• I’m sure this type of page turning effect existed earlier. Strange thing to patent really.

    I suppose the question is what exactly got patented: Page turning or their specific algorithm.

  • I think its the whole peak thing that Apple iBooks really does well. Others do it to a lesser degree but I think Apples is a little bit more advanced.

  • Rakel

    There must be loads of prior art, strange how patents like this keep getting approved.

  • phobius

    “It’s unique in that it mirrors the appearance of a page turning on a real book.”

    It’s not “unique” by any stretch – it might be “interesting” that it does that, but it’s not unique.

    Everyone took a crack at this effect in flash over a decade ago, so much so that it became a bit of a flash cliche.

    Here’s an example from 2002 which was one of the top results for “page flip effect flash” in google search:

  • phobius

    yup – loads and loads.  

    I’ve posted a 10-year-old example in my other comment: http://goodereader.com/blog/tablet-slates/apple-granted-patent-for-their-page-turn-animation/#comment-711699010

  • Ares2045
  • Handful

    The problem with patents is that there’s a hole companies ( not only apple explore ):

    They a patenting the mix of a portable device that does that animation.
    This is the tricky they use. Probably the page flip was not patented / specially in the desktop : web environment and apple saw and took advantage of it. Ridiculous

  • epobirs

    This is nonsense. There have been page turning animations since the 8-bit days. It is absurd that Apple has been given another weapon to use against legit competitors.

  • If the patent is just for an “animated page swipe” you’re correct — however if it’s for an animated page swipe TRIGGERED by a touch screen finger SWIPE finding prior art may be much more difficult. 

  • Žiga Pirih

    Not to mention that either Oblivion, Skyrim or Divinity 2 (or any combination of the three) has identical page turning animation. What goes for time context: Divinity 2 was released in 2009, Skyrim is a bit more recent, and Oblivion is older.

  • phobius

    missed this reply, sorry for the 4 year delay – thanks for clarifying!

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