A friend loaded a lot of her books from her Sony ereader onto it for me. I read quite a few-now they have all disappeared-can’t find them anywhere. ALso, I can be part way thru a book, shut it off- next day book has disappeared. Does anyone know where they go? I am not a computer whiz.

  • Alwayzandforeverjeffs

    I just bought a Kobo vox and it will not turn on. I charged it for 2 hours (though no lights or indicators came on to say it was charging) and it simply will not power up it is new first time out of the box. What to do?

  • Jen

    I am trying to download free ebooks from my local public library.  Our library does not Overdrive.  We use Wheelers as the ePlatform.  I have tried Bluefire and Aldiko.  Neither works.  Do  you have any other ideas?  I have contacted Kobo and they have referred me back to Wheelers who don’t seem to have a solution either.

  • Gorditisoy

    kobo Vox showing discharging instead of charging when I plug the chargers? Any seen this issue?

  • howling at the moon

    hmm  flipping charging
    ok so i have a non standard charger sff
    so far i found that if you charge it when its off (overnight )
    then stick a fingernail under the rubberised back cover then pop it off ,
    then pull te battery lead , thatll give me about 70%
    (bit  neanderthal i know )

  • Billy Handrahan

    im having the same issue with disappearing books can anyone help?

  • judy

    I am having difficulty using my media overdrive. I reinstalled it successfully but need my adobe id to have overdrive download books. Although I reset my adobe password I continue to get an error. Thanks anyone out there. Everything else is working beautifully now that I updated everything.

  • Kklein5260

    I love Kobovox & use it primarily for reading library books & playing games.  I never had a problem so bought one for my 85 yr old mom who has eye issues & problems seeing reg books.  I changed to font for her adjusted brightness & she was looking forward to reading again.  In 4 months it has reset to factory settings 3 times.  She is afraid to touch it.  I’ve just gone through the process again and loaded Overdrive & got her a library book.  It won’t wake up from sleep mode!  Is it just a matter of letting the battery die down?  I think she charges it too much?

  • Liz

    Hi  I have got the same message on my kobo, did you ever sort out what to do ?

  • Liz

    i have the message android.process.acore has stopped unexpectly. Please try again.  has anyone been able to fix this, or should I send the kobo back.

    Regards  Liz

  • My Kobo Vox will not power up.  I was on an airplane and had in airplane mode. Then I got back on the airplane later that day it would not power up.  The green light is flashing but nothing.  I charged it completely when I got home and still nothing.  It had half the power bar left when I got off the plane the first time.  I powered it off and didn’t turn it on again until later that night.  Help.

  • Boo

    My Kobo is just a year old. I used the wall charger to charge it overnight as i usually do. Today, when I turned to on it said only 50% charged. Strange. I tuned it off , then on again and it was down to 10% and it said to put it on charge. I did this and when I turned it on again it said 0% plug in charger. I did and the yellow light only stayed on for a few seconds. We took it up to Best Buy and they tried to charge it with their charger and it would not charge. It is dead. Best Buy says it could be the internal battery and it would cost more to fix it than to replace it. This Kobo was not cheap and it should last more than a year. I am already in withdrawal symptoms

  • Sharon

    Wifi will not turn on. Yes went through all the usual. I know someone else who can not get Wifi to work. Anyone know the secret??

  • Greg Scratchley

    For anyone trolling the old forums looking for solutions or options, disregard the vox at all costs. It was a costly and embarrassing mistake for Kobo out of the gate. The device, while appearing for all intents to be a great option is simply the opposite. An expensive droid phone, without the phone. Considering the proliferation of great android devices now on the market (Mar 2013) anyone looking at a Vox, new or used, really needs to look elsewhere. The Google Nexus 7 is so vastly superior to the Vox that for the 70$ difference, one would look every kind of fool to seek the Kobo implementation. I was a late adopter, buying right after the update to the Google Play release. I have been through 3 of them, due to bricking, charging issues, and screens that pop off. Build quality is abhorrent, and the device itself is anaemic. Save yourself all the trouble. Buy something (anything – well almost anyway) else.

    The ONE thing that DID stand out in a positive light is that Kobo Support did everything possible to remedy my issues, and for that one fact I still look at their offerings. I just don’t buy them.

    It is obvious in hindsight that the vox was a disaster. It is no longer available, and even Chapters is retailing the Google Nexus in the place of the Vox. If you want a reader, the Glo and Touch are great devices and I still use my e-ink original Kobo (with Calibre, ADE, and drm-free epubs.) If you want a tablet that reads well, the Nexus 7 or 10 are both near the top of the fully-functional tablet + reader genre.

  • I love my Kobo and just got in in January 2013 but this morning I just tried to turn it on and it came up “having trouble could not start up… will have to factory reset your Kobo – now I’ve lost everything. Im so frustrated.

  • One other issue Im having is while reading it will flip pages all on its own…. why is that and how do I stop that?

  • Bobbi

    I’m trying to upload books that I have just put on through my USB cord (I’ve done this many times) but once I go to import content it starts searching my memory card and then stops with this message… The application Kobo (process com.kobobooks.pegasus.android) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. Force close.
    What does this mean? How should I fix it or do I need to just wait it out?

  • JO

    I had trouble starting my Kobo Vox, wouldn’t come on just black screen, then after many tries it came on saying it had trouble restarting and would restart up from factory settings, it froze half way thru and now just black screen How do I fix this.Thks

  • Jan

    My kobo vox is not syncing to my desktop. It keeps saying kobo desktop stopped working and shuts it down. It however does work with my daughters kobo (which is one of the first one’s that isn’t a touch screen). How can I fix this?

  • shared

    i have my kobo for 2 years now and my charger is not working…what can i do???

  • duker740

    my kobo vox will not play youtube videos.the vox did play all videos before now it says… there was a problem touch to retry. i try and nothing happens it will not play movies on app play movie selection. can someone help!

  • RiccaBuen Gaudan Maribao Ü

    Please help me with my kobo vox the power is just blinking it cant open!!!

  • Angelina Klik Johis

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  • Maureen Hardwen

    While playing Candy crush my Kobo Vox stopped working and went back to Factory Settings. Now I can download Candy crush and other games but they just won’t open. Help please!

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