• The image caused me faint.

  • Mrkno2

    i bought a kobo wifi and it is great. it changes pages just fine. easy to use and feels good in your hands. i read about two or three books a week from the library and it works great. after a year of heavy use the battery is not in good shape. for a starter it is great.

  • Bkro

    Jetbook Mini and Jetbook Lite – These two e-readers have no content distribution system

    This is incorrect.
    jetBook Lite support epub books available from B&N website. No any other readers aside of Nook works with BN books.
    jetBook mini is the best ebook reader for travel – you don’t need charge it, just use standard AAA batteries. 

  • LynndEss

    Velocity Cruz– bought it and returned it within a week. The model was running Borders reader app, which sucked, so I immediately downloaded (or rather, side-loaded) Aldiko Reader app which was better, but then it “gray screened” on me when switching apps. It also had one of those resets where you stick a paperclip into the tiny hole next to the power button… I returned it and saved up for the iPad 2.

    Also, my preferred just-for-reading device is the Nook Simple Touch. 

  • The white Pandigital Novel was my first e-reader.  It is essentially the same unit as the Cruz Micro (and often shares the same forum space) so I won’t get into the lackluster performance.  I picked it up for $85 after a bunch of coupons from Bed, Bath & Beyond.  After rooting and loading custom roms and taking it apart to put in a larger microSD, it was worth the $85.  I had a lot of fun with it and it was a wonderful beginning Android experience.  Was it worth it if I wanted to use it exclusively as an e-reader?  Kind of.  I like a resistive screen on an e-reader as it is a much more bookish experience to me.  The resolution left a LOT to be desired, but the B&N reading app is top knotch. 

    I picked one of these up for my mom for Christmas 2010, and she still has it.  She doesn’t often use it, but I enjoy using it once in a while when I’ve left my e-reader at home and need my book fix.

    I would never recommend it over an e-ink device, or any other e-reader, but it was fun to mess around on.  The WPDN was a device with a certain place and a certain time.  Outside of that place and time it is really a hunk of garbage.

  • a.  Pandigital works with B&N.  Also, any tablet device running the Nook app can work with B&N.
    b.  That actually does sound okay at first glance, but then I remember my Kindle 3 (or even my old Kindle 2) that only needed to be charged once every month (or less).  So when traveling I would charge the night before a trip and I’d know the battery wouldn’t poop out on me.

  • LawGuy305

    Wow, i think this title should be ‘eReaders I Am Misinformed About’ Lets start from the beginning:

    jetBook Lite: Reads formats from B&N, and just about anywhere i found besides Amazon. The “Flimsy led” display on mine has been doped on its face over 5 times and hasn’t broken or cracked. Also this flimsy display you talk of is produced by Samsung if i remember correctly. 

    jetBook Mini: From what i read on MobileRead it comes with the same screen , batteries that last for 90 hours (holy crap) and no DRM virus. So for those people who are not sheeple, you can download books anywhere and work some magic.

  • Ross The BOSS

    I hope this isn’t a sponsored post by Amazon or B&N…..or written by someone who has NO KNOWLEDGE WHATSOEVER OF EREADERS!

    The jetBook lite was my first eBook Reader and i couldn’t have asked for a better device. The page turns were instant, the contrast great, and when i was on a plane going from New York to Hong Kong and back i would stock up on AA batteries (since this was, and still is, the only eBook Reader running on AA batteries) so i would never run outta juice. Content from everywhere except Amazon – aka YOU HAD TO PAY FOR NOTHING = the best deal ever!

    I stuck with the jetBook series and got the mini for my entire family last Christmas and even my grandparents are obsessed with it. I moved on to the mini as well since it was portable for my trips. My son loads any book i want to this unit and i couldn’t be happier.

    I just pre-ordered the jetBook color as well since i’ve always stuck with a brand that’s so about their customers and save SO MUCH MONEY for people who read a lot. I need the color screen for work.

    Readers That Should Be On The List:

    Amazon Fire and NOOK Color

    Are you kidding? Reading off a backlit screen? Schedule an appointment with your optometrist since glasses will be the only things you need after staring into that nonsense (unless you use them for movies – which is pleasant)

    Completely misleading review. 

  • Michael

    Jetbook has no content distribution system built into their e-readers making new users have to jump through adobe digital editions or calibre. This is beyond most peoples abilities. The build quality for jetbooks are flimsy plastic and they feel like a device from the 1980’s. We have extensively reviewed every e-reader the company has ever made and we feel that we can’t recommend this for new users or people looking to upgrade their device. 

  • Michael

     Yes, but you can’t BUY books on the device, there is no mention of Barnes and Noble ANYWHERE on the e-reader, you must be tech savvy enough to know where you can buy adobe EPUB DRM ebooks and then transfer them to your device with ADE.

  • I also had an Amazon Kindle DX and I had only problems with this device! I paid a lot for it, but I learned my lesson and I bought a Nook 😀 It’s much cheaper than Amazon Kindle devices and it has many great and interesting features! In my opinion, if you want to buy something, it’s important to search for feedback or reviews on the Internet…you’ll read interesting stuff for sure!

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