New iPad 5 Due out June 29th at ‘Original Passion, New Ideas’ Event


The latest rumor doing the rounds concerning the iPad is that its 5th iteration could be making its grand debut on June 29th at an event dubbed “Original Passion, New Ideas.” The rumor mill also has it that Apple might also have its iPhone 5 launched on the same day, something quite unusual as the Cupertino company generally prefers separate launch event dedicated to each of its products. But then the even more optimistic out there are eager to point out the new iPad Mini 2 could be squeezed in as well, though these are all speculation at the most.

Coming to the particular devices, what seems likely is that Apple will go for radical changes with the original iPad, seeing as it now has had to ward off some stiff competition from none other than its own stable mate iPad Mini. While it’s hard to predict what the new iPad Mini 2 could be like, speculation is already rife the tablet could also be the newest entrant to the retinal display club. As for the iPad 5 with the bigger 9.7 inch display, the tablet this time is likely to sport a new design marked with thinner bezels along with a slim profile. This along with the usual dose of performance enhancements brought about by more powerful chips is what can be expected of the new iPad 5.

We sure will have a few more rounds of leaks and more speculations coming our way in the run up to the actual launch. Even if the date mentioned turns out to be deviating from actual plans, we do have a new iPad due around fall season. That’s for sure.

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