• J. Jansen

    “What devices are young people in the United Kingdom using to consume the
    digital versions? 39% use an e-reader such as a Kindle, 37% use reading
    apps on their smartphones and 36% prefer a large screen tablet device.”

    Ehm, without explaining the 100% norm these percentages mean little.
    They can’t be totaled, because that would mean that 113% of young people are using an electronic device 🙂

    So I will assume that some children are using multiple devices (or at least were allowed to give more answers to this question in the survey).

  • Andrei

    Hi Michael,
    you hit some good points in this article:
    – there is no marketing campaign for the young readers (16-24);
    – the price of the E-books is almost identical with that of the books, although the manufacturing costs are way smaller for the former.
    I would add a few things. Many of the young readers are not interested in love novels, which practically invade the e-book environment. These Readers may target alternative literature types. Besides most of them are students at the school or universities. They need bigger e-readers (9 to 13,3 inch), (not for just fitting into the purse of the lady commuting to work), specialised literature inclusively for education purposes.
    Also ist is inconceivable in 2014 to have a device whith a black and white screen like in grandma’s time.

    All in all the e-readers producers/sellers concentrate on the trees and do not see the forest. It is a general strategic myopia, which will slow the industry for years to come and keep profits subdued.

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