No Barnes and Noble Nook Colors for 2 weeks

nook color

If you are looking to purchase a new Barnes and Noble Nook Color, you are simply out of luck for at least two weeks, while the company is doing nationwide inventory.

B&N has quietly depleted all stock in many of their retail locations and either sent them all to the Nook headquarters in New York, or has not had further shipments fulfilled. This goes the same with other companies whom sell the color e-reader on their behalf. Wallmart and Bestbuy both have the items listed as “out of stock” and the Barnes and Noble official site says the device is ‘back-ordered.’ The company is apparently doing major inventory to find out how many Nook Colors are in circulation. The entire process was told to be taking around two weeks and most B&N stores does not have ANY Nook Colors at all.  Considering the Valentines day shopping season is quickly approaching, Barnes and Noble might miss out on some solid sales figures.

The Nook Color is currently the most successful e-reader to date launched by Barnes and Noble and is shattering the companies sales records and has already 650,0000 subscriptions to magazines and newspapers via the Nook Newsstand.

Update: Some users are saying Nooks are still in their home town, Barnes and Noble is not doing all of the stores at once, but are doing it on a region by region basis. Some rumors suggest they were pulled to load in the Android 2.2 update. While others suggest there was a bad shipment of Nook Colors, hardware wise and they were pulled from specific locations.

Update 2: Rumors are swirling as sources at Barnes and Noble is saying that Nook Colors will pulled to load anti-Rooting fixes. As you know, people have been rooting the device to be a full tablet, bypassing the need to buy ebooks exclusively through Barnes and Noble. The reason why the the hardware is good and cost effective for the price, is because B&N hopes you will buy enough ebooks to justify the low hardware cost. Since people are rooting the device, they are either buying books though Android applications such as Amazon, Kobo, Borders and Sony.

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  • PH

    Actually, there are B&N stores in Tennessee that have Nook Color in stock.

  • Good E-Reader

    You are lucky, there is like no stores in Portland or in 60 stores in Florida. Maybe Tennessee did not get the memo! Although this whole process will take 2 weeks, so maybe they did not send them back yet, or if they run out they will not be able to take any new orders from head office.

  • Chael Montgomery

    Any possibility that the unsold Color Nooks are getting an update to Android 2.2 or Honeycomb? It seems strange to me that all unsold Color Nooks would be sent back to the Nook headquarters for inventory purposes.

  • Good E-Reader

    That is a strong possibility because B&N did announce the upgrade to 2.2 a little awhile ago.

  • bitsyboo

    the B & N in Sioux Falls has them. this story smells inaccurate.

  • Good E-Reader

    Barnes and Noble has just started this 2 days ago, some locations still have them, most do not.

  • Anonymous

    Brilliant marketing! What is B and N thinking? They are on an unstoppable roll and then pulls this? They don’t have an electronic method of keeping track of where their stock is located? Come on! Downloading the Android 2.2 should also be as easy as the recent 1.1 upgrade roll out. Get ’em in the store so we can get ’em!

  • Good E-Reader

    Inventory issues are what they told various sources when they tried to go and buy them. It could be the firmware issue, we have contacted Barnes and Noble and hopefully we will have an official word soon.

  • Michael Guelker-Cone

    It just smells funny. This is about public relations. B and N knows this is about to happen and instead of preparing the public and being transparent, you say nothing? How can they possibly spin this in a positive way? The perception is going to be that something is wrong, that things aren’t going well for some upgrade or other. Lousy PR department of you ask me. And I not only own one (since December) but love mine! I have spent the last week trying to buy another one. Best Buy even has a deal this week for a free cover if you buy a Nook Color. But they have nothing to sell.

  • Jhutsko

    Bunch in stock at B&N stores in Philadelphia…

  • Good E-Reader

    Check the updates for further info.

  • Good E-Reader

    Yeah allot of people seem to have discount vouchers for the Nook Color, bad timing. Rumor has it, they are loading anti-rooting fixes on it.

  • Midas79

    First, the nook uses epub…you can already buy and sideload books from pretty much everyone except amazon. Second, why not make the anti-rooting change through normal stock depletion or a mandatory firmware upgrade? Sounds more like a silent recall for hardware issues to me.

  • GRT

    Quote your source, please. This whole article sounds patently absurd.

  • reese

    Sunz of bytches! They should be glad that people are buying the product instead of worrying what they do after the sale.

  • Anonymous

    “Since people are rooting the device, they are either buying books though Android applications such as Amazon, Kobo, Borders and Sony.”

    Uh, but you already CAN do that with Kobo, Borders and Sony. They all use ePub. It’s a selling point that you can buy from all of them and sideload onto your Nook.

    Rooting has nothing to do with buying books from non-B&N locations.

  • DTgreat

    The CS rep that I was speaking to about the RMA yesterday seemed pretty confident that the lack of Nooks for two weeks was due to a very bad quality shipment, not a rooting issue.

  • Ajjones

    Or you could buy it from Best Buy like I did. No wait……

  • Humble Fool

    There’s absolutely no evidence that this is related to rooting; seem more that stocks simply have run down due to either manufacturing error or demand. (More unsourced rumor-mongering paranoia from this site.)

  • BooksTooLoud

    On a regional basis?! Nice attempt at a save… your rumor is just wrong! It’s in stock in some places and sold out in others. Occam’s Razor baby…

  • Honeybunny

    Sure, well, anything is a possibility, which is the quicksand your rumor mongering article is based on. The NookColor is in stock! It’s just selling really well so some stores and the online store are out of them! But many stores have them you jerk.

