Sony Now Selling the Digital Paper DPT-S1 Online


The Sony Digital Paper 13.3 inch e-reader has been taking the business world by storm, with law, entertainment and tech companies embracing the whole replacement for paper concept. If someone wanted to purchase the $1,100 device they had to buy it from one of three strategic partners,  and they were chronically sold out.  Sony realized they had a potential hit on their hands and started to sell it directly on the phone, through their business unit. Today, Sony has unveiled a new website for the DPT-S1 and is now allowing anyone to order it online.

Sony has crafted a new landing page for the Digital Paper e-reader in order to address the key aspects or selling points.  You can think of it as a replacement for paper and a secondary screen for your workflow.  They have also populated the new site with a number of pictures that demonstrate the reader in action, among their key verticals: law, entertainment and education.

Anyone can now order the Sony Digital Paper e-reader directly off of the Sony website, but you have to live in the United States in order to have it shipped out. One thing that made me chuckle is during checkout, if you select Canada it says “We are happy to accept payment from international billing addresses, but we do not ship internationally.”

Sony may be selling the Digital Paper online, but this is a device certainly not for everyone. The company does not have a customer support system in place to address technical support or troubleshooting. It is aimed primarily at advanced users or businesses that have an IT department to handle this sort of thing, this is mainly why Sony has not issued a press release or hyped the fact they are now selling it online.

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  • ernest ernest

    Well, I certainly hope this USA only limitation changes before the end of the year.

  • J. Jansen

    Even if Sony won’t budge, more than likely the gray/black circuit will make them available outside the USA.

    Sony is behaving like Philips. They were good at developing products (VHS, DVD, etc.) but bat at selling/marketing them.
    In this day and age regional restrictions ( DVD regions in the past) simply won’t work anymore. There are to many ways to circumvent them.
    And since Sony won’t give any support anyway. Why limit the product’s availability? It’s plain marketing stupidity.
    They will have to change their tune when the first competitors arrive on the market.

  • Nathan

    Hey Kozlowski,

    You better hope that I never meet you in person some day after all the articles and ideas you steal from me without ever giving credit. Your sleaziness will catch up with you sooner or later.

  • Michael Kozlowski

    I am in regular talks with the crew out of California who actually emails me on a weekly basis, and they are the ones that told me about the store being open. These are the same guys that actually send me the DPT-S1 to review. Not need to get all dramatic.

  • Michael Kozlowski

    Don’t hold your breath, i think they are primarily focusing on the US market for now. I’ve asked Sony many times about Canada, UK, Australia and Europe. They said a little bit of demand was there, but not enough to scale.

  • Michael Kozlowski

    I totally agree.

  • J. Jansen

    I wonder how they define “little bit of demand was there”.

    Furthermore, the US version (English) should be usable in at least the UK and (large) parts of Europe. Not all customers need or want a German, Polish or Dutch language interface. English would do just fine.

    Why would there be a need to “scale up” for Sony?
    They could ship them internationally from the US. (Or use Amazon for the distribution)
    Seems to me that Sony has cold feet. And is not very able to think out of the box.

  • want one but…

    No thanks, we can just print out ten thousand pages at 10 cents per page and still spend less than the price of this thing.

  • Dave

    Are you serious Sony? I am in Canada and I want to give you money! Take my 1 grand!
    I just went to website and try to buy this. It won’t let me. I searched and find this article.
    What the hell does it matter if the demand is somewhere else? No wonder sony’s business is going down the drain even with great product like this.

  • Shop e-Readers

    You know you can always buy it from us Dave.

    We are a local canadian company and we can ship to you no problem !

    We have been selling them for months now! :)

    Check us out

  • Shop e-Readers

    comoooooon. get on board and buy one.

    Buyyyyy onnneeee :)

  • Dave

    No I didn’t know that! Thanks!

  • Dave

    I just checked your site. That’s rather large mark up, isn’t it? The device sells for $1000 on Sony’s site. That’s roughly CAD$1125. You are selling it for CAD$1399. I am having second thoughts now…

  • Shop e-Readers

    ever run a business before?
    ever tried ordering a 1000$ USD product from the states. shipping it up to canada. paying freight and duty. waiting for customs. paying a credit card processor monthly fees. and hosting?

    haha. trust us. we are offering this at a price that makes ends meet. not a price that makes us a truck-load of money. we genuinely want customers to have these. even if it means sacrificing some profit on our end

    its such a wonderful device! :)

  • Dave

    No i don’t run a business. I believe you when you say the mark up is reasonable. I just need to get over the price adjustment.

  • Peter

    I was about to buy it from you but noticed that you have hiked the price another $100 to now $1499

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  • Pasi Sivula

    Why is this not available in Europe?! Would be the perfect gadget at work.
    Throw in support for BT keyboard and it would be the gadget of my dreams!