A Hard Cover Can Improve Surface Pro Battery Life

Surface Pro

The Surface Pro is here, though it isn’t quite making the kind of waves that Microsoft had expected. First off, the Surface Pro lacks the battery backup times that we have come to expect out of tablets. At just 5 hours at best, it’s pretty dismal to say the least. Then there of course is the general applicability of the device as a whole, which is being pegged as a tablet that will also act as a game changer for the laptop segment. Unfortunately, it ends up failing on both counts. The Surface Pro is good at being neither of the two.

Microsoft has proposed a solution that can help remedy both the ills. In an AMA session on Reddit, Panos Panay, who is in charge of Microsoft’s Surface division, has said the connectors at the bottom of the Surface Pro where the keyboard cover gets attached to the tablet can also be used to charge the tablet’s battery. What this means is that a keyboard with an integrated battery such as that seen with Transformer type devices can also be used with the Surface Pro. This will double the Surface Pro’s battery life, though Panos didn’t say if Microsoft would be offering such a thing or leave it to third party developers to work on it. In any case, it would also add to the tablet’s cost that already carries a hefty premium. Panos though has said the Surface Pro’s battery is the best in its class.

Thankfully, a desirable result of a hard keypad cover for the Surface Pro is that it will add to its versatility. The Surface Pro, in its current state is a bit too heavy to facilitate its usage purely as a tablet. (The rather odd aspect ratio that makes using the device as a tablet without compromises is another factor.) Also, with a soft-touch cover, the Surface Pro can only be used on a hard surface like on a table. This could change for the better with a hard touchpad cover.

Also, with the Surface Pro leaving little usable internal memory is another aspect that is not quite liked by the users. Panay though has said there is little that can be done here, suggesting instead the usage of SD cards for more storage option.

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    Well said… I just hope sooner or later they come up for a surface pro hard keyboard with additional batter life so everyone’s happy!