New iPad 5 And Retina Equipped iPad Mini 2 Out Soon


There might be a retina display equipped iPad Mini on the market this year after all. The latest update is coming from Bloomberg, citing the recent parts leak supposedly linked to the mini variant of the popular Apple tablet. Meanwhile, sources also maintain the new iPad 5 as well as the second gen iPad Mini might be launched during October, which may help Apple cash in on the holiday buying frenzy.

If this is true, then the September 10th event that Apple has lined up might be dedicated solely to the launch of a new iPhone, which could be either a slightly refreshed 5S variant or a radically redesigned iPhone 6. There is also the new iOS 7 to look forward to, as well as the new Apple mobile OS.

Coming back to the iPad, speculation has been rife as to whether the new iPad Mini will feature a retina display or not. It’s good to see the dust settling on this, with reports emerging of Apple launching the follow up to its wildly successful iPad Mini with the pixel rich display by this year-end. Earlier rumors had pegged the launch for early next year. Meanwhile, the new 9.7 inch iPad 5 will incorporate the same design theme that the iPad Mini started, with thinner bezels along the sides that became an instant hit with the consumers. Combine that with the usual Apple goodies like zippy performance, a bright and sharp display, more than decent battery life, and a rich app store, and you have another chapter of the iPad success story in the making.

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    If Apple does release the Retina iPad mini, ill be buying it. There no sense in buying an iPad if it doesn’t have a Retina display. Fairly funny though, because I recently saw that Hawaiian Airlines just bought 1500 non retinas for their Airplanes. Maybe Apple gave them a good deal before the Retina will come – I dont know, but im really glad that I have an iPad. Hawiian Airlines wants to charge a crazy $17 bucks a flight for using the iPad Mini. That seems crazy. Ill just wait and buy the iPad retina as soon as it comes out! lol…