Notion Ink Adam to debut during Thanksgiving

Finally, here is some bad news coming from Computex when its actually some ‘good news’ that we were looking forward to. At least that’s what we were led to believe will come our way by Notion Ink co-founder Rohan Shravan. This had left everybody wildly speculating the Adam would at last make it to the market, or that its just round the corner, though a specific launch date and one that’s not too far away would have been the juiciest part of it all.

But smashing all the hopes and aspirations comes the bad news that the Adam won’t make it to the retailers before fall 2010. This was revealed in an e-mail sent by Shravan to a fan of the product wherein it was stressed that Notion Ink has concluded the final round of investment and while this should have brought cheers to everybody, the thing that dampened the mood is that investors are only keen for a release closer to the holiday season. The investors did bring with them the money and experience. “But they also bought the step by step procedures and experience on how we should launch,” is what Shravan had to say in his e-mail.

“I am sad to say that I have to fight every day with them to launch by July end, but they want us to hit markets only near Thanksgiving,” further added Shravan.

This also is a clear indication that all development work with the Adam is over so that it could well have been ready for a formal launch in July. But the new investors have other ideas it seems as they would like the Adam to swamp the market and bring further cheers during Thanksgiving. What’s worse is that the project had already been dogged with time overruns when it was disclosed NVIDIA was finding it difficult shipping their Tegra 2 processors to the developer’s end though NVIDIA had dismissed these as just rumors. The real reason for the delay was however attributed to the Adam tablet’s inability to match up with Flash that was slowing it down considerably. But all of these seems to be a thing of the past and there seems to be no valid reason to the latest round of delay, except that its just time greed induced.

It would be interesting to note that the Adam was revealed in the CES held earlier in the year and had created a splash with its cool features and sleek looks. It created a fan following of its own and its not without reason. To begin with, it comes with all that is missing in the iPad – like a 3 mega pixel camera, USB, and perhaps the most important of it all, its capability to play flash files. Out of the box, it will feature Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth and will also have on offer HDMI and three USB ports along with GPS and a digital compass. It will sport a 10-inch Transreflective LCD PixelQi screen supporting 1024×600 pixels and is able to multitask. The Adam also triumphs the iPad on the battery department, as sources claim its going to last 16 hours against the iPad’s 10+ on a full charge. Adam will also be capable of displaying 1080p video playback. Also, the Adam is powered by the dual-core ARM Cortex A9 CPUs bearing Nvidia Tegra 2 System-on-a-Chip.

But right now, the one thing that’s superceding all the good things that the Adam promises is the delay of a few more months. And the question now is all those who have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the Adam, will they be prepared to sit out till fall 2010. Also, the other all important factor is that Adam might be a well engineered and designed product, but its not the only one out there. The recent Computex is ample proof of that. Dell, Neofonie, HP along with many more have a tablet up their sleeves in the 10 inch category. The delay will also allow Apple to stretch the lead further. A whooping 2 million iPads are already sold and analysts predicts it could close the year with sales of 10 million iPads after a full scale international launch. So there’s definitely the risk of something that’s too little, too late with the Notion Ink Adam

Update – June 6 2010
According to our friends at Notion Ink Rocks on Facebook, we are told that in Q3 of this year the Adam will be released in selected countries. What countries they are, is unknown.

Keep watching for further developments on this along with all the latest e-reader news.

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  • 4r4nd0mninj4

    The investors are idiots! Sitting on this until it's outdated is the worst thing they can do! What about all those students that would love to get a hold of this during the “Back to School” shopping months of July and August? People do not take kindly to waiting and will most likely buy something in the meantime, then upgrade to something better by the time this even hits the market (and I assure you there will be better stuff out by the end of this year). Someone please post the contact info for those “inverters” so we can give them a few motivational speeches.

  • MsV

    Dumb move on Notion Ink's part. Those of us waiting for the release were taking a chance on a new company with no history of quality or customer service. If a known brand makes it to the market first with similar functionality, NI is going to loose out in a huge way.

  • RBR

    Definitely jumping to a big conclusion based on one e-mail received by a fan, with no real credibility. Suppose it is real? Shravan indicates he is fighting with investors on a release date, so we just assume that they cannot/will not be swayed, and that the release date is now set in stone? Stop preaching rumors like gospel.

  • Good E-Reader

    Rohan was at Computex and said as much, we thought he would be bringing the Adam with him, but all he brought was news the Adam was delayed again.

