Tolino Shine e-Reader Announced in Germany


At a massive event in Germany, a new e-reader was announced today that should gain a massive amount of traction due to the companies involved in the development and distribution. The Tolino Shine e-Reader is the joint offering from Hugendubel, Thalia, Bertelsmann Club, and telecom. This new e-reader will feature an illuminated e-ink display screen, much akin to the Kindle Paperwhite.

The e-reader is available right now for pre-order and will be sold in all of the Thalia bookstores, Weltbild, Hugendubel, Bertelsmann Club, and Deutsche Telekom shops. Over 12,500 stores will be carrying this new reader and when you’re connected to a hotspot offered by Telekom, you will be able to get free audiobooks. These are some of the largest companies in Germany that will be selling this device. The alliance that was forged today is truly remarkable. Under the leadership of Deutsche Telekom, the parties want to exert pressure on e-commence giant Amazon. Weltbild chief Carel Halff said at the press conference that “The future of the German book industry must start with us and not a U.S. company.”

The Tolino Shine features a six inch e-ink Pearl display with a resolution of 1024×758 pixels. You will be able to garner around seven weeks of battery life and store 2,000 ebooks on it with 4 GB of storage. If you need more memory, you can upgrade it via the Micro SD card. It primarily will read EPUB and PDF files. It does have support for Adobe Digital Editions, so you can read books you purchased from other stores. It will also be running on the Google Android operating system, so it will only be a matter of time before diligent German hackers end up rooting it.

There is a massive ebook store bundled on the device and can be accessed via WIFI. Over 300,000 ebooks are available and 25 GB of cloud storage is given to each owner to store audiobooks and other media. The Tolino Shine will ship March 7th and retails for €99. It is seeking to compete with the Cybook Odyssey HD with Frontlight and the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite in Germany.

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  • Huh

    “Over 12,500 stores will be carrying this new reader and when YOUR connected to a HOTPOT offered by Telekom, you will be able to get free audiobooks.”


  • Good E-Reader

    LOL, yeah its all about smoking! Sorry about the mistake! Its basically all of the telecoms 3rd party stores that would sell it. Sort of like with smartphones, you have all these small little companies that resell phones, this e-reader will be available like that.

  • owly

    Which menu-languages does it have?

  • Sandu

    I bought this reader this week-end and I have 28 days to give it back if I don’t like it :-) I’ve played with it and I can give some fair opinions about it. Tthe design is good, quality of the finishing and materials they’ve used is good too. The packaging is quite minimalistic, a simple hardcover box containing the reader, a mini-usb cable, and a leaflet with the usage instructions.

    About the device itself, I understand German, but usually I’m using English menus, a big surprise was that the device it’s localised for German only. So, only German menus :) So far, so good. The quality of the screen is real good, also the CPU is quite fast, the switch from page to page is quite rapid, and no artifact images from the previous pages remain. Their previous e-reader was moving slow, and it had artifacts from the previous pages.

    I consider a big lack that a dictionary is missing, at least German-German, but ideally German-English or other languages. At least you can browse on the internet and find your words.

    Another lack are the notes, it’s not possible to write your own notes. They should have this feature at least for bookmarks. If I create 3 bookmarks in the same chapter, all of them will share the same name – chapter’s name.

    They could improve also their zoom, in the pdf files. Also a portrait/landscape feature would be great. A positive aspect is that it can handle quite well real large files. I loaded 20-30 Mo PDFs and all went smooth. I haven’t used to browse Internet yet with it. I will visit a McDonalds location to test free Telekom hotspot feature too.

    Overall, I think it’s a good product, but incomplete. It relies on Telekom’s strength which probably will push the product further. Probably they will come with software updates to add new features to the product. I’m still thinking if to give it back or not.

  • Kri55y

    Hi, can you tell me how you bought the Tolino? I’m in the US..