New Flipboard Feature Lets Readers Target Content

Opinions may vary on the topic, but–for better or worse–digital publishing has meant a never-before-seen amount of content. Whether it’s ebook overload, the nearly impossible search features in many app stores, or the piles upon piles of digital magazines, readers can often feel so overwhelmed that they simply stop engaging with the content.

Flipboard, which first came on the publishing startup scene several years ago, has found that curation is what its readers want. By creating a more magazine-like feel to its new features, the content driver will help readers sort through stories to only those that target their key interests.

One such feature is the new Cover Stories, which allows users to bring only the top stories on a given topic together from their subscriptions, as well as opt to bring top stories from only certain selected news sources. Like the popular Twitter papers, this screen allows users to see headlines on a similar topic, as well as headlines from their favorite subscriptions.

This lumping-together of content based on user criteria is designed to combat one of the chief complaints that digital reading subscribers have, namely that they are drowning in a never ending amount of content. A user could spend hours every day wading through streams of digital news stories, only to find the process repeated the following day. By bringing together the highlights while still affording readers the ability to tap into longer articles, more consumers can feel as though they are getting real value from their digital subscriptions instead of letting the data fall by the wayside.

This new feature adds to the existing ability consumers have always enjoyed to basically create their own personalized magazines through the content they subscribe to, as well as adding content directly from the web with the Bookmarklet plugin.

Mercy Pilkington (1982 Posts)

is a Senior Editor for Good e-Reader. She is also the CEO and founder of a hybrid publishing and consulting company.