  • peter

    not his fault

  • Someone sensible

    I agree…how many people really buy tablets for thanksgiving anyway…i mean its not so much a gift material as a need one…even if the release is close to ipad…the better specs & features than Ipad will see it through….Nov is just too late….

  • Kent

    Is it vaporware? This continued delay really is suspicious.

  • Pütz

    This is not really true, or at least not for all countries.

    This information was published in April 2010 (at the Notion Ink Blog) allready…

  • M.AKRAMSAIM12812

    “I am sad to say that I have to fight every day with them to launch by July end, but they want us to hit markets only near Thanksgiving,” further added Shravan.

  • Shadi

    In this fast paced high tech environment waiting to release a product that supposes to be ready is bad move.
    The company already showed the feature rich Adam and created the buzz (yes I would like one).
    Doing so they gave their competitors a look at their product such as Dell, HP & even Apple, this would surely have those companies look at their products and deliver similar features.

    Well Notion Ink , guess what, if a company like HP or Dell shows me a similar product before you or even at same time, I will purchase it from them.
    1) NI is no longer a leader in tech and other companies beat you to this fast paced market. Therefore you can’t handle future upgrades or releases
    2) Being a new company and late to game I will consider a well know companies such as HP or Dell (not Apple fan)

    Hope your investors realize delaying the launch any longer is bad move, maybe Thanksgiving can be launch of new updates or cool applications to compliment the Adam.

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  • Ron Williams

    Just Googled Thanksgiving 2010. This is November 25th. Being a Brit Thanksgiving means nothing. However Nov 25th to long away plus for me too close to Xmas as by the end of November all my Xmas shopping is done and as date still not confirmed I wont be holding back any money to buy. Goodbye Adam, it looks like an Apple has beaten you again.

  • Heggin

    Dear Shravan and Co,, I am poor student but I have been saving my hard earnings during off session just to get my hands on this promising NOTION INK ADAM! please do not disappoint me further by making it expensive despite the delay,,, finally I feel that, It should be first release in India…Alll the best and keep it up guys.

  • şişme bebek

    thanks for this

  • malaga stag

    my Xmas shopping is done and as date still not confirmed I wont be holding back any money to buy. Goodbye Adam, it looks like an Apple has beaten you again…

  • sasonline

    It seems odd to me that every device that I have been following with the tegra2 chipset is blaming something other than the nvidia chip but all of them are in unison as far as release dates go. I have been following several products based on the tegra2 (none of which are currently released). Boxee box is one of the few that has actually set a firm date but upon reading the latest they have converted to atom + ion instead. Don’t believe me? Here is a url to 5 upcoming tegra2 tablet contenders,2817,2357877,00.asp. Do a search for release date on each of them and you will find them all saying no date set or end of year when many of them had release dates earlier. Each blaming different stuff from 4g networks to investors. Don’t get me wrong. The last thing I want to see is a product released that has a shoddy processor or that is not ready after all I am used to waiting until games are ready even if dates slip. I just hate that companies think we are idiots and can’t follow simple trends. 2 to 1 says these tablet companies have invested heavy R&D and signed something saying they can’t blame nvidia.

  • JT

    They are still figuring out which colors should they come out with before the intitial release. Vote Metallic Blue!
    I agree with comments that brushed aluminum or titanium silver should be one of the standard colors but it’s not even one of the choices ;(
    Take a look at these devices:×597.png

    yeah…i’m partial to Sony. They make the coolest gadgets!

  • woodworking project plans

    It seems odd to me that every device that I have been following with the tegra2 chipset is blaming something other than the nvidia chip but all of them are in unison as far as release dates go.

  • Jasonl2

    Apple Vs Adams. Compare at your own risk. Something is better than nothing

  • Heggin

    It’s just a waste of time waiting for The Adams, better it is to think that such company does not exist at all..I should have quit thinking abt it when I got no reply to my query from dear Adams 4 mnths ago,,,

  • Anonymous

    cuz you never read their blog. they’ve been updating news EVER SINGLE WEEK about what they’re up to
    and even few months ago they had confirmed that the product would be going through FCC
    now it’s just whether FCC finishes their checking sooner or later
    and now the PRE-ORDER is STARTING SOON, hopefully TOMORROW
    please, read the blog before you leave comments like this

  • LienDTK

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