• Djoshua5000

    I can’t comment on youtube without signing up for a google plus account.

    I just want to make a correction. I’ve been hearing this error in few reviews  and post about the Kobo Glo. The screen is 1024 by 768 not 758. In fact, l I believe its the same e-ink screen as the new Kindle. 


  • Djoshua5000

    Apparently my links got combine.


  • Djoshua5000
  • Gnuut

    What is your native language? it is plain that it is not English, when we see drivel such as “Statistically tablets all use back light and if you tilt it on an angle in a dark room, it has a radius.”

    Also, it would be difficult to be impressed by “This factor has catapulted Kobo into controlling 46% of the entire Canadian e-Reader market,” when the Canadian market is perhaps 1% of the total market.

  • Gnuut

    In fact the Kobo product manager has confirmed that it is only 758 pixels wide, in an effort to increase yield on the e-ink screens. 

  • Gnuut

    BTW, sideloaded fonts cannot take advantage of the type control features of the Kobo – only the supplied fonts are tweaked to allow control over type darkness.

  • DMK

    Thank you for the review. A couple of comments:

    1) The Kobo Touch has 2GB of system memory, with 1GB available for storage of e-books. ( http://www.kobobooks.com/touch_tech). This is the same as the Kobo Glo.

    2) The home page shows your last 5 books, not your last 4 (as shown in one of your pictures above.)

    3) On the Touch, you can scroll “off the page” to the left or right when zoomed in on a PDF to show a bar with an arrow icon. Pressing this allows you to turn the page while staying zoomed. I would be deeply surprised if this functionality no longer exists. Did you try this?

  • Laura

    Thanks very much for showing us this device. Will you being doing a side-by-side with the Paperwhite?

    In the Unboxing video, the first time you encountered “unresponsiveness”, it looks like you were missing the target box altogether, and perhaps trying to tap with your fingernail instead of with your finger. Then, when you were ineffectually swiping and tapping at the Quick Tour, you were supposed to be hitting the Next button at the bottom of the screen. There was no need to hit the X button out of that. Later, you definitely tried to interact with the screen with your fingernail – and as soon as you switched to using your finger, responsiveness was normal. (Actually quite snappy, compared to my Kobo Touch, which is good to see!)

    Lastly, where did you hear that LCD screens can cause melanoma?

  •  Yes we will be doing a review and comparison against the paperwhite when we get it, sometimes living in canada has its drawbacks with stuff from the USA taking weeks to get here through shipping.

    What i meant was melatonin, i just mispronounced it, sorry.


  • SmittyBit

    I find your eagerness to point out such startling errors impressive. I would say that every forum or comments section should have someone willing to spend their time ensuring that such depressingly egregious mistakes are kept to an absolute minimum. Sadly, you just don’t see dedication like that nearly enough. Thank you for pointing these dehumanizing mistakes, I will rest soundly now that this writer have been so properly apprised of his worth as a writer.

  • Gnuut

    The author needs an editor, as he is plainly not capable of proof-reading or fact-checking his own work. 

  • PotentialBuyer

    Can anyone say something on the Kobo Glo’s ability to highlight passages / add annonations to texts?
    Considering to buy my first e-reader and this seems to be an important point to me (and just Paperwhite and Kobo seem to be state-of art-ish regarding the e-Ink display, while the Paperwhite lacks in international avaiability and is kind of a closed system).

  • Guest

    THis is the first ebook I’ve used and found it a bit fidderly.  But, you cannot export any that you have made on non Kobo books. So you cannot read the annotations on your pc. I found this a major drawback.

  • Garpinbc

    I prefer the highlighting on the Kindle over the Kobo. I find with the Kobo it’s hard to highlight a word that is right against the edge of the screen. On the Kindle you can highlight across pages whereas on the kobo you need to shrink the font so that a quote fits on the page and then highlight. 

  • Mick Blu

    I have now had my new black Kobo Glo for almost three days. There area few observations I’d like to make when comparing it to my previous Kobo Touch and more recently my Sony PRS-T1. The Glo is quite comfortable in my hands, being sized almost identically to the PRS-T1.

    I don’t find it any quicker to respond, in fact, I would say, apart from page turns which are quite quick, overall it feels more sluggish than the Sony, especially in touch-screen response. The touch keyboard on the Glo has a lot of trouble keeping up with slow typing, while the Sony had no trouble, no matter how fast I typed.