  • Good E-Reader

    We approached over 70 locations in Florida, Oregon and Washington 95% of all Barnes and Noble locations had no Nook Colors, they cited either “shipping them overseas” or “inventory sent back to new york” Also, its even not up on B&N website anymore, listed as 2 weeks or more. We ammended it to region, because some small town america people claim its still in their stores.

  • Myemaildeposit

    article is total BS!

    First B&N is NOT pulling inventory from the shelves.

    I called 10 B&N stores in 4 in the Sacramento Area, 3 in Bay Area, 1 in San Jose, 1 in Walnut, 1 in Santa Rosa. I asked for the most knowledgeable nook person, and also talked to 2 store managers. 2 stores still had inventory,

    Every store was asked if they had to pull inventory for any reason, defects, recall, ordered to do so by Corp, or any other possible reason, without exception NO.

    Every store was asked what the official reason for no inventory? Answer: Demand/Sales outpaced factory orders and shipments are expected in 2 weeks.

    Other Info provided:

    – Two said, that there was a supply issue with a couple components in Taiwan.

    – Two said, that there was a shipping issue that lead to supply issues, but didn’t elaborate if the issue was manufacturing or B&N screw up.

    – Three said, that sales at Holiday levels continued and was totally unexpected, numbers were given like “we expected to sell around 6 units a day we are selling 30”.

    Every B&N employee was asked about returns? Without exception they all said there have been very few returns or exchanges, customers really like their Nookcolor.

    B&N Corp. silence is really stupid, they have the hotest device in their market, maybe the hotest device in the tablet market if they would “open it to full Android”, and for whatever reason allow inventory to run out. Worse they have no strategy to take orders keeping that customer, every store had a different approach. Some put you on a list and would call, some required full payment to be on a list. One store with inventory would take your order and hold it for 3 days with no payment. You have to wonder who is driving the bus?

    I once thought what a great marketing plan, to sell a dedicated ereader and leak to the geek community that it could be rooted and run Android 2. Knowing that this would create buzz and go viral, thus creating a 2nd level of demand beyond the ereader. However I doubt there is anyone that smart working for B&N. What kills that notion is B&N’s faulty plan for B&N’s own app store and keeping the NC locked running a proprietary version of Android 2.2. The worst possible thing B&N could do is block the “rooting process”, it would draw sever criticism from the tech community, who have endorsed the Nookcolor as not only the best ereader but also a tablet giving Nookcolor owners serious “bang for their buck”.

  • Cochisesays

    B&N have had the two weeks for delivery thing up for about a month now. Most walmarts here in AZ have been sold out of the NC for a while too. Best buy told me the closest store of theirs that had one was in El Paso Texas and that was about a month ago also. Don’t know why theyre pulling them but I hope it’s an update to froyo, gingerbread or honeycomb. Any would be nice

  • Lifezg00d

    Don’t know what but definitely something is cooking. I ordered mine from their official site on 31 Jan and online status for my order says it will be shipped on 15 Feb

  • malcolmest

    Thats what I’m saying! You can easily convert any type of ebook to epub format also. Then put it on the root directory /Media/My Files/Books and your library will read them. There are small perks to purchasing from the B&N store though.

  • Glen Mercer

    I got one at Walmart yesterday.

  • Anonymous

    That’s because the people of Tennessee can’t read.

  • Jounx
  • Anonymous

    This article and it’s “rumors” are absolute garbage. Not a single unsold NOOKcolor was ever sent back or asked for by Barnes & Noble corporate. They simply had production issues. Stores had a very large supply immediately after the holidays, and I think the assumption was that it would last a lot longer than it did. However, sales remain incredibly strong. Instead, every store, starting with the 3rd party stores because replenishment priority went to the bookstore (Best Buy, Walmart), ran out of stock as they sold out. That is why, to this day, you will still find stock in some stores around the country. They just haven’t sold out yet. B&N estimated the production and shipping issues to be rectified by 02/15, however as of today, the shipment has arrived. If you look at the website they are listed as “available now” and B&N stores will get their first wave of replenishment on Monday. No big conspiracy, just logistics people.

  • MrTex says shipping now

  • GRT

    Well, that was a quick two weeks… B&N’s website now shows the NC as Available Now and shipping within 24 hours. Guess you need to check your “sources” a little better next time.

  • Pontromain

    It seems that B&N have a tiger b y the tail, and no clue what to do. Their PR, customer service, and sales policy are abysmal.
    I bought a Nook Color at Christmas, and now in Europe they will not sell me their books – against their policy! Are they mad? They should fire their MBAs and get real. They are driving users into the pirate market.
    I have 600 books on calibre, many of them current, and all of them free.

  • Phil

    I find the price for an ebook is the same wherever I look. So why not buy them from B&N. It’s easier and the price the same.

  • Bigd8810

    I am an employee at Barnes and Noble and have been for 5 years. I am also the “Digital Lead” a.k.a. Nook Guy and I’ll be the first to tell you Barnes and Noblebis not the greatest at keeping an open line of communication between their corporate offices and their store chains. However, our employee newsletter informed employees that the 2 week Nook Color hyatus was due to the manufacturer not being able to keep up with customer demand not because of anti-rooting firware installation. I have since this dry spout purchased a Nook and was able to boot new OS from the SD card. No worries mates. Hack on!