The Kurio 7 Tablet for Toddlers

It’s raining tablets for kids with the latest on the block being the Kurio 7 device. The Techno Source product joins other similar tablet offerings, such as the Vinci Tab II or the ChildPad from Archos, though in comparison the Kurio 7 might be the most popular owing to its features that can appeal to both the toddlers and grown ups alike.

The tablet specs aren’t anything that would win it speed records, but that is seldom necessary with kid specific tablets. A 1 GHz processor with a single core together with a 512 MB RAM ensure the tablet can’t exactly be termed a laggard, if not a speed monster. Internal memory amounts to 4 GB, while other features the tablet boasts of include USB ports along with a VGA camera built along the front of the device. However, while these are plane jane, Kurio 7 does come pre-loaded with a host of apps such as Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope, World of Goo, and of course Angry Birds. With such apps in place, the tablet will surely be liked by toddlers and adults alike. Kids will have a lot of other options besides games, of course, like web surfing, reading e-books, take photographs, watch videos, along with so much more.

Another unique aspect that sets the Kurio 7 apart from other childrens’ tablets is its multi-tiered login system with up to 8 settings in place. This allows the parents to keep their kids safe from any adult oriented material even if the tablet is used by adults in the family. The kids will simply not have access to anything untoward as long as they are logging in with their profile. Such a system will also prohibit users from purchasing any apps accidentally without their parents’ consent.

via androidcentral

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  • Adam

    best review that i have read about this tablet. thanks!

  • Lissette Montanez

    My son absolutely loves this tablet. my favorite feature for him is the e-books and I prefer this over the audio books because it highlights the words he is actually learning. overall it was a great $150.