• I’m eager to see this e-reader live. Maybe this is the future. I’ve seen the previous versions of Mirasol displays, and this one seems to be much better.
    By the way, What’s happened with your post about Coby? I wanted to show it to my colleagues, who present our products on exhibitions.:). I think it’s a good lesson for everyone.

  • Mortis

    i think this display have some problems with laggs..
    the mirasol needs more development OR a more potent hardware
    jes its not so “flashy” like the E-ink but if you make a animated system they shoud make it shure that it runs fluid..
    BEFORE the release

  • Pmaresch

    It is supposed to be an E-Reader …

  • Acryde

    Hi, do you guys at goodereader plan to review hanvon C920 also rebranded as jetbook color soon? A specific focus on annotations (making & exporting them on pdf and epub files) would be great!

  • certainerxp

    Thank you for a review, wait next video!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’d still love to know the name of the company that you used to get the Kyobo.

  • Anonymous

    Some importer should be interested in making a buck by getting their name out there. 

    It REALLY makes a difference where places get their crap to do these reviews. Comped for a review, purchased independently, etc. At the end of the day, how can I get my hands on it now is the big question? If not now, then when and through who? Otherwise, there’s no reason to even do reviews.

  • Anonymous

    Can the Kyobo open DRM books with any of the reader apps?

  • ConfusedandDazed

    If you really want one, you can get one from eBay. Selling for about $370 now with shipping costs from Korea. I’d really like to buy one if they came up with a reader that had an A4 size display and had thinner bezel.

  • Michael

    A passive, static, full-motion video display finally on the consumer market.. it’s unbelievable.

    That’s not less than a milestone in human r/evolution… Most of us won’t possibly understand yet what this will bring to our eyes and minds in terms of freedom and health benefits.

    I’ve been waiting ages for these devices. Now I’m importing one. My only problem is it really is a bit tiny and flashy. Other than that it’ll be the grandfather of digital liberty i some day can show to my grandchildren 🙂

    Thanks a lot for the test. Weight would have been interesting.

  • engadger

    I utterly agree. I think it’s much better than it’s main competitor, the JetBook Color. That is very slow (not just because of the eink, but also it has a very slow CPU), can’t use my own programs (e.g. my very own PDF reader or the Kindle app (I have Kindle books), etc.)
    Also, this plays video, which is extremely good, I can learn AND keep my eye health at the same time (e.g. by watching khan academy videos on it)
    One more competitor, though: I don’t remember the name, but there is an ebook reader with LCD where you can turn off the backlight, but the contrast drops excessively when you do that (so it’s barely usable without the backlight)

  • Befuddled Logic

    I finally got to see the mirasol e-reader at an agent’s office and I must say I was very dissappointed.  And I’m wondering if you are trying too hard to support this technology because I too was very enthusiastic with what I read on paper and Qualcomm’s PR on youtube. Those promos on youtube from Qualcomm, now I seriously doubt it was done with actual products with real live unedited, unenhanced editing.  First off, the contrast (which is most important for reading text) is atrocious.  It’s like reading black on a copper plate. 

    Your demo actually looks better than what I saw for myself.  Why is that?  First, you have “full studio lights blasting on” per your own quote.  Normal office lighting which is where I saw the demo and it’s a lot lot worse.  Second, you have the LED front panel light, probably on full blast as well.  When you are moving the device around, I can see the LED lights are on.  Even on full facing angle, you can see the LED lights around the edge (especially upper right). 

    Set the brightness to normal, or zero which is the way it should be to fully benefit from this passive technology and you have horrible contrast.  Take away you studio lights and use normal indoor lights and it gets worse. There’s no way this is going to be easy on the eyes. 

    I hope I’m wrong beause I had high hopes for this, but I think your readers should be aware of this, otherwise I think they are disinformed with your initial demo. 

    Your Truly,
    Befuddled Logic

  • @b4bb9cb32b15602494980fbebc3f8bcd:disqus 

    Thank you for your review, you saved my day man 🙂 I want to buy a kindle like tablet , or very close. Pixel qi also disappointing me in normal indoor light. 


    why you are not posting outside review of kyobo, turn front light off and review it in ambient light

  • Darren

    I was reading some of the comments and wanted to post what I think.   First of all I know Peter personally and I will tell  you that this guy would not sell you something he does not believe in.  I have bought 4 ereaders from him and this coming Friday i will be buying the mirasol.  I seen it for my own eyes how it is outside and the images is crisp and clear, I have been waiting for something like this even since e readers first came on the market, call me crazy but I just like seeing the color covers of the books and now Magazines in color, I truly don’t care about the videos or email, I am a dedicated reader, and this Kyobo in my opinion is exactly what I have been waiting on.  

    Read on … Cheers!

  • Hi all…

    I just got the Kyobo Mirasol e-reader. It was on a 75% special here in South Korea so i went for it. I’m quite a layman when it comes to technology. Can anyone tell me how a) i can get my pc to install the device b)side load apps on to the thing and c) does it support .mob files? PLEASE, help would be awesome


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