Barnes and Noble shows off Nook Color e-Reader

barnes and noble nook color

Barnes and Noble unveiled today the latest edition to its e-Reader arsenal with the new Nook Color touch screen e-reader with a price tag of around $249.

The announcement today by Barnes and Noble with an over the top press conference. It includes dancers, and actors playing out a storyline that promoted digital ebooks. Ironically this announcement of the Nook Color came 1 year after the press conference for the original Nook 3G.

Now lets talk turkey! The Nook Color runs Google Android 2.1 OS and has a 7 inch full color touch screen. Packed on this screen is the ability to display up to 16 million colors, so color ebooks will look very good! The Resoltion on the Nook Color is 1024×600. The screen itself is made of a new Laminated film (Vividview) that reduces glare from the sun.

Other hardware features include, integrated 8 GB of internal memory and an SD card slot, upgrading the memory to up to 32 GB. The internal battery is said to last for around 8 hours of use. It will also come with WIFI but no 3G is available. It also features a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack and a micro-USB port.

Now lets talk content! One of the big things being hyped by Barnes and Noble is the ability to grab magazine subscriptions with the new Nook Color. Currently there are around 100 different ones you can subscribe to such as Elle, US Weekly, Cosmopolitan and more. It will also read ebooks such as EPUB, PDF, TXT and Microsoft open office formats. For audio, it can play MP3 and for videos MP4.

Speaking of ebooks, with the Nook Color you can really tailor the e-reading experience. You can do everything from changing, fonts, texts, margin size, background color and more! You can even highlight a word, and look it up via Wikipedia or Google. While reading the ebook, you can share select passages with friends on Twitter or Facebook, you even have the option to recommend a book to a friend. One of the most important facets that really make this e-reader great, is the ability to display interactive ebooks. At the conference today, they showed off various cooking books, that had not only the recipes but videos that showed you how to do each step.

Now that we talked about ebooks from grownups, what about Kids? Barnes and Noble has released a new Program called Nook Kids. They will soon be offering a dedicated library with interactive childerns books. You will even have the option to turn on/off a narrators voice, so if your child is reading on their own already, you can turn off the companions voice.

The NOOKcolor will come pre-loaded with a ton of extras right out of the box, including a full Web browser, free word games and chess, Pandora, internet radio to stream tunes from favorite artists over Wi-Fi while reading, Quickoffice to view Microsoft Office files, and more. Nook Color will not have access to the Android market, but Barnes and Noble is releasing an SDK soon called Nookdeveloper.

Although the new Nook Color is not e-ink based, which might turn off some e-reader patrons that have already purchased the Nook WIFI, or the Nook 3G, it opens up an entire new market for Barnes and Noble. Being the nations largest retail chain, they have a TON of ebooks available. In conjunction with magazines and news paper subscriptions, it could possibly not only give the iPad a run for its money, but also provide to be viable competition for the maelstorm of low budget tablets coming out.

The Nook Color will be priced at US$249 and will start shipping by Nov. 19. It will be available at Shop e-Readers, Best Buy and Walmart as well as Barnes & Noble itself.

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  • Anonymous

    Oh No Nook! A lot of people buying this are gonna be really disappointed.
    The wide screen is the wrong format for ebooks:
    – 4:3 ratio isn’t just some “old ereader legacy”, it’s what real books look like and what makes reading ebooks comfortable.
    – The little 7″ wide screens aren’t so great for web-browsing either, too slim in portrait, too much scrolling in wide format.
    – “Up to” 8 hours of battery life translates to something LESS! Even if you do get 8 hours(in Alaska, in the winter, on the lowest backlight setting) that’s less than a Sunday afternoon with a good book! South of the polar circle people are going to have to charge this thing every few hours! Does that even work while using it?
    If you can charge the Nookcolor while reading, it’s probably going to take a few hours because of the impressive power draw on the wimpy little battery. So a couple of hours of freedom and couple of hours tethered to an outlet.
    That’s no good because the power cable is always too short and if you extend it, it gets too heavy. That’s bad on the sofa but it really sucks in bed and I know it! I used to freak out every time I changed position because the cable kept snagging and I was worried the tiny little connector might break. Incidentally, that was with an old ebookwise reader(something like ten year old hardware) which routinely gave me over 12 hours of untethered reading time!
    That power/usb connector is on the bottom, exactly where anyone who actually uses the thing to read would like to rest the device. So people will have to turn off the accelerometer or gravity sensor and find a 180° rotation option(if it exists) in order to read in bed.

    Maybe Steve Jobs was right when he said “people don’t read anymore”.

    The people who designed this dumb thing certainly don’t!

  • Anonymous

    One more thing.$249 ??? Are they crasy?For $149 I would’t even buy a Nook 1. I’d have even payed more than that for my Kindle 3!I had them both right there in my hands to compare. No contest!Perhaps for $99 I’d get one, crack it open, put in a bigger battery(or a second one in parallel), and then give it to my 10 year old niece as a christmas present!

  • Ezrani

    Yes, the new Nook really sounds like a warmed up and better working Pandigital Novel. 8 hour battery life is not the best trade for a color touch screen. I was hoping for at the very least a full touch e-ink screen. Or if it had color then one of the color e-ink screens (or similar types). 8 hour battery life just isn’t worth it even though it’s 2 hours longer than the Pandigital Novel. Sure you can browse the web, watch movies, etc, but I love the Nook I have because I can read books and only charge it once a week. If it had a low power touch screen (and maybe color, but not necessary) it would be perfect in my opinion.

    Besides I could get a Velocity Micro Cruz Reader at Borders that is color touch screen, has wi-fi, runs videos, etc. for only $169.

    I’m rather disappointed. In this case I would be more interested in the new Pangitial reader with e-ink and full touch screen. Provided it had a decent battery life.

  • Anonymous

    People need to understand the quality of this tablet is not in the same cateogory as the Velocity Cruz or Pandigital. These cheap versions has cheap resistive display with only 800×480 resolution. The display of the Nook color is 1024×680 multi-touch capacitive screen rivals the $500 iPad and Galaxy Pad. Also, the Nook color has a hot processor clocks at 800 MHz which will enable fast web browsing which the cheap tablets won’t able to do. $250 is half the price of the iPad; it is actually a steal.

  • user 786

    Find out more about NookColor (Features, Design, User Interface, Performance, etc)

  • Andri Satria94

    i agree with this comment.
    People need to understand the quality of this tablet is not in the same
    cateogory as the Velocity Cruz or Pandigital. These cheap versions has
    cheap resistive display with only 800×480 resolution.

  • Anonymous