    The Sony had no difficulty paginating, using the sliding page turn gesture, while the Glo will often ignore a screen tap in the designated area, needing a fairly lengthy touch to trigger a page turn.

    The overall usability of the Glo (taking into account menu design and functionality) is, in my mind, not as good as the Sony, and when it comes to PDF files, the Glo SUCKS! The Sony reflows the PDF to make it fit the screen, while the Glo forces you to pan and scan, viewing a small subset of a page at a time. Eeeew!

    The Kobo’s ability to highlight, mark and annotate documents is definitely inferior to the Sony. To mark a word or passage, the Glo has to first enter a menu and then try and mark the section on screen. The Sony simply requires you rest your finger on the word and a menu pops up! Choose highlight, mark or note and away you go!

    Finally, the front-light. All I can say is, I love it, despite the colour which is not quite white, but more of a faint greenish yellow! Turn it down quite low (about 10-15% of full brightness) and you have a very legible page in total darkness with very slight unevenness of illumination from top to bottom of the page. No hotspots. Compare that to the three LED light in the Sony’s official case, or, as I prefer it, my Petzl hiking lamp, and you are fighting reflections and hotspots all night, not to mention looking like a doofus if you are using the Petzl.

    The material Kobo selected for their case is comfortable (sort of a rubbery finish), non-slip, but gosh it’s a magnet for finger-marks. I am constantly wanting to wipe the darn thing clean. It looks like I just finished eating a greasy sandwich while holding the Glo (which I didn’t!. Yuck!) I’m also worried that the finish will ‘rub off’ with repeated cleaning, and then what will the thing look like?

    I absolutely wish Sony had a front light and that I wouldn’t have to change readers. I wish Kobo would revise their firmware and learn from others how to do things in an ergonomic way.

    I would dearly love the opportunity to evaluate a Kindle Paper White to compare the areas in the Glo that bother me with the Kindle. I suspect the Kindle software is more stable and mature, given how many generations of Kindles have already been out there. Unfortunately, as a Canadian, the only way I can lay my hands on a Kindle Paper White would be to have it drop-shipped to a buddy in the US who in turn would ship it to me… I may yet have to do that. I doubt I’d have trouble selling the Kindle if I chose not to keep it.

    If anyone out there has had the opportunity to directly compare the Kindle and the Glo, I’d love to hear from them!

  • Russell2165

    Thank you for the comparison. I have the Sony PRS-T2, but I was planning on swapping it for the Glo. I really like the Sony. I love the physical buttons, the menus, the stylus, the official cases (I have the one with the built-in light). As far as I see, the only real advantage that the Glo has is the light. However that does seem like a pretty big advantage, since the one thing you want to do really comfortably on a reader is read.

  • Russell2165

    I have a question: can you use the note-taking/highlighting/dictionary features on non kobo books, like books borrowed from the library?

  • DMK

     I own a Touch, which shares most firmware features with the Glo. The answer is yes. You absolutely can. Unfortunately, you can’t, to my knowledge, export the notes, etc. So if you do this with a library book, when you return the book bye-bye to all your notes and other annotations.

  • Russell2165

    Ouch! Thanks for the reply though.

  • Poppy Palais

    Bought it as a replacement for my touch and the light is very good, along with the high res screen. But the battery life isn’t even remotely near their claim. 12 hours or so at best. Still occasionally locks up, just like the touch. Starts up faster though, and the touch response is a little better.

  • Russell2165

    I was going to get the Glo for it’s front light, but after reading about Kobo’s software shortcomings and potential crashes and customer service, I am going to stick with my Sony PRS-T2. From what I’ve read the Glo has only the front light feature going for it. But the Sony has several hard-to-ignore features over the Kobo:
    – physical buttons for page turns (in case touches are not registered),
    – other physical buttons – home, back and menu (I don’t understand why these are removed on most touch screen devices)
    – the ability to annotate ALL books and documents and save the notes and marked passages even after the book has been deleted
    – the abilty to scribble notes, circle, underline, etc on any page
    – Evernote sync
    – A simple straight forward interface (no menus within menus)
    – The optional case is very neat and classy (okay this is a really small factor, but it adds to the appeal)

  • Daniel

    Can the Kobo Glo be used in Landscape Mode? I need it to read comics. 
    And can you hide all the instrument bars for reading comics in full screen? 
    Thx! Please answer me it is very urgent because it’s going to come my birthday and I need to decide wich e reader to buy! 😛
    Thx again! 🙂

  • Turnberry1

    Can you download (“borrow”) books from libraries to the Kobo Glo?

  • Teddykjb

    My Kobo Glo has a “grey” screen ! the screen is not so white that the one in the video ! 

  • primart

    Gnuut, your comments seem to indicate a personality more interested in form and not content. I read these reviews in order to make an educated purchasing decision, become better informed. Yes, I could become involved in the presentation but that would detract from my goals. There are tradeoffs, you seem to have made yours, let us make ours and pls excuse my grammar as English is my 2nd language.

  • Annet

    Yesterday I bought this kobo glo and thanks to watching your movie, it helped me a lot to get started and make full use of it.
    Thank you!!

  • Annet

    Yes you can! And it’s very easy. Just go to your library site and download the program(s) that they advise and there you go.

  • Annet

    Can I change the screen that i see when my kobo glo is turned off?

  • I sent back my kindle paperwhite for this because the paperwhite has multicolored blotches( all 4 of them did as a matter of fact).

    The Kobo looks way more uniform.  Can’t wait to read on it.

  • My kobo glo has turned white, and i cant see or do anything with it, iv’e tried turning it off, and on but it wont even let me turn it off, what should i do??

  • Voracious Reader

    You forgot to add to the cons that there is no search function for books, and filing is a nightmare.

    I have nearly 1000 ebooks – try scrolling through that in some meaningful way when trying to find a book. There is a shelving system, but there don’t appear to be ‘sub’ shelves, which would help when trying to find books. Every other electronic device I have used, including my old ereader, has some kind of filing system that is friendly to people with large volumes of items to file. I don’t know what other ereaders like Kindle or Nook are like, they probably suck too, but I am very disappointed. I’m going back to my two year old LCD cheap crappy no-name brand ereader – it hurts my eyes, but at least I can find things on it.

  • “no search function”? Click the button with the magnifying glass icon and the “SEARCH” label.

  • wendy

    I like it. I have the touch the vox the wi fi and the glo I had the sony and gave it to a friend KOBO I find is excellent

  • Ian

    I bought my Kobo Glo back in December, but I’ve had nothing but problems ever since. Firstly it has been very difficult to download books after purchasing. Some books I’ve paid for but just never get to see. On my library there are books I’ve not purchased & can read, whilst other books I have purchased never show up in my library. The e reader is also difficult to use & control. Touching the screen often gives no response or brings up a lot stuff you don’t want, so changing pages can be problematic. Sometimes when I turn it on, it opens at a different chapter to what I was reading, or even a different book. The only good thing I like is he back light. The E reader is really just fancy toy but I guess I’ m stuck with now.

  • Ali Haidar Tarafdar

    I read your post – I have to say, Kobo’s are much easier to use than Ipad’s when it comes to reading books in my opinion. At least that’s what I think.


  • Annette

    On my Kobo glo I have ‘reading life’ instead of ‘find books’ Does this mean it is not a ‘Glo’??

  • dixie

    i cannot seem to delete a read book from my kobo glo everything i have read about it my kobo does not have the function to delete them anyone know how this is don

  • VytautasK

    In the review: “While you zoom in on specific parts of the PDF document, the zoom settings are retained as you turn pages.”

    In the conclusion: “Cons: Can’t Retain PDF Zooming Page to Page”


  • Karl

    I bought a Kobo Glo a few days ago but it was impossible to set it up as it requires the Internet to do so. It is not a simple switch on and use it reader. I had to download the required software and install in on my PC. That worked fine. But then the Kobo software would not connect to the Internet on my PC and after trying all options I contacted the Kobo helpdesk. No response posting a question on their site or via email. In the end I phoned them. There is no way to make it work and they suggested I buy something else:
    ‘We are really to sorry to hear about your ordeal and do hope that the next device you get works a lot better for you. Happy Reading.’
    Nice reader but useless without completely open Internet access. I will never buy another Kobo product again.

  • Susana

    If you don’t need a front light keep the Sony by all means!!! The Kobo is plagued with bugs, but it’s the only epub device with front light and sd card. I wish Sony would release a nice front lighted reader, but no luck this year…

  • dusoft

    Kobo Glo supports .mobi format flawlessly, you should have tested it before saying it did not support it… http://www.ambience.sk/kobo-glo-mobi-support/

  • Monk

    I had my Kobo for a year and a half and was hating it more and more for reasons too many to mention. Now it died and kobo.com can’t help. But I’m GLAD it’s dead, do you hear? GLAD!!!! I’m free!

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